Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How you do you like a submissive man to be dressed while in your service? You like uniforms or outfits, or do you prefer something simpler, or nudity?

It depends on the boy and what I feel looks best on him, however I do have a few defaults:

When a non-CD-inclined sub is serving me around the house, I prefer a black silk knit thong or silk posing strap/g-string. These are my two favorites:



I like having the "dangly bits" covered, but having his body accessible to me. The silk is nice, because it drapes well, hinting at what is underneath, and yet it isn't all "in my face". I don't prefer nudity for that reason... it's too explicit, and I prefer a bit of mystery.

I've had subs in CBs wear the thongs, and they nicely cover the device, but not much else. The pouch style hung a bit low too on them, and I so far I have preferred the thongs or panties.

Speaking of which, as you already know, I also love a boy in lingerie. The contrasts of black lace on pale skin, and of soft lingerie on a hard man really catch my eye. My favorite is a black lace garter belt & lace-topped stockings, or garter stockings like these:


framing the "package" while a boy is wearing the above thong/g-string, or a nice pair of black panties. Purple or pink combined with black are also especially nice... and I have been known to do some creative things with them {VERY NSFW}:



NOTE: that the dangly balls are a strong preference of his, and unique to him. I actually didn't like it at first, but it has seriously grown on me!

I love having a cock ring or other leather or metal decoration on MY cock to reflect my control and ownership. I also love the symbolism & look of lacings, even when they are just decorative. ;-)

I delight in having boys wear panties under their normal clothes and report to me each day on what they are wearing, and feel that it is a good reminder of me when they are at work or doing other things. Wearing them FOR ME gives deeper meaning to it for the boys who often wear them anyway.

While I adore pantyboys, it really is about the contrast for me, and usually stops at lingerie. The closer that a sub gets to full transformation, the less I feel the tension of masculine and feminine.

For dressing up a bit more, nice camisole or stretch lace bra works well for a top, and I greatly prefer that to a stuffed bra. I also adore sissy and maid outfits, but usually reserve them for parties, as they are often rather impractical for actual service. I do like dressing a boy up for a party in things like these:





I do also have a fetish for black leather, including the smell and the fit, but generally don't like latex.

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