Thursday, May 20, 2010

Phone Training: The Tale of Two Foot Fetishists

I rarely do paid training calls, and when I do, I like to do them by appointment, and with "regulars". The more that I know about a submissive or fetishist, the more I can get inside his head. I really like growing that training/play relationship, and find that the more I communicate with a boy, the more I generally enjoy him.

I recently heard from two of my old foot worship regulars that I had not spoken with in months. I enjoyed both calls, but my feelings after the two calls were very different:

The first one came to me asking to buy my shoes and hose. I agreed and sent him the information, but once again, he did not send payment. I do have to say that he previously purchased a couple pairs of my shoes, but although he has asked several times, he has not followed through since. In the past, I've worn pantyhose and shoes specifically for him only to have him disappear and never claim them. I can get really turned on by wearing a specific piece of clothing, either to send to a sub, or that a sub has given me, but leading me on like that takes all of the pleasure out of it. This time I knew to wait for this payment (replacement costs for the items plus postage and handling), and well, of course it has never appeared. He also wanted me to call his cell directly rather than requiring him to go through the more expensive service to talk to me. (I like to use it for privacy and safety when I am first getting to know a trainee). I have no problem doing that with boys that I enjoy, and I would have happily called him after he had the shoes. However, when someone doesn't even follow through on his promises to me, why should I put myself out there for him?

The second call was with a foot fetishist who loves the sound of flip flops, and it really stood out in contrast to the first caller. This boy had really enjoyed talking with me before, but was unable to continue because he is on a fixed income. He's sensuous and respectful, but also very new and in need of training. We've managed to work things out where he can afford to call once or twice a month, and I'll still feel pampered and valued for my time. I don't mind calling him directly as it gives me more control over the call and how long we can talk. As his tribute this time, he gifted me with a pair of expensive Sole-brand Sport Flips (see the pic). I wanted something to wear while running around this summer which would both show off my sexy toes and give adequate customized support for my arches, and these fit the bill very nicely. I have the feeling that they will be making an appearance at a FemDom party very soon!

He also sent me a wonderful thank you email after the call, and we've been emailing back and forth a bit since then. I don't mind giving him my time because I know that he is sincere and doing his best in the light of his circumstances. And while he has less to work with, he follows through promptly on his promises.

I do have to say that doing the foot worship/training calls with the two of them has me hot, wet and well...back in the mood to do more phone work. If you are interested in scheduling a call, email me via Niteflirt: or contact my assistant at ForMistressMagick *at* yahoo *dot* com.

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