Monday, January 3, 2011

Listen to Mistress Cum...

As my boys know, I can be *very* vocal, and mutiply so. ;-) However, I do generally save that aspect of serving me for my own personal submissives and lovers.

Around Yule, I got the evil idea to mic and record myself while being pleasuring by one of my personal boys. I cleaned up the recording to take out my boy's name, and I made sure that you can only hear me, but there is still over 15 minutes of me moaning, gasping and screaming, plus a nice, melty, "good boy" cuddle at the end.

I sent the .mp3 to my other personal boys as a Christmas present - I'm sure you've seen ed cantor posting about it, and, after over 3 1/2 weeks of chastity, my my jezi will be having her next release while listening to it!

It's available for purchase via Niteflirt, and I've already had a couple downloads:

You can also listen to it via phone here:

I'm also thinking of making it available directly.
Email: ForMistressMagick *at* aol *dot* com for info.

The description from the listing is below...

* * *
Have you ever wondered what I sound like when I cum?

Would you like to know how I use my personal boys when I have them sexually please me?

Wearing a mic, so that you can hear my breathing, moans, encouragement and screams (and not his), I enjoy MY boy for MY pleasure.

Be warned that while I try to describe things, at "certain times" there is not a lot of explanation except for my instructions to him. However, I am very vocal, and you should be prepared for several screams near the end.

Beginning when he is already going down on me, with two fingers in my pussy, I pull him up for sloppy kisses and tit sucking as he continues to finger me before finally rolling him over on his back to take what is mine!

It would be so easy to imagine yourself in his place. ;-)

And, of course, the appropriate answers to the questions are:

Q: My boy?
A: Your boy, Mistress.

Q: Whose cock?
A: Your cock, Mistress.

Q: Whose pleasure?
A: Your pleasure, Mistress.

You get the idea...

Make sure to stick around for the intimate afterglow and finish with a "good boy" for a job well done!

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