Monday, May 16, 2011

Smart Ass Masochists (SAMs)

Some subs like to joke about being a SAM (smart ass masochist). However, in reality, SAMs are not the least bit submissive, and being called one is not at all desirable.

The guy who yells at his "Mistress", "What, you can't hit any harder than that!" is the epitome of a SAM: rude, demanding, manipulative (trying to push Her buttons in order to make her mad, and therefore to control her), and not never really allowing Her to dominate him at all.

I recently shared the links below with a certain boy, who I decided NOT to punish or even to engage with further, and I thought that I would post them here as well.

"S.A.M. and What to Expect"
(NSFW - there are porn ads on this page)

"Retraining a SAM"
by Laura Goodwin

"For Every SAM [smart-ass-masochist] there is one ROS [really obnoxious sadist]"

FYI - I wholeheartedly agree with this quote from the first link:

"Having a sub who is cheeky from time to time but respectful can be entertaining, having a full fledged S.A.M. is to me personally annoying. I will strive to readjust them in a hurry or get rid of them."

No one wants a real SAM, and I, for one, will not tolerate them.

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