Monday, November 28, 2011

Locking, Leather Chastity Shorts

Tonight, I had andrew writing lines in locking, leather chastity shorts like these, and I just had to share. Details, with explicit photos of how they work:

I have to admit that I often find locking clothing to be silly, and if I've seen these before, I probably just dismissed them. While I love the look and smell of leather, I wouldn't have a boy in these while serving me in private as I like to have him accessible, and in softer, more sensual fabrics of the sort that I like having close to my body.

But these would be great for him to wear while serving me in public, at a party, or for enforcing my ownership and keeping him focused when I leave him working around the house while I go out for a few hours.

What I find most exciting are the way that they turn him on while at the same time making sure that he can't touch, and, in this case, reinforcing the feeling of being held in my control while he was writing his lines:

"Thank You for having me write while secured in chastity shorts. Even the idea is very exciting, as You know. They're very secure, I can't even feel Your cock through them.

I changed in to the leather chastity shorts as instructed, pulled Your cock through the hole and strapped it in. I placed the thick leather shield over it, zipped up the front, and fastened the waist and leg belts."

Very sexy!

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