Tuesday, January 7, 2014

sophie & jezi's Rumba Panties/Knickers Reviews & New Review Policy

I was really proud of sophie for suggesting, and then posting, her reviews on the Marks and Spencer website.

My post about her Knickers Review:

My post about her Camisole Review:

So I have decided that from now on, whenever possible and appropriate, I want all my boys and gurls to post reviews of the lingerie and kinky items they buy on the stores' websites.

I decided to have sophie and jezi to start by posting reviews of their Pink Sissy Rumba Panties on the Lovehoney.co.uk site:

sophie got her review in promptly and did a great job on it. It think it has just the right amount of detail, with honest pros and cons:

This is jezi's very first sissy review, and she did a good job even though she was very nervous. She has been away on holiday leave so just submitted hers yesterday and it was approved earlier today:

FYI - Lovehoney gives away prizes for reviews:

But they also give them for photos, such as these:

And the photo competition is completely separate:

And ALL the approved photos appear here, not just the winners:

I'm not requiring my boys and gurls to enter the photo contest. However, I thought it could be fun if they occasionally do so, so I've established the following rules with my subs regarding their reviews:

If their review (on Lovehoney or elsewhere) wins a prize, that prize will be forwarded to me as a gift from them, earned in service to their Mistress.

However, if their photo wins a prize on Lovehoney, they may keep 50% to 100% of their prize, to be used for items for their training such as a maid/school girl/princess/Santa's helper/etc. outfit, pretty panties, chastity devices, sensation play toys, CBT devices, etc.

Lovehoney is in the US, UK and Australia now, so all my subs could can take part in submitting reviews, and possibly winning a prize. ;-)

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