Sunday, July 13, 2014

4th of July with azpanties:
Training My #1 Boy on Cam

I'm sure many of you are wondering what sorts of things I do when my subs are lucky enough for me to train them on cam. I love having them model panties and lingerie, instructing them how to use toys, monitoring them edging, etc. 

With My #1 boy, azpanties, I often watch him shower, perhaps with an allowed edge or two, and then pick out a pair of skimpy panties for him to wear while I watch him cook, put away laundry, etc. Okay, I may not be watching ALL the time, but it's a nice view when I care to enjoy it. ;-)

We spent a lot of the 4th and 5th of July together as he has also been watching the World Cup games with me. Of course, he was taking part in both my World Cup Chastity Game and my 4th of July Assignment. I approved his ribbons based on the pic and report he emailed me on July 3rd, but we missed talking to each other, and he didn't know until later that I wanted him to put the ribbons on over his chastity device! 

He woke up on the 4th and put a ribbon on.  I was late joining him and missed the France - Germany game so made him wait until after the Brazil - Columbia game before I watched him on cam. In the mean time, we chatted on IM, and I had him send me pics (shown edited) of him in each ribbon.

I had just told submissive geek that the style with red, white and blue bands reminds me of the French flag, so it was appropriate that azp was wearing it while France was playing. However, I decided to have him take it off and save it to wear on Bastille Day (7/14)!

All of these pics were of course taken while he was wearing his 24/7 collar, the Mistress Cock Ring (made from over 8oz. of solid stainless steel, Gear Essentials calls it their "Master").

This is my fave ribbon as it has "USA" and stars woven into the ribbon in gold. However, it makes the messiest bows! This was azp's second try at a tying it and taking a pic.

The rustic weave of this one reminds me of the Ralph Lauren sweaters at the Winter Olympics!

azp and I agreed that would have been much better if the stars had been broken up by stripes so that there were individual flags, but I would also bet that that would be much harder to weave. I liked that this ribbon was "Stars and Stripes" and decided that it would make a nice background.

After I had azp get on cam, I asked him to remove his last ribbon and ring, and supervised his putting on his CB-6000, using a numbered lock. I carefully checked the number both before and after he put it on and locked it.

This is the black style numbered lock from CB-x, but I actually like the white "Keyholder" ones he has better because I can hear them click into place. So we discussed looking around for more of those. (If anyone knows where I can find the white plastic clocks that say "Keyholder", please let me know.)

Next we proceeded to try tying the ribbons different ways. We finally settled on this arrangement:

The "Ralph Lauren" flag ribbon is tied around his cock and balls where the base ring of the device goes, making a big bow on top.

The "USA" starts across the front of the cage, showing the "USA" behind where the lock is dangling. Then it wraps around and crosses behind the cage, coming up on either side where he slid it under the side posts before being tied into a bow above the spacer.

I really wish that I had been there in person to straighten and arrange the ribbons, both to tease him (;-)) and to get some more balanced pics.

He had some handyman work and some other things to do around the house so I allowed him to put his black silk thong on over the ribbons to protect them and to hold everything in place, and then I sent him off to get some work done... while I occasionally watched! ;-)

Before you get too jealous...

On the 5th, I didn't get online with azp until the Argentina game was over even though I had planned to watch it with him.
Afterward, he had a release coming (NPI), however he had to wait patiently and be my best boy by my side while I:
- figured out and tweeted rewards and punishments for the first game
- watched the second game and asked him questions about it
- also IMed about the game, etc. with the submissive geek and sophie
- figured out and tweeted rewards and punishments for the second game
- got something to eat, swapped laundry, etc.
- ignored the pantyboy even though he kept calling, so eventually talked to him for a bit
- wrapped up other things online

When I finally had/made the time to focus on azpanties, I carefully cam verified the number on his lock before unlocking him.

Then we played around with the Pulse* a bit (Shown at the left. He's helping me to test it for a review.) before allowing him to edge and cum with a nice, messy, upside down facial. ;-)

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