Sunday, February 1, 2015

Mistress Magick's Super Bowl 2015 Game

Today, February 1st, at 6:30 Eastern Time, the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots will battle for the annual championship in American Football.

Normally, I might turn on the Super Bowl just long enough to watch the half-time show and then watch the commercials online the next day, but last year things changed with a little game. ;-)

azp will be following the rules below while I watch him on cam, and I'm once again inviting all you boys to join in. To do so, you must tweet mentioning me (@Mistress_Magick) and including the hash tag #MMSuperBowl.

You must choose your team before the game begins and either tweet it mentioning me and including the #MMSuperBowl hash tag, or include it in a comment below.

Here's information on the teams and the odds for the game:

I'm supporting Seattle simply because I have friends in the Pacific NW...and well, they kicked ass last year!

azp has decided on the Patriots, so I'm hoping he gets in LOTS of edging once again... although maybe not quite as much as last year!

During the game:

When the Seahawks Score:
How many points did they score?
You must masturbate, edging if you can, for that number of minutes without cumming. You should tweet each time acknowledging that you have done so.
NOTE: If you cum by mistake, you are not allowed to cum again if your team wins, and are required to remain completely chaste until Valentine's Day (February 14th) - no edging, no teasing, no touching.

When the Patriots Score:
How many points did they score?
You must spank yourself - on your butt cheeks using a wooden spoon, slipper or other implement - for that number of times ON EACH CHEEK. (Ex: If they score 7 points, you spank 7 times on the right side and then 7 times on the left.) You should tweet each time acknowledging that you have done so.

If you are sleeping or at a party during the game, you can do your edges and spanking all together afterward. You must still tweet later acknowledging how long you edged, how many times you spanked yourself, and whether you came or how many days you have to remain chaste. 

Your Team Wins: 
You may masturbate and cum - on your knees, while thanking me. You are required to catch and eat your cum, as per usual.

Your Team Loses: 
Calculate the difference between the scores.
You must remain chaste, without any sensual touching anywhere on your body, for that number of days.

So, who else is in? Place your bets, boys; it's almost time to play!

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