Sunday, August 28, 2011

Writing For Me - Even When He's Not Writing For Me ;-)

My #1 boy & WP Assistant, johnj, is doing a written punishment for another Domme right now. The short version is that he had fun taking part in some online roleplay where a group of subs (actually most of them are bottoms) were being "helpful" but were really being naughty (destroying things to build other things.. all imaginary, so nothing was actually damaged) and now he is getting the same punishment as the others.

This was all with my blessing of course, but this time it's been feeling a bit weird with him writing for someone else. johnj is nothing if not helpful, so it was natural for him to take part (and I enjoyed watching him join in the fun)... and of course it was only fair that he receive the same "reward" as the others. However, I'm not been feeling any power exchange with it this time (every time before this I have actively arranged it in some fashion, rather than simply encouraging and allowing it), and while he's enjoying it, it's not quite the same "zing" for him either.

But today was different. Between Hurricane Irene and some extended-family issues, I was up all night last night. I slept in even later than normal for a Saturday and was late to our usual Saturday afternoon date (one of the privileges of being my best boy ;-)). I met him online, but I needed time to do a few things before I could give him my full attention. He asked if he should write another 10 double lines while he waited. I said "15!" And the zing was back! ;-)

He told me afterward that those lines were definitely written for me even though they were assigned by another Domme. Needless to say, this morning (Sunday), he will be writing an additional 100 lines "for me"! ;-)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Reflections: Shifting Focus ~

It's funny how different types of punishments wax and wane. Some months it seems like all my focus is on Edging or Panties, while others it might all be on Written Punishments. Part of it is that the more I am focused on any one area, the more it feeds other punishments in that area... both because the report posts and tweets attract new boys, and because the more I give assignments in an area, the more new naughty and interesting ideas I come with! What I do with boy A gives me ideas of what to do with boy B, and they both feed my play with sissy C, which gives me a great new idea for A, and so on.

But with my online-only boys and clients, my current focus also varies depending on *their* work, family obligations, etc. It makes sense that certain Holiday Assignments are more popular than others, but even those vary. For instance, a "ribbon assignment" usually has guaranteed popularity. Last year's 4th of July was amazing, with a couple boys queued up early and a couple more running out to buy ribbons on the 4th itself so that they could join in. It is so perfect when an assignment hits a critical mass like that! I was busy with email and tweets, turned on by all the boys in ribbons and their yummy reports, and loving every minute of it!  By contrast, almost everyone was busy this year, and I had very little participation. Sometimes I am just focused on other things and not pushing the holidays as much, but I don't think that has the case with the 4th.

A couple months ago, even my WP regulars were taking a break, but I was completely caught up in Edging Games with my Twitter boys & gurls. Whereas now, I have half a dozen boys & gurls doing Written Punishments... but since my jezi, mKo and others have been busy with work and family, Twitter has really quieted down for me.

I've got a couple new puppies lined up for my August "Dog Days of Summer" assignment and am curious to see if any of them turn out to be worth keeping around for more.
   Email: ForMistressMagick *at* yahoo *dot* com  and "beg for it" to join in! ;-)

Coming up next:
How I had a boy who was guilty of borrowing his ex-partners' panties for self-pleasuring purposes help design his own written punishment. ;-)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Here Puppy, Puppy, Puppy!

The "Dog Days of Summer" are here, and so is my annual August Puppy Dog Training Assignment.

As some of you know, my first collared submissive (and ex-fiancé) was a puppy, and even though I rarely train puppies now, the ones that I do are especially close to my heart.

This assignment includes portions of the first two assignments in my puppy training program and is great way to give it a try and/or get to know me better if you think that puppy dog training and/or role play might be right for you.

So be a good dog:
              Email: ForMistressMagick *at*
                                         and request my August/Puppy Play Assignment.
Thinking of you ...on a leash at my feet.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

WP Birthday Spankings! (Updated)

I just gave the below "Written Punishment" to johnj as a Special Birthday Present (he has to write it 10x, +1 "to grow on", making 11 repetitions in total.. so far!), and I thought others might enjoy it as well.

Update: I changed the lyrics and layout to the below, with "Come over here, boy!" in my color (purple) and spank/spanky/spanking and " bottom hurts just thinking about it!" always in red, for his red behind! ;-) 

He's re-writing the previous 11, plus 5 more... plus another one to "grow" on! ;-)

* * *
My Birthday Spanking
~ Adapted from Madonna's song "Hanky Panky"

[Mistress says] Come over here, boy!

Some boys, they get handy,
and others, they like to grind,
I'll settle for the palm of your hand

somewhere on my behind.
Treat me like I'm a bad boy,

even when I'm being good to you,
I don't want you to thank me,

 you can just spank me!

Some girls like to sweet talk,

and others, they like to tease,
Tie my hands behind my back

and, ooo, I'm in ecstasy.
Don't slobber me with kisses,

I can get that from my sisters,
Before I get too cranky,

you better...

Like hanky panky,
Nothing like a good spanky,
Don't take out your handkerchiefs,
I don't wanna cry,

I just wanna be your hanky panky guy. bottom hurts just thinking about it!

 * * *
The original song... which was from the movie, Dick Tracy:

If You Would Like To Apply to Me...