Thursday, December 18, 2014

It's Time to #DecktheBalls

I enjoyed azpanties taking part in last year's #poppyjjingleballs so much that I've decided it needs to happen again.

  • Decorate your "package" for the holidays and take pics.
  • Tweet your best pic using the #DecktheBalls hashtag and mentioning me at @Mistress_Magick
  • I'll RT the pics that I like, and then decide on a winner, all based on what I find the most visually appealing.
  • The picture must be: 1) of the person who tweeted it, 2) taken in December 2014, and 3) tweeted by midnight EST on December 24, 2014.
  • You must have a penis & balls to enter. 
  • Possible holiday themes include, but are not limited to: Hanukkah, Yule, Winter Solstice, Saturnalia, Christmas, Boxing Day, Kwanza, etc! Be creative, have fun, but don't get TOO weird! LOL! 
  • NO diapers (for New Year's or otherwise). Just don't.
  • Undecorated cock shots WILL be reported as spam. If you are going to do it, do it right!
  • Multiple pictures will only be allowed if you receive permission before tweeting them. You should only request permission if you have more than one idea, and should only submit your best pic of each idea.
  • My personal boys ARE allowed to touch as needed to their best job on the assignment, including stroking to get hard, but they are NOT allowed to cum. ;-)
The winner will get a special treat from me. ;-)

Need some inspiration?

This is an edited version of azpanties' entry from last year.

To see the original in all it's yummy glory, click on the pic at left or go to: azpanties/status/ 412454481935093761/ photo/1

If you like the pic, please RT and/or favorite it. I know he enjoys all the "exposure". ;-)

Okay, boys, get to work! How often do women actually ASK for a pick of your package? Just make sure that it is nicely decorated. ;-)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Are You Ready to Cranberry?

It's almost Thanksgiving, and you boys and gurls know what that means:

It's time to eat your "Cock and Cum Stuffing" or "Cranberry Cum Sauce"! 

Yes, my November assignment is focused on Wet and Messy Masturbation! A bit unusual for me, it's actually one of my favorites and one that my subs love repeating. Here's a few assignment reports to give you a taste. ;-)

And yes, Cranberry Cum Sauce is looking like the choice again this year. Unfortunately, Americans still seem relegated to the iconic cans while those in other countries enjoy their sauce in jars. And yes, I do expect my boys in other countries to celebrate the American holidays right along with their Mistress!

Assignment Update For Those in the States:
Through azpanties' dedicated testing, we have found that using a bit of narrow tubing - cut open on one side and then applied to the opening - seems to work best in as far as protection from the sharp edges of the can (see pic above).

Unowned subs/slaves are also invited to join in, and others can do so with their Mistress's permission. (Note: a penis is required, whether you call it that or not.) If you are curious about my assignments this is a great one to try, and also a fun way to apply to me, if that is your intent.


            ForMistressMagick *at* yahoo *dot* com 

ASAP and ask for my Naughty November assignment.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Cock Ring Collars (NSFW)

As many of you know, azpanties' full collar is a cock ring from Gear Essentials, which we refer to as "The Mistress". At Gear Essentials, it's called the Master, but being that I'm a Femme Domme, I had to make a slight adjustment!

Except for cleaning and the occasional recovery period after play, azp wears it whenever he isn't wearing his CB-6000, Three Ring Circus or other specific items for play.

I love cock rings for 24/7 collars because my subs can wear them without anyone knowing, and yet they are always being reminded of me by their presence. It's our little secret. ;-) ...And, well, if someone does get a glimpse at the gym, that's even better!

As they go about their day, the weighty hug of My ring around their package reinforces who they, and that package, really belong to. And, since my subs are usually in self-control chastity, they're also a reminder not to touch - and of how much they want to!

In addition, I love how a well-fitted cock ring visually presents and accents My property. Just seeing My boy in My ring can be a huge turn-on. ;-)

Cock rings come in different styles, for different purposes. Weighty steel ones are yummy on virile subs while cute, pink, aluminium ones are perfect for sissies!

(The large Cock and Ball Ring shown above right is The Hold, which I'll be reviewing next. In the mean time, get 20% off any purchase from Gear Essentials - the home of well-crafted, wearable cock rings - with the Discount Code:
Good until 10/31/2014.)

To see more of the vast variety of cock rings available, many of which are not wearable long-term, check out: The Stockroom in the US and Uberkinky in the UK.

When selecting a ring to wear long-term, it should not be stretchy, and rigid "O" rings are generally best. Sizing is very important: It needs to be tight enough not to slip off on it's own, but loose enough not to cut off the circulation. Even an 1/8" can make a real difference.

Yes, I know that cock rings often come with warnings not to to wear them for more than 30 minutes. That's because a stretchy or too tight ring can cut off your circulation, causing serious damage. (Please save those tight, stretchy ones for sex, or just toss them if they're uncomfortable.)

In reality, confirming that you have the right size ring is like checking someone who is in restraints - can you slide a finger under there? Is anything turning the wrong color? Are your balls suddenly cold? That's why my Cock Ring Training Assignment starts off slowly, with wearing rubber sizing rings around the house before you work your way up to Heavy Metal. If you're interested in doing it, email me at: ForMistressMagick *at* yahoo *dot* com, and request it. I'll soon be updating and expanding it for publication on Amazon.

The advantage of starting out real-time in the Leather community is that I'd seen plenty of hot guys - one's who really knew their way around a cock and balls - wearing rings for hours. Once you know it fits, you're usually fine.

However, you are not supposed to wear a cock ring while you're sleeping. It can shift around and cause nerve damage because you're not awake to adjust it. For that reason, azp is allowed to take his ring off for sleeping, but he rarely does. It seems to stay in place very well, but everyone is different. By contrast, when the pantyboy tried to sleep in his aluminum ring, he would always wake up to find it loose in the bed! And yes, they both fit equally well. That being said, I do not advise you try sleeping in one.

For more info, from my favorite kinky craftsmen

Why Wear a Cock Ring? 
Includes the basics of sizing and how to put on an "O" ring.
(Click the Link at the Top or Scroll Down)

Detailed Sizing for Cock Rings, Head/Glans Rings and Ball Weights

How Long Can You Wear a Cock Ring
(From the folks who know!)

More info on the rings pictured above:

Master/Mistress Cock Ring: collections/stainless-steel-cockrings/products/master

The Hold Cock and Ball Cage collections/cockrings/ products/the-hold-cock-ball-cage

Here azp is wearing both of them stacked ...and dripping! :-)

Reader Special: 20% off any purchase from Gear Essentials with Code: 
      MM914   [caps required]
Good until 9/30/2014. Extended until 10/31/2014!

Aluminum Cock Rings in a Variety of Colors 
(Now On Clearance):
http://store.painfulpleasures. com/aluminum-cock-ring-light-weight-alternative-in-a-variety-of-colors.html

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Review: DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Heart Slapper "Paddle" from Lovehoney

Enjoy 15% off a £40 spend from

Both good through Sept. 30, 2014


As my personal subs know, in addition to being a loving Domme, I can also be a silly romantic. I'm a sucker for rose and heart-shaped toys, so I jumped at the chance when Lovehoney gave me the opportunity to review this heart-cutout slapper.

First, this is a slapper. Saying that it's a "slapper paddle" is technically redundant, but helpful for those who aren't familiar with the term. Basically, slappers are used like paddles, but they are specifically designed to make a louder sound when they hit. A slapper has two layers of leather (sometimes more) that are not joined together.

The additional layer catches the air, creating a loud "slap" when it lands that often sounds much worse than it actually is. On traditional slappers, the back layer of leather is often split into multiple strips and only the front side is used for hitting. Other designs feature holes or multiple strips of leather of varying lengths.

The advantage of this slapper is that it is designed so that either side can be used for hitting...

and, with a little practice, the cutout will leave a mark with a heart-shaped center on your target! ;-)

Like any good slapper, it has a satisfying sound, but the cutout and heavy leather give it a nice sting as well.

This product is shipped in a plain plastic bag with no unnecessary packaging, however there isn't a label specifying materials or the country of origin. I was a little disappointed when I opened the plastic bag, because I'd read that it has a strong leather smell. However, mine smelled of chemicals. It's been sitting out of the bag off-gassing for about three weeks, and now the leather smell is starting to come through if I really sniff it. I asked Lovehoney, and they told me that it is made in Poland, using Italian Leather.

The slapper is unlined and the handle is the only stitched area on the slapper. Reinforced with wood*, rather than metal, it fits nicely in the hand, and includes a knotted leather tie for hanging.

* The reinforcement is round, like a wooden dowel, rather than the rectangular shape shown in some of the pics on the Lovehoney website.

Speaking of the website, Lovehoney also offers this DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Heart Paddle (UK Link), and together they would make a lovely set.

DOMINIX is Lovehoney's luxury bondage line. While these are better made and in line with what you would find on a serious BDSM site, I wouldn't call this particular item "luxurious". However, it is a cute slapper that will definitely leave it's mark.

Personally, I'd love to have the matching paddle to make the set. *hint* *hint*


US: DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Heart Slapper DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Heart Paddle

Click this link while shopping at for 10% discount on your entire order:

UK, Europe and Elsewhere: DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Heart Slapper DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Heart Paddle

Note: I received a free sample from Lovehoney in exchange for an honest review.
I am an affiliate of and, but also prefer them for their free shipping and customer-friendly returns policy. I am also happy to be able to also offer a 10% discount to my readers on any purchase from by using this affiliate link:

Friday, August 22, 2014

Dog Days Of Summer Puppy Play Assignment FREE on Saturday!

My Dog Days of Summer assignment is finally up on Amazon, and available for download: Male-Service-Individual-Holiday-Assignments-ebook/dp/B00MSG88CQ

This is a shortened combined version of my first two Puppy Play assignments, and includes buying a collar and beginning to discover your puppy-self. It can be performed by puppies of either gender, but it's a bit more difficult/humiliating for the boys!

Since it's a new assignment, I'll have a FREE Download/Beta Test Day tomorrow, Saturday, August 22!

As the assignment was uploaded so late in August, you can individually request completion dates between now and the end of September.

And - No, you don't need a Kindle to download and read my assignments.

Amazon has FREE Kindle-Reader Apps and Software available for most computers and smartphones, and now you can even read them online via the Cloud!

So get the correct Reading AppDownload an Assignment and get to work!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

"50 Shaders Trounced At BDSM Club"
And Some Advice For The Curious

UPDATE:  Some people on Fetlife are making plans to go to openings of the movie with information. For info, join the 50 Shades Welcoming Committee:
This is also a place for the new & curious to ask questions.

I ran across this Fictional Parody by Sir Render on Fetlife and had to share it:

* * *

50 Shaders Trounced At BDSM Club

Los Angeles, California - February 15, 2015 - The hopes of two middle aged soccer mom's from Simi Valley were dashed last evening at an exclusive BDSM night club in Los Angeles.

"I couldn't believe we got kicked out," exclaimed Barbie Wanabe, mother of 4, and avid 50 Shades Of Grey fan. "I had just seen the movie with my friend, Suzie, and we decided to go to a club to try it. She got ignored and the guy I submitted to had us forcibly removed from the club!"

With the largest debut of any NC-17 rated movie behind it, the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon is just getting started. Following the success of the highly popular book trilogy by E. L. James, the movie portrays the romance between an innocent young girl and a controlling billionaire with a penchant for kinky sex. Barbie and her friend were out on the town seeking to fulfill their fantasies of being sexually controlled by a strong willed dominant man.

"When I kneeled before him, just like in the movie, he actually rolled his eyes at me," said Suzie Buttcuddler, "like I wasn't good enough for him or something. He just stood there with a blank look on his face. I've never been so humiliated in my life!"

The much anticipated movie and its portrayal of the BDSM subculture has been a subject of hot debate on BDSM web sites like since the book came out in May, 2011. Proponents of the book claim it will bring a new level of social acceptance to the subculture. Opponents of the book claim it will dilute the subculture with too many neophytes. Both camps agree, however, that 50 Shades of Grey will have a profound and lasting effect on the community. They only disagree on what that effect will be.

"The audacity of these two women is incredible," said Dick Inurhed, a club goer who witnessed the events. "I mean, here we are having one of our usual Saturday evening pansexual play parties and in walks Barbie right up to Harry, our gay Dungeon Master, and demands that he dominate her, right while he's in the middle of co-topping a scene his boy is doing with another top! Then Suzie, fully clothed, just flops her awkward self on the floor in front of my friend Tom, the club owner, who's married and recovering from a hernia operation, and looks up at him like an expectant puppy dog. I'm really not surprised that he ejected them from the club, and with a full refund too!"

The often misunderstood etiquette and protocols of the BDSM subculture seem to have been completely ignored by the two Simi Valley women; but Barbie has a different perspective. "We read the books, we researched it online, and we saw the movie. These guys at the club just weren't doing it right!" she said in frustration.

"Yeah, we didn't do anything wrong," joined in Suzie, "there we were being submissive and everything and they were just rude and intolerant."

Barbie Wanabe and Suzie Buttcuddler are mothers, wives, PTA members and upstanding members of the Simi Valley community who were just out on a Saturday night looking for a new experience. Apparently, they got one.

Dick Inurhed is a master carpenter and skilled practitioner of BDSM for 30 years who heads a poly family of six in Orange County. Apparently, he's not doing it right.

Tom and Harry were not available for comment.

Contact information withheld to protect the privacy of the individuals involved.

Copyright 2014, Sir Render. All Rights Reserved. Reprinted with Permission.

* * *

Yes, we all know it's coming:

I agree with most of the comments that I have seen within the actual BDSM lifestyle that the books do not portray real, consensual BDSM, but instead they put forth the idea that an abusive relationship is okay. This is not something that I find acceptable.

On the other hand, they have inspired a lot of people to try spicing things up in the bedroom, which is something that I would encourage them to do regardless of the books. The movie will further the visibility of kink, but I would like to see it portrayed in a healthier manner, and I doubt that will happen.

Unfortunately, we're also just a little afraid something like the story above might happen - or worse - someone might really hurt themselves or their partner. So here's a bit of reading for our curious Soccer Moms and anyone else who wants to learn more:

If you're looking for more Kinky, Erotic FANTASY:
Begin with this great list.
Thoughts on 50 Shades of Grey and a Much Better BDSM Fantasy Reading List:  by Casey Naidoo

If you REALLY want to PLAY:
Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns is a really good place to start!

Greenery Press is the place to go for some of the best BDSM How-To and Relationship Advice Books. The Stockroom has all their in-print titles and lots of other good stuff.

If Want to go to a Play Party, Public Event or Dungeon:

What to Expect at Play Parties and Good Advice on Playing Sane for Newbies:
It's always a good idea just to watch and learn!

Good, Basic Rules
Reading these will give you a clue as to some of the less obvious etiquette errors Suzie and Barbie made above, such as interrupting a scene. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS Follow These:

And, yes, we all make mistakes, but there is something called common courtesy. I've personally walked though a scene myself because I was focused on something that I needed to do. When you're in a dungeon, you have to always pay attention to where you're going - and remember to leave room for the Dom's/Domme's back swing!

If You a Sincerely Interested in THE SCENE and/or THE LIFESTYLE:
In addition to the books mentioned above, join and start reading. Began by looking for "Munches" in your area. These are meet and greet events where kinky people go out to a restaurant, have dinner/coffee with each other, and actually talk about normal things, like normal people. There's no play and you should not wear obvious fetish wear. In other words, dress like a sexy soccer mom, handsome computer programmer or whatever you are, and keep it real! :-)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Review: The PULSE from HotOctopuss

UPDATE: Watch our second (and much sexier) video of azp using the PULSE on Fetlife at: videos/267874


When I saw this new "guybrator" from Hot Octopuss, I thought it would be a great toy to share with my #1 sub and online lover, azpanties, however, I did take my time sending it to him!

The PULSE is dark blue, almost black in color. It has a hard shell of ABS plastic with flexible skin-safe silicone wings and lining, and should only be used with water-based lubricants. However, unlike many luxury rechargeable vibes, it is not waterproof.

There aren't any of the useless and annoying waves and patterns that many manufacturers are building into vibrators these days, and in fact, it actually oscillates rather than vibrating. One the co-founders explains the medical technology behind the device and it's uses in this video from their website:

Truly international, it comes packed in a gorgeous box (the front is shown above) with only a USB charger (which circumvents the issue of including different plugs for different countries) and an illustrated instruction booklet - written in ten different languages!

It should be charged for 4 hours before the first use. We didn't test fully draining and recharging it, but according to the materials, subsequent charges are 3 hours for up to 2 hours of use. Even though azp hasn't always fully charged it, we've never an issue. I wish I could say that for some of My toys!

Since I don't like things hanging off my laptop, I found an adapter and plugged it into a power strip for its first charge. After it was done, the fiddly cover over the charging port simply would not go back in and stay there. azp subsequently pulled it off rather than mess with it!

Since it's open-ended, it is easier to clean than most male devices, but my advice for Version 2.0 would be to change to something like magnetic charging, which would get rid of the issue with the plug, and might also allow it to be more waterproof for cleaning and in shower use.

The controls are straightforward and easy. There are plus (+) and minus (-) buttons on the sides, which allow the user to step up or down through the Nine Levels of Intensity, Holding down the minus button for 1 full second turns it completely off. There isn't a travel lock feature, but the buttons aren't that easily pressed by mistake, and I mailed it across the country without an issue.

It fits nicely in the hand, but azp and I both found it difficult to hold it and to control the intensity buttons at the same time while using only one hand. It works much better to hold it with one hand, and change the setting with the other.

The sound is quieter than many vibrators. (The booklet says "below 55 db".) azp compared it to his Sonicare toothbrush. I could not hear it when he used it on Skype, but he has no problem hearing my Jack Rabbits!

As far as strength goes, azp was enjoying it at around a six (6) or a seven (7), but did ask if he could go all the way up to the 9th level. The reactions that I've read from other men range from cumming easily at lower speeds all the way to someone who normally has difficulty reaching orgasm not being able to cum with it. azp wasn't able to cum with it hands free, but says that he could easily cum with it at any level as long as he is stroking with it.

To me, it felt like a vibrator, but was not especially intense. On the outside, there didn't seem to be a lot of difference in the settings, but as a plus, there was no issue with the vibrations being too intense and putting my hand to sleep. It's a nice intensity to hold, but probably not strong enough to get me off if rubbed against my clit.

The "coin" that you see inside is the Pulse Plate, where the sensation is concentrated. It is designed to be held against the frenulum, which is also sometimes called the frenum. This is the point just under the cleft of the head of the penis where many men are the most sensitive. (The other point that I've observed on some cut men is slightly further down the underside, where their circumcision scar is.)

The instructions say not to press too hard on the Plate. I could easily press it hard enough with my finger to cause it to stop oscillating, and azp had the same issue if he pressed it too hard. In addition to being frustrating, holding it down too long could conceivably break the device.

One of the things that I love to do is to rub my clit along the underside of a lover's cock while I am on top of him. (Rubbing against someone or something like this is called "frottage", from the French "frotter", meaning "to rub".) In this way, I get the intense stimulation where I need it, and he gets the tease and enjoyment of my using him for my own pleasure. Usually his penis has to be fully hard and long enough for this to work.

I really like the idea that a lover, especially one who has erection issues, such as a certain older ex- of mine, could put this on as illustrated and enjoy it while I enjoyed riding it and him.

However, I'm a BBW, and in playing with it, I found that it was so wide that was difficult to nestle it as deeply as I would like in between my outer labia. (Yes, I have big lips!) I found it too awkward to adequately test being on top of it, but I'm afraid that my weight would also put too much pressure on the Pulse Plate, causing it to switch off. There is the potential for switching the position where the man is on top and controlling the rubbing, which might work better, but, from my experience, it's size and intensity probably would not hit the right spot for me.

I thoroughly cleaned it and took pictures of it alone and on my beautiful stunt cock (a new Candy Violet Fun Factory Bandito that I unboxed just for this photoshoot). However, as you can see, I had the hardest time keeping the PULSE clean of dust and smudges. Ditto for the little, black instruction booklet.

I also have to admit that, as I was cleaning it to send it to azp, I forgot that it wasn't waterproof, and put it in the sink with some other luxury toys! It would not turn on immediately afterward, however it had been sitting a while. I charged it and then it started, so it might have simply lost it's charge.

Luckily, it was still working fine when azp received it. For our joint testing, he used it under my direction and answered questions while I watched him on cam. One of the nicest things for me about the open-ended design is that I can actually see azp's yummy reactions. He can also catch the cum, or cum on himself, rather than having to clean it out of some toy. (I suppose most guys would just use a tissue, but azp is required to eat it all so not having to try to tongue a Fleshlight is a plus!)

azp was taking part in My World Cup Chastity Game when he received it and many of the Rewards were hands-free releases, so we decided to test it that way. He quickly found that if he tried to use it completely hands-free, the weight of the mechanism on the top/back of it would cause it to slide around to one side or the other of his cock, and the Pulse Plate was no longer where it needed to be. At one point, he even tried using rubber bands around it to hold the wings tighter, but it still turned around to the side!

azp doesn't normally have any issues getting hard or cumming. He got hard more slowly when only using the PULSE versus using his hand, and it was fun to watch it happen. He found that he wasn't able to cum while just holding it still in one place, but that he could while stroking with it. He described it as being an intense sensation, but only in one area, and he found that he needed to move it around to to cover a larger area.

He would like to see a way to make the wings grip tighter so it would provide better sensation over a larger area, which might also prevent it from sliding to the side when used hands-free. I was joking about giving it a velcro closure, but I doubt that would have worked any better than the rubber bands.

I recorded our most recent testing session. During this session, I specifically did NOT do anything (such as playing with myself or describing a fantasy) to try to give him stimulation beyond the simple fact that I was watching him and giving him instructions, which he loves anyway! I noticed that he didn't shoot as far as normal and it took longer than normal for him to be ready to cum, both because he had already been using it for so long and was getting numb when I gave him permission to stroke.

You can watch the explicit video of azpanties using the PULSE here:
                   PULSE Test Video
(Be warned that the video quality is low: I was using a screen recorder on one small portion of the Skype window while we talked. Reducing the Zoom on your browser helps. Also, the sound has been removed for privacy reasons.)

Note: The cock ring he is wearing in the video is his 24/7 collar, a 1 7/8" Master Cock Ring from Gear Essentials, which we call The "Mistress". Over 1/2 a pound of Solid, Shiny Stainless Steel, it reminds him every day who he belongs to!

To summarize:
Trying to use the PULSE as a couples toy would be awkward at best, and unsatisfying for someone with my anatomy. When used hands-free, it kept moving out of position and couldn't get the job done. Despite the fantasy, I could not have simply strapped it on my sub and MADE him cum hands-free with it.

However, it is a NICE hands-on, "vibrating" stroker: It is simple to use, quiet and easy to clean, but is not waterproof. The open design also means that it fits a larger range of sizes, and makes it easier to watch the action!

Unlike other toys made specifically for men, it is designed so that it can be used and enjoyed while soft, offering a new option for men with erectile issues. However, the oscillations may need to be stronger for men who can have problems cumming.

Quiet Enough Not to Scare the Neighbors
Open Ended for Easy Cleaning
Designed so That It Can Be Enjoyed Without an Erection
One Size Fits!

NOT Waterproof
Won't Stay in Place Hands-Free
Stops If You Press Down The Pulse Plate

To Make It Better, Add:
Waterproof Charging
A Way to Tighten the Wings
Stronger Sensations
Better Design for Her (or just drop that part)

Where to buy:
Those in the UK and Europe can buy from the Hot Octopuss site, but Lovehoney has FREE International Shipping!


        +10% off by clicking here*:

* Click the link at any time while you're shopping on the site and the discount should be added to your shopping cart. These are my affiliate links, which don't cost you any more, but I will get a small percentage of your purchase amount for referring you.

NOTE: From my experience, all Lovehoney purchases are still shipped from the UK, and those outside the UK may have to pay a currency exchange fee to their bank whether they buy from the US or the UK site.

Note: I received a sample PULSE free from Hot Octopuss in exchange for an honest review.
I am an affiliate of Lovehoney, but also prefer them for their free shipping and customer-friendly returns policy. I am also happy to be able to also offer a 10% discount to my readers on any purchase from

Friday, July 25, 2014

Bondage on Sale & 25% Off at!

UPDATE: Get 25% Off any Purchase of $35 of more
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* * *
Not to be outdone by the UK site, has some great Bondage sales too, and readers of my blog can

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* * *

I was adding a few things to my Reviewers Wish List over at, and realized they have their Lux Fetish Sex Swing (worth £79.99) FREE when you spend £70 on Bondage Boutique toys!

That's like getting over 50% off! I think we all know that £70 is nothing when it comes to toys, and of course, they have free shipping with a minimum purchase to both the UK (£10) and the US (£30).

Speaking of which, they also have a 3 Bondage toys for £30 SALE, and some items are eligible for both promotions!
Check out the below and (re)stock your toy bag!

Let's see... I need some more Colored Cotton Rope for tying karadas,  a Breathable Ball Gag for the next time the boy has a stuffy nose... Nipple Clamps with Bells are so much fun to play with when you're leading a sub around on a leash!

All images from

Sunday, July 13, 2014

4th of July with azpanties:
Training My #1 Boy on Cam

I'm sure many of you are wondering what sorts of things I do when my subs are lucky enough for me to train them on cam. I love having them model panties and lingerie, instructing them how to use toys, monitoring them edging, etc. 

With My #1 boy, azpanties, I often watch him shower, perhaps with an allowed edge or two, and then pick out a pair of skimpy panties for him to wear while I watch him cook, put away laundry, etc. Okay, I may not be watching ALL the time, but it's a nice view when I care to enjoy it. ;-)

We spent a lot of the 4th and 5th of July together as he has also been watching the World Cup games with me. Of course, he was taking part in both my World Cup Chastity Game and my 4th of July Assignment. I approved his ribbons based on the pic and report he emailed me on July 3rd, but we missed talking to each other, and he didn't know until later that I wanted him to put the ribbons on over his chastity device! 

He woke up on the 4th and put a ribbon on.  I was late joining him and missed the France - Germany game so made him wait until after the Brazil - Columbia game before I watched him on cam. In the mean time, we chatted on IM, and I had him send me pics (shown edited) of him in each ribbon.

I had just told submissive geek that the style with red, white and blue bands reminds me of the French flag, so it was appropriate that azp was wearing it while France was playing. However, I decided to have him take it off and save it to wear on Bastille Day (7/14)!

All of these pics were of course taken while he was wearing his 24/7 collar, the Mistress Cock Ring (made from over 8oz. of solid stainless steel, Gear Essentials calls it their "Master").

This is my fave ribbon as it has "USA" and stars woven into the ribbon in gold. However, it makes the messiest bows! This was azp's second try at a tying it and taking a pic.

The rustic weave of this one reminds me of the Ralph Lauren sweaters at the Winter Olympics!

azp and I agreed that would have been much better if the stars had been broken up by stripes so that there were individual flags, but I would also bet that that would be much harder to weave. I liked that this ribbon was "Stars and Stripes" and decided that it would make a nice background.

After I had azp get on cam, I asked him to remove his last ribbon and ring, and supervised his putting on his CB-6000, using a numbered lock. I carefully checked the number both before and after he put it on and locked it.

This is the black style numbered lock from CB-x, but I actually like the white "Keyholder" ones he has better because I can hear them click into place. So we discussed looking around for more of those. (If anyone knows where I can find the white plastic clocks that say "Keyholder", please let me know.)

Next we proceeded to try tying the ribbons different ways. We finally settled on this arrangement:

The "Ralph Lauren" flag ribbon is tied around his cock and balls where the base ring of the device goes, making a big bow on top.

The "USA" starts across the front of the cage, showing the "USA" behind where the lock is dangling. Then it wraps around and crosses behind the cage, coming up on either side where he slid it under the side posts before being tied into a bow above the spacer.

I really wish that I had been there in person to straighten and arrange the ribbons, both to tease him (;-)) and to get some more balanced pics.

He had some handyman work and some other things to do around the house so I allowed him to put his black silk thong on over the ribbons to protect them and to hold everything in place, and then I sent him off to get some work done... while I occasionally watched! ;-)

Before you get too jealous...

On the 5th, I didn't get online with azp until the Argentina game was over even though I had planned to watch it with him.
Afterward, he had a release coming (NPI), however he had to wait patiently and be my best boy by my side while I:
- figured out and tweeted rewards and punishments for the first game
- watched the second game and asked him questions about it
- also IMed about the game, etc. with the submissive geek and sophie
- figured out and tweeted rewards and punishments for the second game
- got something to eat, swapped laundry, etc.
- ignored the pantyboy even though he kept calling, so eventually talked to him for a bit
- wrapped up other things online

When I finally had/made the time to focus on azpanties, I carefully cam verified the number on his lock before unlocking him.

Then we played around with the Pulse* a bit (Shown at the left. He's helping me to test it for a review.) before allowing him to edge and cum with a nice, messy, upside down facial. ;-)

*Shopping for a Pulse? Outside their delivery area?
Lovehoney has FREE Shipping!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

World Cup Chastity Game - The Finals
(Part Two)

UPDATE: Germany won the World Cup in extra time: 
  Germany 1 - Argentina 0 

Argentina Players:
- Buy and wear a Black Ribbon (or one with the colors of the German flag (black, red and gold)) for at least 10 hours. 
If you're wearing your Bastille Day ribbon(s) for Me on Monday, I think it would be sexy for you to buy your Black Ribbon while you're ribboned for the holiday. ;-) Then wear your Black Ribbon on Tuesday or Wednesday.

- Only 1 Edge, which MUST be while you are wearing your ribbon.

- Chaste for another 24 hours after the end of the game - let's just say until 11pm London (BST) / 6pm NYC (EDT) / 3pm San Francisco (PDT) on Monday. 
I wish I'd said that the additional chastity time would start after you completed wearing your ribbon and performing your edge, but I was expecting that the game might go into PKs - and wind up totaling 9 days more of chastity! See - I do think about you poor, horny boys! ;-)

Germany Playerssophie was the only one of my remaining players who selected Germany. She will be getting a Special Reward designed for her from the ideas that she sent me before the Knock Out Rounds began. Watch for her report. Yes, I know what it is, but I want to make sure she didn't get ahead of herself when she suggested it. ;-)

(Read the entire post for full instructions.)

Sadly Brazil just lost to the Netherlands. I'm happy for my Dutch players, but I'm mostly thinking: "At least it wasn't as bad as Germany". The referee made a couple of really bad/weird decisions, but going both ways and nothing that should have decided the game.
Highlights from ESPN (Can you watch these in the UK?):

Netherlands Players (azpantiessophie and jezi): You didn't win it all, but you did win today, and your team is going home with their heads held high and hopes for next time. Enjoy one hands-free release, and lick up as much as you can! You have until 6pm NYC/11pm London time on Monday to claim your release!
You know The Rules by now: You are NOT allowed to use your hands. You may rub against something, stick it into an object that you're NOT holding, etc. Anal is NOT allowed. After you cum, you must lick up as much of the cum as you can manage!

Brazil Players (marc (submissive_geek)): You got spanked AGAIN, and are going to be feeling the pain for a long time. Take 200 self-administered spanks using the implement of your choice - 100 on each side! 
If your spanks are not taken and reported promptly, add 50 spanks per day interest for each additional day after 6pm NYC/11pm London time on Sunday.

Whether you lost or won, in My game, everyone gets another chance for glory - or humiliation - tomorrow during The Final!

(Images captured from Google. Start time shown in New York City/Boston/My time.)

The Reward and Punishment that I have decided for the Final:

1st Place: You get a personalized Special Reward, selected/designed from your ideas by Me, and supervised by Me. You are required to submit evidence of your task, which I will likely share on Twitter and/or my blogs.

2nd Place: You will be required to buy a ribbon* (selected to honor the victor) and wear it as a cock ring, wrapped around your entire package, for at least 10 hours, during which time you will edge x times, where x = the total number of goals scored! 
And you have to wait until at least y days after the game to cum, where y = the number of goals scored against you!  
  Ex: Argentina loses 3-2 against Germany: 
       you wear a black ribbon and edge 5 times while wearing it
       and are not allowed to cum until at least (3 goals x 24 hours)
       72 hours after the end of the game!
I'll confirm the ribbon color(s) after the game tomorrow. I know that all my players know where they can buy them! ;-) 
Your punishment isn't finished until both the ribbon-wearing and edging are done, and your chastity time is over. You are required to submit evidence of your task, which I will likely share on Twitter and/or my blogs.

Remember, this is the FINAL, so play will INTENSE, 
and therefore so should be your Reward or Punishment! ;-)

* Yes, the ribbon wearing is inspired by my 4th of July/Bastille Day and St. Patrick's Day Assignments. Some of you are already slated to wear your red, white & blue ribbon on Monday for Bastille Day. If that's the case and your team loses, we'll discuss when you should wear which ribbon.

Players (FINAL)
sophie: Germany
marc (submissive_geek): Argentina
jezi: Argentina

Read all My World Cup Chastity Game Rules and Updates:


NOTE: While this game is free, and one that I am really enjoying playing with my own subs, publishing the updates for the rest of you takes a lot of work. Gifts of thanks are much appreciated, and will encourage me to run more games like this in the future.
A tip of $5 or $10 is fine for this. (very private and works best internationally) or (USA only) Gift Certificates are preferred.
If you're in the States, and want to send a small gift ($10 - $25), I also need a Digital Redbox Card:
It's a great way to treat me to a movie!

Use the name:     M. Magick
Email to:             ForMistressMagick at

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

World Cup Chastity Game - The Finals

 Actual start times (not ESPN pre-game times), shown in New York City/Boston/My time.
(Captured from Google. They've also had some GREAT Doodles for the Games.)

We're there, and I said I'd do something special for the Final! ;-) Actually, I think it would be fun for everyone to have something riding on each of the last two games, so...

My Continuing Players have to keep their previously selected teams (underlined), but also choose a team (in bold) for each game that they aren't in.  

Continuing Players (updated July 12)
azpanties: Netherlands and Argentina
sophie: Netherlands and Germany
marc (submissive_geek): Brazil and Argentina
jezi: Belgium Netherlands and Argentina

I find "The More, The Merrier!" so I'm also opening the game back up to New and Returning Players, but they won't have the privilege of a Special Request. Only the players who have been in this from the beginning have earned that.

NEW and Returning Players should choose a team in each of the final games by midnight their time on Friday night:
1) Brazil or the Netherlands?
2) Argentina or Germany?
And, of course, you must be chaste from the moment you read this post, regardless of how much time you spend choosing your teams. ;-)

The Rewards & Punishments
1st Place: Special Reward for Continuing Players / Regular Release and Eat It All for New Players
4th Place: LOTS of Spanks - I'll decide how many afterward, based on the game!

But I haven't decided which of these goes to 2nd Place & which to 3rd:
- Hands-Free Release & Lick It Up
- LOTS of Edges - I'll decide how many afterward, based on the game!
- Wear the ribbons in the victor's colors around your cock for 24 hours (can be split into multiple days)
- Something else? ;-)

What do you think? E-mail me, tweet @Mistress_Magick or comment below. I'll decide before the game on July 12th. It is your responsibility to watch this blog & My Twitter for updates.

Read all My World Cup Chastity Game Rules and Updates:


NOTE: While this game is free, and one that I am really enjoying playing with my own subs, publishing the updates for the rest of you takes a lot of work. Gifts of thanks are much appreciated, and will encourage me to run more games like this in the future.
A tip of $5 or $10 is fine for this. (very private & works best internationally) or (USA only) Gift Certificates are preferred.
If you're in the States, and want to send a small gift ($10 - $25), I also need a Digital Redbox Card: It's a great way to treat me to a movie!

Use the name:     M. Magick
Email to:             ForMistressMagick at

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July, Everyone!

submissive_geek marc helped kick off My July 4th/Bastille Day Assignment this year with this yummy pic!

For shopping & assignment reports, check out:

Some pics that are too explicit for my blog will be on Twitter,
like this great pic of My sophie locked & ribboned:

The assignment can be completed any day between now and Bastille Day (July 14). I've asked all my boys & gurls to take part this year, and I'll be posting their reports as they come in. It's also a great opportunity for potential subs to get to apply to me. Some subs, like marc, will be breaking up the assignment into several parts, so there's lots more to (NOT) cum!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Let's Call It Futbol!

(Thanks to Google for the GREAT World Cup Doodles.)

Okay, I admit it: I can't call soccer "football". It's simply un-American.
But no one else calls it "soccer". Why be such annoying separatists?
So I've decided Americans should call it "futbol".

Maybe it's because it sounds nicely "Continential".

Maybe it's because I'm a sucker for commercials that I can identify with, like these, courtesy of Hyundai's #BecauseFĂștbol campaign:


"NO Spoilers!"

I love the way that the sound of the word "futbol" honors the fact that this is a Global game. Americans have Our games - American games - but this is something so much bigger than us.

Speaking of which, I am so proud of the USA team, especially Tim Howard and Clint Dempsey, and the kids like Yedlin, Green and Brooks who are already making their mark.

USA! USA! USA!  2018!  I STILL believe!

Now for a quick World Cup Chastity Game Update:

Remaining Players (updated July 7)
azpanties: Argentina (switched from USA)
sophie: Netherlands (switched from England)
jezi: Belgium (switched from England) Knocked out - must stay chaste through July 14
marc (submissive_geek): Argentina (switched from England)
scott: Germany (switched from England) Suspended for attitude!
danielle: USA; Backup: England Knocked out

I think I'm joining azp and marc in supporting Argentina. I'm just hoping cute little Messi can go all the way!

Love, kisses and thanks to sophie and azpanties for getting me interested in this World Cup, and for sharing it with me.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Get My July 4th Assignment FREE Tuesday

My 4th of July/Bastille Day Assignment is available for FREE download through tomorrow (Tuesday) in honor of TeamUSA!

I know it's short notice for some of you, but I expect to have lots of boys and gurls beribboned for my pleasure again this year. ;-) I'm also allowing those in my training to schedule for other days between now and  Bastille Day (July 14th), especially over the July 4th weekend.

With any luck (and some serious skill), maybe we'll even be playing again on July 5th! *fingers crossed*

USA! USA! USA! USA!    I!  I Believe!  I Believe That We Will Win!

Want to do my assignments, but don't have a Kindle? You don't need one. Amazon has FREE Kindle-Reader Apps and Software available for most computers and smartphones.

So download my latest assignment and get ready to decorate your pole for MY pleasure!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

World Cup Chastity Game Rules - 2nd Stage
The Knock Out Rounds

 Actual start times (not ESPN pre-game times), shown in New York City/Boston/My time.
(Captured from Google. They've also had some GREAT Doodles for the Games.)

Remaining Players (updated July 1)
azpanties: Argentina (switched from USA)
sophie: Netherlands (switched from England)
jezi: Belgium (switched from England)
marc (submissive_geek): Argentina (switched from England)
scott: Germany (switched from England) Red Card for attitude!
danielle: USA; Backup: England Knocked out

I am removing players who haven't checked in. As with any game, some players simply just don't make the cut! If you believe there has been a mistake, you may appeal via email within 48 hours.

Okay, boys and gurls, things are going to get intense!

Except as specified below and on my Twitter, you are to remain chaste, as previously directed, until after the Final Game.
    Yes, this means that once both your teams are out, you may have NO CHANCE TO CUM, until the Final Game*. THIS is why you were encouraged to choose a good Backup team!
When your team plays:

Win - You held them back and kept driving at the goal, hanging in there until the game was won!

First, edge once for every goal your team scored, including any penalty kicks! Do NOT pause more than a minute between edges.

Then, you may cum (once), catching and licking up every drop!
(If you prefer to cum by rubbing against something, you may do so, but you must still lick up as much as possible.)

If you lose it and cum early, you must finish all your remaining edges as soon as you are able to get hard again.

If your edges and release are not completed and reported within 48 hours after the end of the game, they are forfeited.

[NOTE: If I have allowed you to cum with your partner within the last 96 hours, you will count that as your release. You must still perform the edges WITHOUT cumming.]

Red Card/Ejection - You've been a Very Naughty Boy, and need to be punished!
If a player on your team gets a Red Card during the game, you must spank yourself 100 times - as soon as possible after it happens!

You have 24 hours after the game ends to complete and report your spanks. Add an additional 50 spanks per day Interest for each day you are late, even if you are only a few minutes late.
    25 hours after the game ends = 150 spanks, etc.

Lose - You kept trying, but they just kept beating you back!

You must edge for each goal you scored.
AND you must spank 50 times (25 on each cheek) for every goal you gave up!

Beginning with an edge, alternate until you are done. As the number could get quite high, I will allow you flexibility regarding how to space out the spanks.
    Ex: You lost 2-4 = 2 Edges & 200 spanks
      Edge -> 50 Spanks -> Edge -> 150 spanks *or*
      Edge -> 100 Spanks -> Edge -> 100 spanks *or*
      Edge -> 150 Spanks -> Edge -> 50 spanks

You have 24 hours after the game ends to complete and report your edges and spanks. Add an additional 50 spanks per day Interest for each day you are late, even if you are only a few minutes late.
    25 hours after the game ends = 150 spanks, etc.

You can switch to your Backup (if they are still in the game) with your Backup's NEXT game.
          Ex: If USA loses to Belgium on 7/1, azp can switch to Argentina on 7/5 (and bring down some revenge on Belgium!) ;-) However, danielle will be done until the final as England is already out.

Once You're Teams Are Completely Out:
* I will have a Special Competition for the Final Round, and may have some earlier ones if everyone is already out! Watch My Twitter for details!
These will be your only additional chances to cum until this game is over (July 14th - Bastille Day).

If You Win It All:
Each of the players advancing have been asked to email me with a list of special Rewards they are interested in receiving if their team wins The Cup.

Ideas submitted include:

- Buy panties and a bra, and wear them all the next day. While wearing them write 100 lines in the library (or similar), where ladies could see.

-  Buy womens' clothes for a specific uniform, such as a secretary or a school girl. Tell the sales girls I lost a bet with some female friends and ask if they could help me choose. Perhaps Mistress could write a letter as though I'd lost the bet with her and include ideas of the kind of things she wants me to wear, so I can hand it to the girls and it looks like I have been sent.

- Buy and wear panties and/or pantyhose for the day.
- Wear a ribbon around cock in team colors.
- Tweet a thank you to the team with a pic of one of the above.

-  Masturbate with dildos in my mouth and ass.
-  Masturbate with nipple clamps and pull off during orgasm.

If you haven't emailed me, please do so as soon as possible.
Submitting your ideas are required as part of your request to be allowed your release for advancing from the Group Play to the Knock Out Rounds, and it is NOT my responsibility to remind you.

Read all My World Cup Chastity Game Rules and Updates:

If You Would Like To Apply to Me...