Monday, May 31, 2010

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

I'm more introverted than people generally believe, because they usually see me when I am feeling extroverted. Both time alone to relax and reflect and time spent out with friends or in groups recharge me, but in different ways, and I need a balance of both to be happy.

Kink-Colored Glasses: Scrunchies

My Beltane assignment seems to have given my sissy in the UK "kink-colored glasses" for scrunchies. And I love it! I love the way that using a vanilla object in a kinky way can change the way that you look at the object forever. I love that my simple written assignment can do that to someone, even from half a world away. And I love that it gives her even more reason to think about me, and to be reminded of my ownership of her, even while out on an innocent shopping trip!

I do admit that, as she is my gurl, I altered the assignment slightly for her, and also allowed her to do it late because of family obligations. Then, using the delay in perfoming the assignment and the changes that I made for her as the reasons, I delighted in having her repeat it for we several times, reinforcing my ownership of her, such that May Day almost became "Scrunchie Week". As such, it's no wonder that she's having a new appreciation for pretty scrunchies as she shops and still buying new ones to add to her collection. I think I may have to declare certain days as "Scrunchie Days"... days which I select, on which she will wear a scrunchie in the selected color around her package under her pretty panties as a further reminder of my ownership of her and of "my" cock.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Panties & Garters... and my Favorite Garter Stockings

Apparently there is a great debate over which should go on top, the panties or the garter belt. To me, it's quite obvious:

Yes, it often looks sexier to have the garters on top of the panties, and that is absolutely fine if one is posing for a photo shoot or just putting them on in the bedroom, where one does not expect to be wearing them for any length of time. 

However, if you are actually wearing them, then the panties should obviously go on top. The first trip to the Ladies' Room will quickly prove this fact.

When with a Lady, if you want to remove the stockings first, as any gentleman should, you simply unhook the stockings and roll them down, perhaps with soft kisses upon the legs, feet and toes as you go.

I personally believe that the test of a man's experience and dexterity isn't whether he can unhook a bra, but rather whether he can undo a garter with only the flip of a couple fingers. If you don't believe me, watch the movie Bull Durham, and imagine me as Annie Savoy. I often do! ;-)

That being said, I personally prefer lace-trimmed garter stockings (seen at the right, also sometimes called "suspender hose") for everyday wear, and on my boys as well. They don't have the hardware of a garter belt, and are less binding/more accessible than pantyhose.

However, with these, whatever is on top is what will be removed first! Well, unless you want to cut off the stockings... and believe me, it has been done! Everything else holds true, so since they are being worn all day, or at least all evening, the panties go on top. Then all you have to do is slip down your undies when you go to the Ladies' (or, for you boys, the Gents'), and your panties also help control the "suspenders"- they do move around and stretch as you walk and sit. I, of course, require easy access to my property, and these leave a nice pretty lace "frame" around your (My!) package or buns, even when I have exposed them for my pleasure and potential use.

- Screen shot taken from my DVD of Bull Durham
- Calvin Klein Garter Stockings @ Bare Necessities

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Foot Worship Puppy Play

I had a yummy call tonight with a foot fetishist who is into puppy play. He loves the sound of flip flops and is the one who bought me my new Sole Sport Flips. They arrived yesterday, and we had planned for me to call him when they came in so that he could listen to me walking in them. I wasn't sure how much he was going to be able to hear me, even with the speaker phone on the floor, but I had a couple surprises planned for him as well.

I prepped by changing into my rosebud-trimmed chemise (a birthday tribute from one of my boys) and setting the flips and other toys in the kitchen, where they should make the most noise. I love wearing things that were tributed to me... it makes me feel sexy, pampered, loved and desired. I was also wearing panties that match the panties that I gifted to my jezi-girl, and the thought that everything I was wearing was tied to a boy was incredibly hot.

After calling him up, I slipped back into my flips, which I had also been wearing when I was cooking earlier. With the phone on the floor, I walked back and forth past it and then just started dancing in front of it. I have to admit that I was thinking about trampling a boy, and especially certain parts of him, while I was dancing. ;-) I know he gets off on the sound of flips, but the fact that I was wearing them just for him was driving him crazy, and I was having so much fun doing it that I was laughing.

Then I started playing with the chain leashes... first a regular weight one with a leather wrist loop, and then a heavier one with a nylon loop, and finally the collar and dog tags... talking about putting them on him and having him follow me around as I walked... pulling on his leash as needed. I kept jiggling them and jangling them, and he was in heaven... and I was getting wet just hearing how much it was all affecting him. As we got more and more into the sounds of the heavy leash and tags, I kicked off the flips and started hitting the floor with one of them. It sounded just like a paddle, spanking him... adding even more to both our excitement. I eventually went to just playing with the sounds of the heavier leash and dog tags, laughing at how much he was getting into it... and begging to be allowed to touch what he knows he can not touch without permission. 

Eventually, I took the phone, leash and tags into the bedroom, and curled up on my bed, still playing with them. I said that he was now lick my feet and clean then like a good puppy... and... well...  I think I'll leave it to your imagination from there. ;-)

Dreaming of a certain puppy curled up at my feet...


Thursday, May 20, 2010

What is your favourite way to mark a lover or submissive? With any level of permanence you choose?

I'm honestly not very much into tattoos, scars or branding, but I do love practical piercings. "Practical" meaning ones that I can play with or enjoy in some way: nipple piercings and PAs being my favorites so far. Captive bead rings or other sturdy hoop-styles are required, as I like to attach things to them.

I have a tremendous amount of fun playing with nipple piercings... they seem to invite my fingers and lips to them... not to mention putting bells on them, attaching nipple clamps, connecting them to a cock ring, etc.

PA's can be used (carefully) for a leash, to help better secure a chastity device, etc. It's a great way to mark a cock as mine, and to decorate it for my pleasure! I've found that a PA which fits such that the ring is flush when hard, with the bead making a nice nub, feels a-maz-ing on the g spot during rear entry, and I'd love to have a version that would work while facing. I'm curious about an apadravya for that. I like the "look" of it, but I haven't had the opportunity to experience one yet.

Of course, I also love marking boys with collars (including necklaces), cock rings, chastity and/or panties. Exactly what often depends on the boy.

Phone Training: The Tale of Two Foot Fetishists

I rarely do paid training calls, and when I do, I like to do them by appointment, and with "regulars". The more that I know about a submissive or fetishist, the more I can get inside his head. I really like growing that training/play relationship, and find that the more I communicate with a boy, the more I generally enjoy him.

I recently heard from two of my old foot worship regulars that I had not spoken with in months. I enjoyed both calls, but my feelings after the two calls were very different:

The first one came to me asking to buy my shoes and hose. I agreed and sent him the information, but once again, he did not send payment. I do have to say that he previously purchased a couple pairs of my shoes, but although he has asked several times, he has not followed through since. In the past, I've worn pantyhose and shoes specifically for him only to have him disappear and never claim them. I can get really turned on by wearing a specific piece of clothing, either to send to a sub, or that a sub has given me, but leading me on like that takes all of the pleasure out of it. This time I knew to wait for this payment (replacement costs for the items plus postage and handling), and well, of course it has never appeared. He also wanted me to call his cell directly rather than requiring him to go through the more expensive service to talk to me. (I like to use it for privacy and safety when I am first getting to know a trainee). I have no problem doing that with boys that I enjoy, and I would have happily called him after he had the shoes. However, when someone doesn't even follow through on his promises to me, why should I put myself out there for him?

The second call was with a foot fetishist who loves the sound of flip flops, and it really stood out in contrast to the first caller. This boy had really enjoyed talking with me before, but was unable to continue because he is on a fixed income. He's sensuous and respectful, but also very new and in need of training. We've managed to work things out where he can afford to call once or twice a month, and I'll still feel pampered and valued for my time. I don't mind calling him directly as it gives me more control over the call and how long we can talk. As his tribute this time, he gifted me with a pair of expensive Sole-brand Sport Flips (see the pic). I wanted something to wear while running around this summer which would both show off my sexy toes and give adequate customized support for my arches, and these fit the bill very nicely. I have the feeling that they will be making an appearance at a FemDom party very soon!

He also sent me a wonderful thank you email after the call, and we've been emailing back and forth a bit since then. I don't mind giving him my time because I know that he is sincere and doing his best in the light of his circumstances. And while he has less to work with, he follows through promptly on his promises.

I do have to say that doing the foot worship/training calls with the two of them has me hot, wet and well...back in the mood to do more phone work. If you are interested in scheduling a call, email me via Niteflirt: or contact my assistant at ForMistressMagick *at* yahoo *dot* com.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Email Address ~

I've set up a new email address for:
- boys not in my service who want to sign up to perform my assignments
- sending me email gifts & gift certificates
- scheduling paid time to chat with me.

It's:  ForMistressMagick *at* yahoo *dot* com

It's NOT linked to the one that I use for chatting, and is set up so that my assistant can check it for me and forward as appropriate. I've changed the email listed on my wishlists and such to reflect the new address. My current boys should continue to use the email address that they have for me, as it gives more direct access.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Merry Month of May ~

I still have new inquiries coming in regarding my Beltane assignment so I've decided to keep it open throughout the month of May. It involves edging, ritualized orgasm and decorating your Maypole for my pleasure. ;-) There is more info regarding the assignment logistics here:

If you are sincerely interested, send me your mail address, and I will email you the assignment.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kink-Colored Glasses: At the Post Office

It's interesting how looking at the world through "kink-colored glasses" changes your perspective on things.

For instance, I was standing in line at post office waiting to pick up some packages yesterday when I saw the poster on the wall for these new Animal Rescue: Adopt a Shelter Pet stamps. I would be willing to bet that no one else in that post office reacted to said poster by thinking: "I've got to get those for my puppies!", and if they did, they certainly weren't think about sending cards and notes to the human variety. Yes, I bought a pane of them. :-) I love cats, and so do many of my friends, so none of them will go to waste.

Then, as I was looking through my packages, I saw one from an unexpected address. A long distance pantyboy friend who wears the same style of everyday panties that I prefer sent me several pairs as a belated birthday surprise, adding yet another very wide grin to my lips.

It's lunch hours like that make me happy to be a Domme!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Summer Training Assignments

This weekend, I had the opportunity to work on my upcoming assignments, as well as to do some writing for my "Beginnings" book.

I've decided on the following holiday training assignments for this summer:

- Midsummer (Due by June 21) - A Fantasy Journaling Assignment inspired by A Midsummer Night's Dream.

- 4th of July/Bastile Day (For Either July 4 or July 14) - Dressing you in Red, White and Blue! ;-)

- Dog Days of Summer (Due in late August) - You guessed it! Woof! Woof!
Since I need to focus more on working on my Puppy Play book, you are likely to see lots of posts on this topic in the upcoming months, all of which should serve as nice teasers to get you ready to explore your puppy self.

- School Days (September) - Give out your crayons, kids, it's time to go back to back to school!
(As always, this assignment is for consenting adults only, of course!)

The Midsummer Assignment is ready now, as is the Puppy Play Assignment, for those who would like a head start on things.

In order to participate in any assignment, you will need to give me your email address so that I can send you the assignment. If you are interested, DM me on Twitter, Paypal me a small tribute with your address in the message, leave a comment here with a way to contact you, etc. The diligent sub may find other ways to contact me by exploring my links.

For more information on my assignments and how they work, go to:
Upcoming Holiday Assignments / Test Subjects Needed for Fetish Exploration

Friday, May 7, 2010

Foot Pics: Rose Toe Nails, Purple jezi-love Nightgown & Black Slingback Wedges

I was taking a few pics & thought you might enjoy them as well. ;-)

Aside from the bedroom, what is your favourite room to use a submissive in? Does the setting affect his tasks, or vice versa?

I would say vice versa: I choose the setting based on the task at hand, what furniture is required, etc.

My favorite room is actually the livingroom (although I've used the futon in my home office in many of the same ways). I keep kneeling cushions in the livingroom, and I love to sit or lounge on the couch or futon while you:

- Present yourself, kneeling before me wearing only your thong, with your collar in hand, ready for me to put it on you.

- Strip and model various thongs and cockrings, or panties, stockings, and other lingerie.

- Bring me water from the kitchen, and then sit on the other end of the futon, rubbing lotion on my feet as I work on my laptop.

- Massage my back as you kneel beside me. I stretch out as you work, relaxing into the couch, so that you can massage me more completely back and front.

- Sit on the floor in front of me, sucking my toes for hours. The couch is a nice height and provides back support as a use a free foot for leverage on your shoulder or against your hardness.

And I might also sit there working as you wait on me, dressed as a sissy maid or only wearing your thong. Enjoying you serving me, I occassionally look up or comment as you are cooking in the adjacent kitchen or cleaning and taking care of things around the house.

The livingroom also has the most space to move around for role play, etc. And to be quite honest, my favorite position works best on the couch. ;-)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Buy me on Amazon!

Or at least my blog!
If you have a Kindle, you can now subscribe:

Don't worry. The blog will still be here for free.
This is primarily a convenience for those who would prefer to read it on the go.

Monday, May 3, 2010

How do you deal with the stereotype of "Domme" and the overly commercialised perception of what female dominance is?

I admit that while I do find it frustrating, I've decided that the best way to deal with it is to simply be myself, educating those that I interact with as I can along the way.

I owe a lot to my friend, Auburn Goddess (Auburn Landry), in helping me better understand the fives styles of Female Dominance, and the submissives who match with each style. And I often use the information from her class in helping to explain it to others.

For those who don't know, I'm a Queen, meaning that I'm an loving and affectionate Domme, and I get my power from my femininity. I go toward being a Goddess (less affectionate) in formal scenes, and toward the Nanny (caring for my sub rather than him taking care of me) in times of stress. The type of sub that I seek gets his greatest reward from pleasing and pleasuring a woman.

Of course, the "Dommes" who are just in it for the money, and the "sub" who are really just bottoms wanting to be done exactly the way that want to done are always going to be there, as far as I'm concerned, they deserve each other.

What bothers me is having to wade through all the do-me bottoms to find the true gem who is not only a real submissive, but the type of submissive who "fits" the type of Domme that I am.

Ask me something worthy of a response. *Adults Only*

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