Saturday, January 15, 2011

Yummy Tease Video, Especially for Leg Lovers

She definitely enjoying teasing him so that she can take it all out of her date. Very tastefully done. I approve! ;-)

Hearing my Voice

My darling boy, ed cantor, is writing some feminization scripts for me to record. I'd love your thoughts and feedback on the first one:

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Do you have a favorite way to make a sub blush and feel his/ her place?

I have two:

1) I like to get a sub to admit his inner most desire to me.

2) To have him perform them, or admit to enjoying them for me, in front of others, under my direction. ;-)

Ask me something worthy of a response. *Adults Only*

Getting Ready for Valentine's Day!

My annual Valentine's Day assignment is almost ready. I'm just putting a few finishing touches on the first part of the assignment.

Email: ForMistressMagick *at* yahoo *dot* com to request it.

FYI - This is an excellent assignment for sissies, pantyboys and lovers of long, slinky lingerie to perform in order to apply to me. ;-)

Question for my non-US readers:

- What are your favorite "brick-and-mortar" places to shop for panties and/or lingerie? It's a plus if they have a website, but I'm only looking for companies where you would be able to go into an actual store in person.

Comment here, tweet @Mistress_Magick or email me your faves, and which country/countries the stores are located in.


Friday, January 7, 2011

January Assignment

Since this is a simple assignment, I have decided to include it here, rather than email it out. Other Dommes are welcome to have their subs complete it for them as well.
* * *

My January assignment is in honor of the Roman god, Janus, after whom the month is named. Often depicted with two heads, facing in opposite directions, Janus was given the power, by Saturn, to simultaneously see both the past and the future. He governs endings, new beginnings and the door that opens and closes between them.

It is important for all subs to have regular check-ins with their Dommes. The beginning of a new calendar year, this is an excellent time to look both back and forward at your long-term progress and goals regarding the growth of your submission and service.

This assignment has two parts:

1) Take some time to reflect on the previous year: What "firsts" have you achieved or experienced? How has your D/s relationship changed or grown? What are you thankful for? Proud of? Happy to remember again and again? Perhaps your wore panties for the first time, and are finding that you love it. Or you entered into chastity and are happy to see how it is deepening your service and devotion to your Lady? Or maybe you are happy to have found a Mistress, or other Lady to serve. Write a few paragraphs and/or make a list of your 2010 kink/D/s achievements.

2) Take some time to think on your hopes for the year ahead. What would you like to experience or to strive for this year? Do you want to focus on being a better sub in some way - by learning  new skill or by being more attentive? Do you want to try to go longer in your chastity? Or to write 1000 lines for the first time? If you want to be a better submissive or sissy, what does that mean exactly? Write a few paragraphs and/or make a list of your kinky/D/s desires/goals for 2011.

Submit your answers to your Domme for her review, along with a tribute* reflecting your devotion to her and thanking her for her time and attention.

If you are applying to me, or another Domme (and please remember that you should only apply to one Domme at a time - to do otherwise is disrespectful), your submission should be indicative of your true desire to serve and the sincerity of your application.

For me, your assignment is due via email (to me at: ForMistressMagick *at* yahoo *dot* com) by January 15. If you are postal mailing an item, or ordering something to be sent to me, indicate that when you submit your answers.

*As I'm moving later this month (my PO Box will remain the same), I would especially appreciate hardcopy Target gift cards and similar items.

I'll have a better idea of what household items I'll need a bit later, but I am sure there will be curtain rods, closet organizers and the like. (While this seem very "boring", every time I use my Ninja (food processor/blender) or external hard drive, I still think of the boys who gave them to me.)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ever passed out from an orgasm?

Passed out? No.

Been unable to move for half an hour after a full-body orgasm? YES!

Fallen asleep, feeling completely and utterly melted, after he has pleasured me again and again and again? H*ll, yes! I think it should always be that way. ;-)

Ask me something worthy of a response. *Adults Only*

Up all night doing nasty, kinky activities, you need a good breakfast the next morning to give you plenty of strength for round two... How do you like your eggs?

I usually have him cook me a Western/Denver omelet (made with ham, cheese and green/colored peppers - leave out the onions), with a side of fresh fruit. It makes me feel pampered while sticking to my diet.

Ask me something worthy of a response. *Adults Only*

Monday, January 3, 2011

Listen to Mistress Cum...

As my boys know, I can be *very* vocal, and mutiply so. ;-) However, I do generally save that aspect of serving me for my own personal submissives and lovers.

Around Yule, I got the evil idea to mic and record myself while being pleasuring by one of my personal boys. I cleaned up the recording to take out my boy's name, and I made sure that you can only hear me, but there is still over 15 minutes of me moaning, gasping and screaming, plus a nice, melty, "good boy" cuddle at the end.

I sent the .mp3 to my other personal boys as a Christmas present - I'm sure you've seen ed cantor posting about it, and, after over 3 1/2 weeks of chastity, my my jezi will be having her next release while listening to it!

It's available for purchase via Niteflirt, and I've already had a couple downloads:

You can also listen to it via phone here:

I'm also thinking of making it available directly.
Email: ForMistressMagick *at* aol *dot* com for info.

The description from the listing is below...

* * *
Have you ever wondered what I sound like when I cum?

Would you like to know how I use my personal boys when I have them sexually please me?

Wearing a mic, so that you can hear my breathing, moans, encouragement and screams (and not his), I enjoy MY boy for MY pleasure.

Be warned that while I try to describe things, at "certain times" there is not a lot of explanation except for my instructions to him. However, I am very vocal, and you should be prepared for several screams near the end.

Beginning when he is already going down on me, with two fingers in my pussy, I pull him up for sloppy kisses and tit sucking as he continues to finger me before finally rolling him over on his back to take what is mine!

It would be so easy to imagine yourself in his place. ;-)

And, of course, the appropriate answers to the questions are:

Q: My boy?
A: Your boy, Mistress.

Q: Whose cock?
A: Your cock, Mistress.

Q: Whose pleasure?
A: Your pleasure, Mistress.

You get the idea...

Make sure to stick around for the intimate afterglow and finish with a "good boy" for a job well done!

Why be a Humiliation Puppy? (And A Contest!)

I received the below in response to posting mutt's latest report, and my followup tweets requesting new ideas on how to humiliate him. It was a sweet response, and I'm sharing it here, with his permission to publish anything he sends me, because I think it will help others understand what he enjoys about being a humiliation puppy!

Speaking of which, while I've already givem mutt his next assignment, I'd still love some new ideas! Soooo...

Tweet or email me your ideas on how to humiliate mutt next, and I'll have him do the winner's task, complete with a full report!

The winner will get a special surprise from me! ;-)

As Mistress' puppy, mutt surely accepts that my owner uses mutt's reports in Your blog. The fact that Mistress is free to use mutt's texts as She wishes, sort of increases the excitement for mutt. This partly from being "used", and also this partly from the fact that mutt is happy to be of some benefit for his Mistress! ...

Yes, it would be especially humiliating to do commands made by another Domme or a sub. After reading Your posting at Your blog about mutt's report; I just happened to get into Mistress' Twitter. It was special for mutt, to read Mistress' question for ideas !!

Mistress, it was also very special to read Your paragraphs in the start of my report at Your blog:

"Before I first started playing with mutt a couple of years ago, I didn't think that I was into 'humiliation'. I don't like degrading boys in a way that approaches abuse, and I don't want to damage their psyche. However, if having him strip down, put on a dog collar with a personalized tag showing his submission (the clinking of the tag against the bowl reminds him of what it says), and do puppy things for me is "humiliation", then I'm all for it!"

mutt's comments:

1) Thanks for Your concern for mutt, Mistress!

2) For mutt is being Mistress' doggy, a way of getting relief, yes. But it is also a way of relaxing from the daily stress. By being Your doggy, I can put everything else away, and concentrate on something special: Being an animal for a Mistress, that take time and care to educate, putting in his rightful place, and to govern Her follower.

3) Without Mistress' assignments; I would have problems in relaxing from all the different demands from work and other parts of my private life.

4) mutt is enjoying humiliation! By being my Mistress, You are giving me a chance to use also this part of myself!

5) Since the assignments has to be done without Mistress being present, must the assignments have a "spike"! To do assignments is, as mentioned above, a way of putting the daily demands away for some time. If the assignment has humiliation / abuse, then it is a bigger chance for the assignments can have that function.

6) Summary: mutt is happy to be Your doggy. To be treated as a dog and given humiliating commands, is a way for me to relax from the daily stress, and to get sexual relief and joy!

All the best to Mistress,

Your mutt

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Need Help With Your 2011 Goals & Resolutions?

Perhaps I can help.

I have a "written punishments" trainee who writes essays and/or lines a couple times a month in order to reinforce his health goals. Assignments are G-rated and have included things like writing an essay of how he would continue to follow a healthy eating plan over the holidays and writing lines reinforcing his promise to achieve his weekly exercise goal.

The same techniques could be used to help you stay focused on meeting other goals such as: starting your own business, finding a better job, creating a better relationship with your mate, saving money, etc.

Writing lines can serve the same purpose as writing affirmations, in that they focus your subconscious on your goal, and prepare you to achieve it. They can also serve as a reminder of your goal when you stray from your desired course.

Research papers can be used to delve into the different aspects ot approaches to achieving your goal, while personal essays can be used to focus yourself on how you can meet the steps required to do so, including thinking through the specific changes that you need to make and working through the mental blocks which get in your way.

If you would be interested in a similiar personalized mentoring/coaching program with me along these lines, write to me at:
ForMistressMagick *at* Yahoo *dot* com

The lengths and types of assignments would vary based on your needs, and I would be willing to allow you to type assignments instead of writing them out by hand. The fee would generally be around $25/assignment, and I would only work with you in areas where I am familiar with what is required and felt capable of helping you focus on achieving your goals.

Naughty November Assignment, Puppy Style!

mutt is my European puppy. I don't usually post his reports because English is not his first language, but his Naughty November report is written well-enough to follow and very naughty, so I just posted it over at

Before I first started playing with mutt a couple of years ago, I didn't think that I was into "humiliation". (I don't like degrading boys in a way that approaches abuse, and I don't want to damage their psyche.) However, if having him strip down, put on a dog collar with a personalized tag showing his submission (the clinking of the tag against the bowl reminds him of what it says), and do puppy things for me is "humiliation", then I'm all for it!

I'd like to hear from my readers what other types of things you find "humiliating" and/or what you think I should do with my mutt next!

Email them to: ForMistressMagick *at* yahoo *dot* com

If You Would Like To Apply to Me...