Monday, December 16, 2013

UPDATED: 'Tis The Season...
For MY Holly-Day Assignment

I've added a few new pics and updates in BOLD:

My Holly-Days Assignment is the same as last year, with Three Levels of "Sissification".

I expect pantyboys, and many of those who are curious about crossdressing, to participate at Level One, whereas sissies will hopefully have the privacy for Level Three. There's also the option of starting with Level One your first year and then stepping up to Level Two or Three your second year.

Here are some previous-year reports from My azpanties, jezi, sophie and others for a bit of inspiration!

The assignment is available at:

Since I haven't made any changes, I'm not giving away free copies this year.

However, I have just reduced the price to 99¢ (or your country's equivalent) for the rest of 2013 as my holiday present to you! (Regular Price: $2.99)

* * * 
Want to do my assignment, but don't have a Kindle?

You don't need one. Amazon has FREE Kindle-Reader Apps and Software available for most computers and smartphones.
* * *

I've been talking with azpanties (Holly-Days Panties & Stockings pic above) and jezi about how they want to do the assignment this year since they already have Santa's Helper outfits. I had been thinking that those who have done Level Three before should at least buy new panties this year. However, some recent tweets from a FinDom named Mistress Poppy gave me an even naughtier idea!

I'm not a big fan of FinDoms in general, but this assignment reminded me of many of my own assignments. As most of you know, I love having my boys and gurls cocks decorated for my pleasure. And what better time to decorate your "package" but at Hanukkah/Yule/Christmas?

So one option that I am allowing for those who have done My Holly-Days Assignment in the past, or want to do it this year, is to combine the two, by decorating your package for Mistress Poppy's contest under your short Santa's Helper Outfit. While I don't recommend it, I might even allow shy subs to do it over their Holiday Panties. ;-)

The submission shown at the right (used by permission from the model, who wants to remain anonymous) was the winner of Mistress Poppy's Christmas competition last year. (I've blurred the sissy winner's teeny peeny a little in this version of the pic. I love the way that she's mounted the star on it, like a tree top!)

This year, Mistress Poppy has renamed the contest #poppyjjingleballs and another FinDom, @Angelina13x, is helping her with it while she's on vacation. Copy both of them when you submit your picture, also using the #poppyjjingleballs hash tag.

Here are the details:

All My subs and applicants have My permission to join in as long as you do My assignment as well. Mine should either be combined with it, or completed first, of course. I personally think that combining them will be the most over-the-top fun! ;-)

My sexy azpanties has now submitted his entry. This version is edited for my blog. To see the original in all it's yummy glory, click on the pic at left or go to: azpanties/status/ 412454481935093761/ photo/1

If you like it, please RT and/or favorite it. I know he's enjoying all the exposure. ;-) 

For the rest of you, tweet your pics to @poppy_mistress and @Angelina13x, using the #poppyjjingleballs tag to enter her contest. If there's anything I love more than dressing up my subs' packages, it's showing them off! ;-)  (The subs, not just their packages, although.... yum!)

And LOL! No, I do NOT think that decorating with mistletoe above your "package" is an appropriate for @poppy_mistress' task! Naughty girl!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Mistress Cock Ring

A sexy preview of the Cock Ring that 
I've ordered for azpanties' new 24/7 collar:
We're renaming it The Mistress!

Sophie's Review of the M&S Silk Cami is Now Up!

My sophie's review of the Rosie for Autograph Silk Camisole with French Designed Rose Lace is now available on the Marks & Spencer website (see below.)

As you may remember, I was inspired my the fact that other male users had reviewed the matching Silk Knickers, and allowed sophie to buy and review them as well. I think I'm going to make it a practice of having my subs review their sissy or kinky purchases whenever possible. It's a great way to show them off while also being of service to others with similar interests.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Men Love French Knickers
... & So Do Sissies!

A couple weeks ago, My sophie found these lovely Silk French Knickers on the Marks & Spencer website along with some very interesting reviews (shown below). She got a pair to wear for me, and now has the matching cami as well. My senior sissy, jezi, has also been looking for them in M&S stores, but has not been able to find them, so we think they must only be available online.

Since I have several reports to post from sophie, I'm including her shopping report and panty review below for others who may be interested in buying these yummy panties. Americans would call them "tap pants". I will continue the story with her later reports on

In addition, she has now posted her own review on the M&S website, for which I am VERY proud of her:

* * *
I came across several pairs of silk French knickers on the M&S website and thought they looked nice and feminine with a vintage style. As I started reading the reviews, I noticed that some of the reviews were by men! They seemed to be popular with them so I had to let Mistress know about them.

Review on the Black or Nude Silk French Knickers:

Review on the Dove Silk French Knickers:

Mistress asked if I would like to try a pair. I certainly did. I wasn't sure which colour to get, as they had granite (black), nude, dove (a kind of silver) or rose pattern. Mistress suggested the black as that is one of her favourite colours.

I went to the closest M&S store during my lunch break and wondered round the lingerie department, looking but they didn't have any in. It had been awhile since I had done any girlie shopping and being surrounded by all the lingerie and Ladies doing their shopping was very exciting and scary.

I had to go back to work so I headed back. I informed Mistress that I couldn't find any in-store, and She agreed that I should order them online and have them delivered to a store where I could pick them up. It was perhaps a good job that they didn't have any in as I started measuring myself. They looked so nice I wanted them to fit perfectly. I looked at the size chart and my hip size came out as a size 10! Normally I buy size 14, and they are sometimes a little tight. So check your sizing!

A few days later they had arrived at the store for me to collect. I went to pick them up on my lunch break. The sissy in me enjoys buying my girlie things, standing in queues with Ladies and having to hand them to the sales girls. I went to the desk and said to the Lady that I had come to pick an order up. "Okay, what have you come to collect?" she asked. I handed my order confirmation to her and she looked at it. It clearly said French knickers on it! She went off to get the package and came back and passed me over to another Lady, who put it through on the computer. It was only after I got back to work that I noticed that she had given me someone else's order receipt. I wonder if it was because she couldn't concentrate on what she was doing because she was imagining me wearing my nice new French knickers.

I didn't have time to have a look at them until bed time. I took them out and wondered if they would fit. They felt so nice, and I couldn't wait to try them on. Mistress had said I should try them on, on their own, and also with my padded kickers. I tried them on over my padded ones first, worried they wouldn't fit. As I put my legs through them and pulled them up, as I got to the tops of my legs, because the waist band does not stretch I had to squeeze my legs together. They seemed to fit perfect and stayed on my hips. With the padded knickers underneath them I couldn't really feel the silk, but they did give me a more girlie-shaped bottom. I then tried them without the padded knickers and again then fit fine.

I let Mistress know they fit and that I would like to wear them the next day at work in order to remind me that I am Her girl and to help me remember to be respectful to the Ladies at work. Mistress agreed, and I put them away until the morning.

When I got up for work, I put my new French knickers on. They felt so nice and made me feel girlie. They are so light, it doesn't feel like I am wearing anything, but I can feel the nice soft smooth silk. I spent most of the day imagining serving Mistress and the girls at work.

As mentioned, the waist (or hip) band does not srtetch so it is important to get the right size. As the description says, "sits on the hip and drapes beautifully on the leg." Because of this, I have to squeeze my legs together to pull them up and down. They are quite tight so they stay on the hips and don't fall down.

However, this also means that when you go to to the loo, it was impossible to pull them down enough to use the urinals properly without pulling your trousers and knickers down. At work or in a public convenience, this isn't a good idea, unless you want every one to see your pretty knickers! So you will have to use a cubical and sit to pee like a girl. This will give you the nice feeling of the silk going up and down and having to squeeze your legs together, reminding you that you're wearing ladies underwear. Of course your Mistress/Lady may like the fact that it forces you to have to sit to pee like a girl. [Your Mistress is smiling widely at this! ~ M]

And she may also allow you to buy the matching Camisole:

I like my knickers: I like the loose legs and as the description says they drape over the leg. They do feel a little similar to boxers, but of course they don't have a fly, which girls don't need, and they have the nice lace band at the front instead.

Mistress also sent me to buy a women's magazine while wearing my knickers. I went to the new agents and browsed through the women's magazines. I bought a Woman Style Special (shown at left).

I must have looked like a girl as I looked through only the women's section, looking through the make up tutorials, shoes and dresses. I felt like a girl, thinking "Ooh, I must read these!" "How to do smokey eyes", "Just add sparkle, instant updates from £5", "Party Outfits for Every Occcasion".

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sissy Rumba Panties #MMDay

My darling jezi-girl has just gotten a pair of Coquette Frilly Rumba Boyshorts (pics at right & below. (US Link) to match sophie's as a belated birthday present. To celebrate, I'm calling a sissy Rumba Panties #MMDay for today, Thursday, November 7!

All sissies, pantyboys, etc. are invited to join in. Just put on your best ruffled, rumba panties and tweet a pic or description using the #DailyPanties and #MMDay tags. If you don't use Twitter, email me the name you want to use and your panty pics and/or description, and I'll tweet them later this evening.

If you don't have a pair of rumba panties, it's about time that you got some! You can take part in the #MMDay by shopping for and buying a pair, either online or in person. I'd love to read your shopping reports, and might even post one on my blog.

If you would prefer I choose your panties, email me links or pictures for to up to 4 of your favorites, along with a tribute, for my final selection and approval.

If you'd like to get a pair of these to match sophie & jezi, here are the links again:
UK, Europe & Australia:

They also come in white, red and black, and are pre-approved by me in either pink or black!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cock & Cum Stuffing or Cranberry Cream Sauce?

It's Naughty November, and you boys and gurls know what that means:

It's time to decide whether you'll be eating "Cock & Cum Stuffing" or "Cranberry Cream Sauce" this year! 

Yes, when you're in my service, November is Fun with Food / Messy Masturbation Month. It's one of my favorite assignments and one that my subs love repeating. Here's a few assignment reports to give you a taste. ;-)

Cranberry sauce is looking like the choice so far this year: My new sissy, taylah maid, has already purchased hers (shopping pic above), as has my azpanties, and my jezi is planning her shopping trip as we speak.

All unowned subs/slaves are also invited to join in, and others can do so with their Mistress's permission. (Note: a penis is required, whether you call it that or not.) If you are curious about my assignments this is a great one to try, and also a fun way to apply to me, if that is your intent.

Just email: 
                     ForMistressMagick *at* yahoo *dot* com 

and ask for my Naughty November assignment.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Movember!

Now that Halloween has cum and gone, it's time for Movember:

Movember (a portmanteau word from moustache and "November") is an annual, month-long event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of prostate cancer and other male cancer and associated charities. ... The goal of Movember is to "change the face of men's health.".

It's important for women to support men in being healthy, so I'm encouraging all my boys, gurls, friends, readers and admirers to take part in Movember this year & help fight the good fight for men's health.

If you can't grow a mustache, you can still donate, tweet, blog and support the guys who do - as well as reminding them to go get regular checkups. To quote Carol Queen: "Bend over, boyfriend!" ;-)

- Begin by checking out my Mo Sista page at:
- If you enjoy reading my blog, tweets, etc., show your support by donating in my name using the "Donate To Me" link. The donation goes to the charities supported by Movember. (These vary by country.)
- Register for your own Mo Bro or Mo Sista page on your country's website.
- Finally, if you're not already on a team, please join me on The Stockroom's team by searching for the team name "thestockroom".

There is more Movember info in this great video by Stockroom's Director of Operations Shawn Gentry

While you're there, you might also want to check out some of the Stockroom's instructional videos on rope bondage & other kinky topics:

Speaking of which, if you're kinky and you don't know The Stockroom, you should:

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Amazon Updates

I've updated all my Male Service assignments on Amazon with new contact information and other small tweaks. If you haven't done so already, turn on Automatic Updating to get the new versions.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Defined Lines

Speaking of videos, I love this FemDom... I mean ...Feminist... Parody of Blurred Lines:

Direct Link:

Monday, September 2, 2013

Yummy Bra Ad with a Surprise Ending

ChasteHubby shared this video on Twitter a while back. I just saw it and knew that I had to share:

Direct Link:

Wondering what you saw? 

Watch the "Behind the Scenes" Video:

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"Blue Balls are the New Black: Edging 101"

I'm honored to have been interviewed for, and quoted in, this great new article on Edging by Hannah Miet (@hannahmiet):

Here are a couple of quick links for the readers who found their way here from

- My Blog Posts on Edging (including the Rules for a couple of Edging Games): Written Assignment Reports from some of my boys and gurls referring to Edging:

A lot of the assignments also include crossdressing, written punishments and other kink. Scroll down on the page for some of the reports from the more intense Edging Games.

- The published version of my Beltane Assignment specifically includes Edging, along with Penis Decoration, which is why it is referenced in certain posts. Here are some of the assignment reports:

I am very happy that she choose to quote my beliefs and philosophy behind Cock Control and my use of Edging instead of just focusing on the kinky stuff. For your reading pleasure, here is more of what I sent her in the email interview:

Q: In your perspective, what is the ultimate goal of edging?

A:  There are several different possible goals for edging, but ultimately I think they all come down to better utilizing sexual energy and heightening sensual and sexual pleasure. 

Edging is a way of training a man find his own "point of no return" (which is actually more like a cliff) and then learn to ride, or at least repeated get close to, the edge of it without going over. In doing so, he gains more control over his own body, and becomes a better lover, both for himself and for his partner(s). Edging while masturbating alone can help him focus on learning to listen to his body's messages telling him when he is getting close and needs to slow down without all the other input of being with another person. Then it can be translated into his lovemaking with a partner. In addition, it steps up his own masturbation sessions from a mundane routine to a deeply intense experience, simply by taking the time to really experience his own reactions and really feel them, edging several times, with or without a release.

I  have studied Tantric, Taoist and Magickal sexual beliefs and practices, and agree that a man usually loses energy (basically chi) when he comes. As a dominant woman, I also believe that a man's penis and his orgasm are ultimately for the pleasure of his partner, and they should be devoted to her (or him) whenever possible, whether physically, energetically or both. Too many men get into the routine habit of a few yanks and they are done. Likewise, they do this without any meaning or value. They waste tons of energy that could be put into deepening their own sexual experiences, pleasuring their partner(s), building a deeper relationship, helping around the house or even doing better in their careers. Edging builds this energy before releasing it, deepening the sexual experience and/or allowing it to be better channeled toward their partner or themselves. 

When I am playing with any long distance boy, I start training him to ingest his own cum, which is a way of reabsorbing the physical aspect of this energy rather than wasting it. Likewise, I have boys learn to thank me for their orgasms, and those who become mine may even say a special mantra devoting themselves to me as they masturbate, thereby sending me their unused energy, and building our connection. A lot of men don't realize that when they fantasize about someone or something when they cum, that that is where they are sending their energy. I do feel that energy does need to be allowed to flow and that orgasms are important for physical, mental and spiritual health, however, I believe in valuing them by waiting until a time when you can intentionally share or devote them with meaning to someone or something that is important to you. Therefore, I believe in short term chastity of days or weeks, but not long term chastity of many months or years. Edging is a way of building the energy, rather than letting it stagnate, until the right time.

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about #chastitystatus?

A: #ChastityStatus is a Twitter hashtag for males to use in reporting how many days they have gone without having an orgasm. Whether they touch or not, edge or not, have other sexual experiences or not, is up to them or their owner/partner/lover/Mistress/Master. They do not have to be locked in a chastity device, but many of those who tweet do wear devices. It is a method of support for those who are trying to save their sexual energy until an appropriate time for release, and it is a way for the male and/or his owner/partner/ lover/Mistress/Master to easily track his status.  Day 0 is the day that the orgasm occurs. Day 1 is the next day, and so on. 

Q: Can you explain how you use edging with "online only" boys and girls?

A: I use edging to teach my boys control, to heighten their own sexual experiences, as well as my own, and to exert my long-distance control over them. As a Domme, I love doing something and watching, hearing or reading about the reaction that I have caused. Knowing that I make a man hard shows my effect on him, knowing that he is yearning to touch but isn't because of he is not allowed shows my control, and having him stop so close, without doing the one thing every impulse in his body wants to do, shows the depth of it. Contrary to what some might imagine based on cultural pre-conceptions, I am a sensualist, not a sadist, and the edges that I like to push are with intensity and control, not pain. 

(Everyone that I play with is genetically male, primarily because I myself am straight. I do love the contrast of dressing up a hard man in softly, feminine lingerie, and delight in pantyboys. With my CD/TV/TS sisters, the closer they are to transformation, the more the play becomes less sexual and more about pretty clothes, makeup and cuddling. Often the gurls don't edge, unless it is by rubbing through panties or against pillows, because taking a cock in hand is such a masculine experience.)  

I practice something that I call Cock Control with my boys and gurls. This means not only controlling whether, when and how they can engage in any gratuitous touching (including when and how many times/for how long they are allowed to edge), and when they can cum, but also having them wear cock rings, chastity devices and/or panties for my pleasure, whether it be in the visual presentation or in the shared secret that they are wearing them for me. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Boys Need to Think on Their Feet & Anticipate Their Mistresses' Needs

Your job, as a sub, is to make your Mistress' life easier and more pleasurable. This doesn't have to be difficult, and you should get better at it as you get to know your Mistress, what she likes and how she likes it.

Something happened recently with a boy which I still don't quite understand. I assumed that any male, submissive or not, would know what to do and proceed to do it. Yes, I did assume rather than give specific orders, but this is one of those areas where it's just the normal thing to do, so you shouldn't need orders - or so I thought. I've debated over posting this because part of it is venting, but I've decided that it would also be a good lesson for anyone else who also needs a clue.

In this case, it was a sub who I had spent time with several years ago, but who didn't work out. He had contacted me, saying that his attitude had changed - that he had learned to focus on pleasing his Goddess rather than on himself - and wanted to try again. I wasn't so sure, but after some consideration I decided that it wouldn't hurt to at least meet as there were some aspects of him that I had enjoyed.

Said sub promised me a nice dinner as soon as he was able to do so, and knew that I wanted to go to a favorite steak place because I was craving their prime rib. Because of his work schedule and the distance between us, he said that he could only do dinner on the weekend. That was more than fine, however, it meant that we were going to this yummy steak restaurant, located in the plaza area attached to a large shopping mall, on one of the busiest nights of the week. This mall doesn't have a parking deck, and I knew parking might take a while and require a bit of a walk, as well as the wait at the restaurant itself. I confirmed that he knew where it was located, and then I called to confirm that they had the prime rib that night, and made reservations. After thinking about it, I also called to check on another restaurant, located only a couple doors away, that I also love. I was craving the second place's frozen, fruity drinks, and with the summer heat, I was considering whether I might prefer their lighter fare, but they were not taking reservations.

As it was nearing time for dinner, I realized that I was running late getting in the shower. I called and left him voice mail saying that I was going to be 15 minutes late - maybe more like 30 with parking. I knew he was already on his way, but assumed that he would use the time to find a good parking space and start making his way to the steak place to check on the seating situation. I didn't mention the other restaurant yet, as I felt it would be too complicated, and was still trying to decide which place I really wanted to eat... part of it really depended on the wait at the second place. I fully expected that he would be in, or near, the plaza by the time I got out of the shower. I have sent boys ahead to get a seat at a restaurant before. This time I was sincerely running late, but planned to call him, get a report and tell him what I wanted him to do from there.

He left me voicemail while I was in the shower saying that he was on the way and had gotten my voicemail. I called him back after I got out of the shower to check in on things. I asked where he was, and this is what I truly do not understand: He said that he had gone to the mall, but had only been able to find a space way out on the perimeter. He had been sitting in his car (Goddess only knows why!) and had gotten hot, so he had moved his car to a parking lot a mile away, on the other side of the freeway, and was just sitting there, waiting, in the shade!

I told him to get his butt back over to the mall and find parking, to check the other restaurant that I was interested in and get on the wait list there if the wait wasn't too long, but first to call the steak place and move the reservation later (as a backup) since it was already past time for our reservations. This is all stuff that he should have already been in place for and able to do. He said he didn't know the number for the steak place, so, a bit exasperated,  I said fine - that I would handle it. Sitting there in my towel, I used my smartphone to look up the number and called to move the reservation. Later, over dinner, he mentioned having a smartphone with the same OS as mine, so he could have called just as easily as I did, and not wasted my time while I was trying to get dressed. As one of my better boys said when I told him about this, even if you don't have a smartphone, use 411. "That's what phones are for!"

I quickly finished getting dressed and went over to meet him for dinner. Parking took some patience, but I was able to find a space on the same side of the plaza as the restaurants and closer than expected.

Just as I was parking, he called me and said, "We have a problem." I asked what was wrong. He said that there was some sort of performance going on on the plaza (it was just some local bands playing) and, that he couldn't find any parking! I told him I had literally just parked close to the restaurants, and that he just needed to be patient with it. I walked by valet parking as I approached the restaurants, so asked the attendant if it was available and how much it was, and then I called and told him that it was there if he needed it. Next, I went by and checked on both restaurants - getting on the waiting list, with a beeper, for the second one, and took a seat on the plaza just outside of it to listen to the music and wait on him.

Now, I ask you what is wrong with this picture?

After this happened, I asked several boys to make sure that I wasn't expecting too much:

  • They all agreed that for any date, whether with a Mistress or not, they would have parked close by and would have gone to the restaurant to check on things.
  • Some of them would have also offered to pay for the valet parking for me if I needed it, assuming that they saw it or knew that it was there. 
  • They all would have found a way to contact the restaurant to change the reservation and would have found the number to call on their own, either by searching from their phone or by calling information. (If he wasn't sure about the exact restaurant name or street address, he could have easily asked me, and I expected him to do so if he needed more information on either restaurant.)   
Most of all, they agreed that it was their place to make things easier for me, and that they would have done the best to take care of things while they were waiting on me. And that they would have done their damnedest to make sure that I was not stuck waiting on them. 

The main issue that I see here is a lack of initiative on the part of the potential sub. If you are applying to be a personal service submissive, you should be thinking ahead and suggesting or doing things to make your Mistresses' life easier. Instead, he sat there and did nothing, which, by default, put it on me to take care of things. To make matters worse, he wasted my time by actively moving away from things rather than moving forward to handle them.

Also, sometimes I am also too nice. In retrospect, I should have made him call and handle the reservations, both beforehand and when moving the time. 

Obviously, I have not seen this boy again, and don't have any plans to do so. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Blogger TOS Update

You may have noticed that all the adult ads on my blog are gone. Blogger sent out the following email late last Wednesday: 

You are receiving this message because you are the admin of a blog hosted on Blogger which is identified to have Adult content.
Please be advised that on June 30th 2013, we will be updating our Content Policy to strictly prohibit the monetization of Adult content on Blogger. After June 30th 2013, we will be enforcing this policy and will remove blogs which are adult in nature and are displaying advertisements to adult websites.
If your adult blog currently has advertisements which are adult in nature, you should remove them as soon as possible as to avoid any potential Terms of Service violation and/or content removals.
Sincerely,The Blogger Team

I haven't decided yet if I am moving my blog, and, if so, where. 

I will try to keep everyone updated, but if it suddenly disappears, look for me on Twitter:       

Monday, March 4, 2013

Are you Ready For St. Patrick's Day?

I'm looking forward to having you boys and gurls wrapped in ribbon again for me this year. If you haven't already, begin by downloading my St. Patrick's Day Assignment from Amazon.

And don't forget to report in for approval once you have your ribbon(s).


Want to do my assignment, but don't have a Kindle? You don't need one. Amazon has FREE Kindle-Reader Apps and Software available for most computers and smartphones.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Riding Crop Winner!

I'm happy to announce that...

the "classy and fabulous" 

Angela St. Lawrence 

is the winner of the 

"Tease Me" Satin Heart Riding Crop Whip 


I hope she enjoys it. She's definitely good at whipping boys into shape! :-)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Californication: "It's a Cock Cage"

In Season 6, Episode 5 of Californication, Marcy puts Stu in a cock cage to punish him for cheating on her.

This looks like the CB-6000 Designer Line Chrome Edition*:
 (UK Link)

Direct YouTube Link: 

Next, she heads out to dinner with her girlfriend, leaving him locked. But first, she puts some girl-on-girl porn on the TV and gives him a LONG, HARD kiss goodbye. ;-)

* Knowing how well hung Stu is supposed to be, I'm surprised that she didn't put him in a Curve!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Win a Lovehoney Satin Heart Leather Riding Crop

Did you  have a "Spanking Good" Valentine's Day?

If not, maybe this "Tease Me" Satin Heart Riding Crop Whip from is just what you need to spice things up or take them to the next level.

Two ways to enter:

1) Add a comment on this blog entry regarding Valentine's Day and/or kink. Make sure to include a way to contact you (email address; Twitter, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, CollarMe or Fetlife ID, or blog URL) if you win.

2) Tweet or RT the following: 

Win a Satin & Leather Riding Crop from @Lovehoney_com & @Mistress_Magick: 

Optional: for a little fun, add one or more hashtags (#kink, #sextoys, #FemDom, #WhipMePlease, etc.) of your choice.

One lucky winner will ride away with this new toy.  

You may enter once via each method between now and midnight EST on February 28th. Shipped free within the US or UK.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Review: Lovehoney's Happy Rabbit "Natural" Rechargeable Silicone Vibrator

Review: Happy Rabbit Natural Rechargable Silicone Vibrator
             (UK Link)

As many of you know, I'm a Bunny Lover. I go through tons of batteries while enjoying my personal long distance boys, and I've been thinking about getting a rechargeable so I was very excited to receive this Happy Rabbit Natural Rechargeable Silicone Vibrator ( Link) from

This gem is a quality addition to Lovehoney's selection of Rabbit Vibrators (UK Link), including their own line of Happy Rabbits (UK Link).

Priced about $50 - $100+ less than most other rechargeable rabbit vibes, I was impressed from the moment that I opened the box. The white designed sleeve slides off to reveal a lidded storage box, inside of which are the bunny, directions, a drawstring storage bag and the appropriate wall charger for your country (US or UK).


  • Three motors (one in the rabbit and two in the shaft)
  • Just two, easy, push-button controls: the dot for the rabbit and the line for the shaft
  • The bunny (clit) vibe has three escalating speeds.
  • The shaft has five different patterns for a variety of sensations, including varying pulses and waves. 
  • Push each button to cycle through its options or hold it down to turn that part off.
  • Quietly discreet, but very strong, especially the shaft.
  • Almost seamless, and made of high-quality silicone.
  • Covered charging port, for the included wall charger. 
 Check out the great videos here to have a listen and view all the features in action.

I was completely impressed with this bunny - no detail was overlooked - however, I did find that the shape of the Natural wasn't quite the right "fit" for my anatomy. It's a bit longer/pointier and smoother than the other two, and I suspect that the G-Spot or Realistic would work better at hitting all my "spots". But that's another great thing about Lovehoney - their Free, No-Questions Asked Returns Policy (UK Policy)!

Here are all three Love Honey Happy Rabbits side-by-side to help you decide which one will fit you best:

G-Spot (UK Link

FTC Disclosure: I am a and affiliate, and I received a Happy Rabbit Natural Rechargeable Silicone Vibrator from: free for review. I received no other compensation, and the above is my honest review of the product which I received.  

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Gifts for A Spanking Good Valentine's Day - on SALE

As always, has a nice Valentine's Day sale.

One of my favorite gifts from my personal boys is this Red Leather Heart-Shaped Paddle that my johnj got me a couple years ago. Normally $46.00, it's on sale for $35.50.

Lovehoney now carries their own Bondage Boutique version, which comes with a matching Leather Blindfold for only $37.99.
(£22.99 at

Or, want to make a real impression... on his ass! Check out this Three Hearts Impression Paddle - only $19.50 at Stockroom.

Free Sexy Slave Lingerie Set worth $29.99 when you buy any 2 items from Hustler LingerieSpeaking of blindfolds, is also giving away a Lingerie & Bondage Kit, including a satin blindfold, lacy knickers and two wrist restraints with faux pearl detailing, when you buy Her (or yourself) two pieces of Hustler Lingerie. (UK Link).

Like your bondage a bit more serious? There's nothing more romantic than these matching Black Leather with inset Hearts Collar, Blindfold, Wrist and Ankle Cuffs. The matching paddle doesn't seem to be available anymore, but my favorite heart paddle above works just as well for completing the set.

Prefer a shiny red and black set with a posture collar and waist cincher? Save $92 on this Firecracker Patent Leather Restraints Set!

See more of what's on sale at's Valentine's Day sale:

And check out more of the special offers at
Free G-Whizz Vibe worth $28.99 when you spend $60 on Dreamgirl LingerieGet something lacy and prepared to please Her with this G-spot vibe.

UK Link
Enjoy 10% off Rene Rofe Lingerie  Lingerie doesn't have to be expensive, and it's even better with 10% off.

UK Link
Enjoy 10% off Sweet Streak Lingerie Looking for a sexy corset-style bustier or a naughty nurse costume? Sweet Streak has the perfect one on Sale!

UK Link
Free Tracey Cox Bullet Vibe worth $24.99 when you spend $60 on Seven 'til Midnight lingerie Extra-long bullet vibe packaged in a discreet gift tin.

UK Link
6 free Magic Cock Rings when you buy a TENGA Flip Hole Enjoy yourself alone using a space-aged TENGA Flip Hole, and spice things up when you're together with these FREE cock rings. Flip Holes are  state-of-the-art masturbation devices for men that look and feel like no other male sex toy ever made. One-handed control with three buttons for control individual massaging and sucking actions to choose from. Features include sensual silicone sleeves, varied internal texture and squeezable pads that let you adjust the suction, pressure and intensity during play.

UK Link

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sissies, It's THAT Time of Year...

When you can buy all sorts of sexy lingerie and convince everyone that it's for your wife or girlfriend. 

Whether you're doing My Valentine's assignment or not, just...
Remember the rules: 
You MUST spend at least as much pampering Her as you spend on yourself. 
And that goes double for your Mistress!

Photos taken by me @ my local Target. ;)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Slick-quid, not Sticky!

I was very excited to receive samples of Sliquid lube. In reading about their products, I am very impressed by their attitude and emphasis on using ingredients that are healthy and help a woman retain her natural balance. All of their lubes are paraben and glycerin free, common ingredients in lubricants which can cause burning and irritation in those with chemical allergies or sensitivities. The one issue that I should mention is that I was surprised that all their flavored "Swirl" lubes contain aspartame, an artificial sweetener which can be deadly for those with phenylketonuria (PKU) and may cause headaches, seizures and other issues in those who are sensitive to it. For this reason, I did not test any of their flavored lubes and can not recommend them. However, the problem of artificial sweeteners in lubricants is an issue for other companies as well, and I'm still very impressed with all Sliquid's non-flavored lubes.

My favorite of the samples was Sliquid Satin, and I received a small bottle to continue my "testing". It's thicker than their H20 lube, so it stays on better when I apply it on toys. Not only am I using it for intimate fun, I also found that it's the perfect lube to use with my kegel balls (which are the original Fun Factory Smartballs shown at left - click here for the UK link). I found them uncomfortable until I learned that they need to be worn with copious amounts of lube. Now I love them and ... well... try wearing them in a rocking chair or glider. Oh my!

Sliquid Satin reminds me of the original Astroglide in it's clarity and consistency, and the way that it is made to resemble a woman's natural lubrication. But it's 1000 times better: not only is it made from natural ingredients, it also doesn't dry sticky! I even tried applying some to my arm just to test it. After it dried, it first felt like there was still a bit of a smooth coating, but then even that dried away and it just felt slightly softer. Very nice!

Sliquid Satin's formulated so that it can also be used daily as a Personal/Vaginal Moisturizer and Lubricant for those of us who have dryness due to age, health issues or medications. Only a few drops are usually needed, and it's clear, smooth and easy to apply.

Yes, it's a condom-friendly, woman-friendly, natural (and even vegan-friendly!) lubricant and moisturizer that doesn't dry sticky. What more could any woman want!

And now you can enjoy 10% off on orders from the Sliquid Shop with the discount code:

NEW Code: 

In addition, for a limited time, you can get a FREE 8.5oz bottle of Sliquid Silk Hybrid Lubricant (2011 packaging - a $22.99 value) with any purchase $24.99 or higher!

FYI - Sliquid also has a boys' lubricant line called Ride Rub. It includes a quality Silicone Lube and a truely yummy Silicone/Water-based "Silk" Hybrid, as well as their "Stroke Oil".

Stroke Oil contains a blend of sweet almond oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, sunflower seed oil, macadamia nut oil, jojoba seed oil, mango and shea butters, with vitamin e and just a touch of silicone (dimethicone). The pantyboy tells me that coconut oil is his favorite for anal play. Since I got so many goodies, I decided to share the Stroke Oil sample with him for "testing". It isn't condom friendly, but makes a decadent, unscented, super slick massage oil, and it is great if you want a natural oil-based lube for male masturbation or anal play.

I personally want to try more Sliquid products, and their warming lube,  Sliquid Organics Natural Sensation, is next on my shopping list! I wonder if one of you boys would like to get a large bottle of it for me while I can still get a free bottle of their creamy Sliquid Silk Silicone/Water-based Hybrid Lubricant with the purchase. 

Remember to use the NEW discount code:
to get 10% off on orders from the Sliquid Shop

FTC Disclosure: I am a Sliquid affiliate, and I received an assortment of Sliquid sample packets and a small bottle of Sliquid Satin free for review. I received no other compensation, and the above is my honest review of the products which I received.   

Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Revised Valentine Assignment Will Be Free For Download on Tuesday!

My Valentine's Assignment has been updated for 2013, and will be FREE for download on Monday Tuesday* only:

*I originally scheduled it for Monday, but the date has been updated to Tuesday. I guess that I didn't allow them enough lead time.

The cover pic is of the panties purchased by one of the boys who did the assignment several years ago. He purchased two pairs and let me pick. Of course, I had to extend the assignment so that he could wear them both!

If you're interested in applying to me, my monthly assignments are the way to do so, but whether you're doing the assignment for me, for your own Mistress or own your own, I'd love to know that you're doing it. Email me and let me know. The more, the merrier!


Want to do my assignment, but don't have a Kindle? You don't need one. Amazon has FREE Kindle-Reader Apps and Software available for most computers and smartphones.

If you downloaded it last year, you'll need to delete that version from your Kindle Library (even if are just using the reader software) and allow it several minutes for everything to update before you'll be able to download the new revised version. The best way to do this is to go to the "Your Account" page on Amazon. In the "Digital Content" section, select "Manage Your Kindle". You should see a list of all the items you've downloaded, and will be able to delete it using the dropdown box beside it.

The free download starts after midnight Pacific Time (usually around 12:30 am because of processing time) on, and runs for approximately 24 hours. Exactly when it starts and ends on your local Amazon website depends on the processing and update time required by the Amazon systems.

NOTE: Free Download Day is also Beta Test Day. The book will display differently on different devices and readers should let me know (ForMistressMagick *at* Yahoo *dot* com) if you find any issues.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

"Dick Heads" in Chastity

I love chastity training and play, but I get tired of boys and gurls who use pics of themselves in their chastity devices as their user icon. If I can see your dick and/or balls, these are still cock shots, and I honestly don't want to see it unless/until I am considering whether I want to make it Mine. And showing it to me first thing will ensure that it will never be! This kind of pic is all about your ego and your needs, and doesn't show any desire to get to know me or what I like. We tell you guys again and again that you should never send pics like this unsolicited, and that includes not making them your user icon.

You should also not push them on a Domme when you are asking Her to take you back, which is what a sub recently did to me, supposedly to show me his new device. In response, I tweeted:

“boys – pics of your device while you’re wearing it are still cock shots. Have some class: use/send a pic of just your device.”

The following twitter exchange inspired this great blog post by Tom Allen, which you should all read:

What the sub should have done was send me a link to the device on the manufacturer's website, but only after I actually requested it. If it's a custom device, then he could also send me a pic of the device when he wasn't wearing it. Next time you have your device off for cleaning, arrange it nicely on something and take a photo. Simple. This also makes a great user pic for chastity sites such as this one (also including a pair of his panties) which I approved for use by Simple Twist:

You can also see it on his profile here:

I also think poor locked has an ingenious user icon (showing a champagne cork held in place by it's wire cage), but duplicating him is not the idea.

I do appreciate boys who at least try to be more tasteful. @carumbad uses a photo of himself in a chrome-finish CB device which is taken close up/cropped to show his numbered lock. The device is opaque, which helps a lot, and I imagine this was a pic for his keyholder showing the number on his lock. It is much better than others, although it still shows more of the balls than I like to see in a user icon. An idea to correct this might be to take a pic while wearing panties or sexy briefs on and holding them down in front just far enough to show the lock. Any other ideas?

If You Would Like To Apply to Me...