Saturday, December 7, 2013

Men Love French Knickers
... & So Do Sissies!

A couple weeks ago, My sophie found these lovely Silk French Knickers on the Marks & Spencer website along with some very interesting reviews (shown below). She got a pair to wear for me, and now has the matching cami as well. My senior sissy, jezi, has also been looking for them in M&S stores, but has not been able to find them, so we think they must only be available online.

Since I have several reports to post from sophie, I'm including her shopping report and panty review below for others who may be interested in buying these yummy panties. Americans would call them "tap pants". I will continue the story with her later reports on

In addition, she has now posted her own review on the M&S website, for which I am VERY proud of her:

* * *
I came across several pairs of silk French knickers on the M&S website and thought they looked nice and feminine with a vintage style. As I started reading the reviews, I noticed that some of the reviews were by men! They seemed to be popular with them so I had to let Mistress know about them.

Review on the Black or Nude Silk French Knickers:

Review on the Dove Silk French Knickers:

Mistress asked if I would like to try a pair. I certainly did. I wasn't sure which colour to get, as they had granite (black), nude, dove (a kind of silver) or rose pattern. Mistress suggested the black as that is one of her favourite colours.

I went to the closest M&S store during my lunch break and wondered round the lingerie department, looking but they didn't have any in. It had been awhile since I had done any girlie shopping and being surrounded by all the lingerie and Ladies doing their shopping was very exciting and scary.

I had to go back to work so I headed back. I informed Mistress that I couldn't find any in-store, and She agreed that I should order them online and have them delivered to a store where I could pick them up. It was perhaps a good job that they didn't have any in as I started measuring myself. They looked so nice I wanted them to fit perfectly. I looked at the size chart and my hip size came out as a size 10! Normally I buy size 14, and they are sometimes a little tight. So check your sizing!

A few days later they had arrived at the store for me to collect. I went to pick them up on my lunch break. The sissy in me enjoys buying my girlie things, standing in queues with Ladies and having to hand them to the sales girls. I went to the desk and said to the Lady that I had come to pick an order up. "Okay, what have you come to collect?" she asked. I handed my order confirmation to her and she looked at it. It clearly said French knickers on it! She went off to get the package and came back and passed me over to another Lady, who put it through on the computer. It was only after I got back to work that I noticed that she had given me someone else's order receipt. I wonder if it was because she couldn't concentrate on what she was doing because she was imagining me wearing my nice new French knickers.

I didn't have time to have a look at them until bed time. I took them out and wondered if they would fit. They felt so nice, and I couldn't wait to try them on. Mistress had said I should try them on, on their own, and also with my padded kickers. I tried them on over my padded ones first, worried they wouldn't fit. As I put my legs through them and pulled them up, as I got to the tops of my legs, because the waist band does not stretch I had to squeeze my legs together. They seemed to fit perfect and stayed on my hips. With the padded knickers underneath them I couldn't really feel the silk, but they did give me a more girlie-shaped bottom. I then tried them without the padded knickers and again then fit fine.

I let Mistress know they fit and that I would like to wear them the next day at work in order to remind me that I am Her girl and to help me remember to be respectful to the Ladies at work. Mistress agreed, and I put them away until the morning.

When I got up for work, I put my new French knickers on. They felt so nice and made me feel girlie. They are so light, it doesn't feel like I am wearing anything, but I can feel the nice soft smooth silk. I spent most of the day imagining serving Mistress and the girls at work.

As mentioned, the waist (or hip) band does not srtetch so it is important to get the right size. As the description says, "sits on the hip and drapes beautifully on the leg." Because of this, I have to squeeze my legs together to pull them up and down. They are quite tight so they stay on the hips and don't fall down.

However, this also means that when you go to to the loo, it was impossible to pull them down enough to use the urinals properly without pulling your trousers and knickers down. At work or in a public convenience, this isn't a good idea, unless you want every one to see your pretty knickers! So you will have to use a cubical and sit to pee like a girl. This will give you the nice feeling of the silk going up and down and having to squeeze your legs together, reminding you that you're wearing ladies underwear. Of course your Mistress/Lady may like the fact that it forces you to have to sit to pee like a girl. [Your Mistress is smiling widely at this! ~ M]

And she may also allow you to buy the matching Camisole:

I like my knickers: I like the loose legs and as the description says they drape over the leg. They do feel a little similar to boxers, but of course they don't have a fly, which girls don't need, and they have the nice lace band at the front instead.

Mistress also sent me to buy a women's magazine while wearing my knickers. I went to the new agents and browsed through the women's magazines. I bought a Woman Style Special (shown at left).

I must have looked like a girl as I looked through only the women's section, looking through the make up tutorials, shoes and dresses. I felt like a girl, thinking "Ooh, I must read these!" "How to do smokey eyes", "Just add sparkle, instant updates from £5", "Party Outfits for Every Occcasion".

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