Thursday, October 29, 2015


Before Halloween last year, Alice in Bondageland was looking for a boy to f' a pumpkin "for science" ... well, actually for a new video of hers.

Pumpkin fucking is one of those things of myth and legend, but I wondered: Would a guy really do that? How desperate... or drunk.. would a he have to be? Would he even attain the... umm... desired result?

@azpanties lives too far away from her for me to volunteer him, but I decided that we needed to do a little research of our own!

I watched him on cam while he setup, cut a hole in the pumpkin, got himself hard and finally went to town. I do have to say that boy has some serious hip action! Let's just say that watching him really got me going as well! ;-)

It was so much fun, I've decided to make it an annual tradition! I'm also thinking about publishing instructions, but course, we need a lot more research first! ;-)

So far, I've decided it's best to leave the top on and the seeds inside for sensation! Just like #Cranberrying, it sounds weird, but I hear that it can actually feel kind of moist and yummy! "Wet and messy" - another term for sploshing or food play - certainly seems to apply!

Kicking things off this year is a new boy from Twitter, who I've dubbed "cuckypantyboy". You can read his full Shopping Report and Pumpkin Fucking Report on

So, who's next? ;-)

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