Monday, November 28, 2011

Locking, Leather Chastity Shorts

Tonight, I had andrew writing lines in locking, leather chastity shorts like these, and I just had to share. Details, with explicit photos of how they work:

I have to admit that I often find locking clothing to be silly, and if I've seen these before, I probably just dismissed them. While I love the look and smell of leather, I wouldn't have a boy in these while serving me in private as I like to have him accessible, and in softer, more sensual fabrics of the sort that I like having close to my body.

But these would be great for him to wear while serving me in public, at a party, or for enforcing my ownership and keeping him focused when I leave him working around the house while I go out for a few hours.

What I find most exciting are the way that they turn him on while at the same time making sure that he can't touch, and, in this case, reinforcing the feeling of being held in my control while he was writing his lines:

"Thank You for having me write while secured in chastity shorts. Even the idea is very exciting, as You know. They're very secure, I can't even feel Your cock through them.

I changed in to the leather chastity shorts as instructed, pulled Your cock through the hole and strapped it in. I placed the thick leather shield over it, zipped up the front, and fastened the waist and leg belts."

Very sexy!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NOT Cranberry Sauce

One of the boys doing my Naughty November assignment saw these on the shelf next to the cranberry sauce. Obviously this sauce is NOT suggested for your Fun with Food adventure. Ouch!

Speaking of Messy Masturbation Month, even though Thanksgiving is Thursday, it's still not too late to join in on my November assignment. Email:
     ForMistressMagick *at* yahoo *dot* com
now and request it!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cupping Your Balls & Reminding You of Me
(Wearing Panties For Your Mistress)

From the script for one of my favorite movies, Bull Durham:

She pulls something from her handbag and hands it to Nuke. A pair of WOMEN'S RED PANTIES, with lace and frills.

ANNIE: I want you to wear these on the road trip when you pitch.

NUKE: What?

ANNIE: They'll fit snugly against your balls in such a wonderful way that you'll start seeing things differently -- plus they'll remind you of me which is better than thinking about those nasty hitters.

~  From:
(Apparently, in the original version, she gives him panties to wear, not a garter belt (as shown). I love both!)

I first started having boys wear panties, especially black lacey ones, because I love the way that they look - nicely decorating both the buns and bulge - covering the package while inviting me to touch and play. ;-)

But I've found that having a boy wear them when away from me adds another aspect - teasingly reminding him of my ownership and control. And, yes, whether nervous or excited, I love knowing that he's wearing them for me - our little secret.

andrew (who also sent me the quote above), put it so well in an email today that I just had to share it:

I'm excited to wear only feminine panties, it's been something like 6 or 7 weeks since I last wore my male underwear, and it's all been put away in a drawer; I haven't even seen a pair for well over a month.

It's a constant reminder, having to make a selection, report to you each morning, keep them laundered (I have fewer panties in rotation than I used to have male pants). They're more delicate and I can't just throw them in the washing machine with my jeans -- like I would have with my cotton boxer briefs -- so they take more looking after and of course that's a secondary responsibility and reminder, because there are almost always some panties hanging to dry. I'm not having to handwash them though, so I can be grateful for that.

For me, I enjoy the feel, all the styles feel different under my clothes, a constant reminder that I'm dressed differently. But of course, best of all is, I'm doing it for You [and nobody else knows]. It's one of the connections we have, Mistress.

It's made me wet just writing about it, I've just had to lick up some pre-cum.

Your boy

Nuke in garters:
Self-portrait in panties by My boy, andrew

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dommes are like Priests...

I just said this to a boy and had to share it:

(Apologies in advance to any Catholics or anyone else that I might offend with the next comment.)

Mistresses are like priests, you must confess to them for your own good, but there is also a certain level of confidentiality required. That, and sometimes we like to do very naughty things to our boys! ;-)

The difference is you have less control over what we say about you, and more consent over what we may do to you!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's Only Two Weeks Until Thanksgiving...

And time for boys everywhere to help me celebrate with a little Food Fun!

In my training, November is Messy Food Masturbation Month.

So what will it be these year: "Cock and Cum Stuffing" or "Cranberry Sauce Cream"?

Either way, your assignment report is due on November 30, so email:

ForMistressMagick *at* yahoo *dot* com

now and request it!

Curious, but unsure? Here are a few reports from last year to give you a Taste:

- Paxo Stuffing:

- Canned Cranberry Sauce:

- Cranberry Sauce in a Glass Jar:


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Mistress Moans"

My silly, wonderful #1 boy, johnj rewrote the J. J. Cale song "Mona" for me. While certain lines might make even me blush, I had to share it:

Mistress Moans
 ~ Adapted by johnjWP from "Mona" by J. J. Cale

Mistress, She cums on a Saturday
She gives me plenty of lines
She cums in my bed, gets in my head
Makes me feel alright
Makes me feel alright

Mistress, She cums on a Sunday
She cums on into the night
Mistress, She cums on my fingers
To keep my spirits high
To keep my spirits high

Mistress, She brings me no money
She brings me no food
All She brings is Her sweet, sweet love
Makes my afternoon
Makes my afternoon

When daylight falls on my window
Another night's come and gone
I always know 'cause I'm feeling so low
Mistress, you know She has gone
Mistress, you know She has gone

* * *

And, yes, of course he wrote it for me - 10x!

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