Monday, June 28, 2010

#MMDay #2 & Last Week's Panty Shopping Report

Today was Comfy Black Panties Day. Like a good boy, when I asked ed to get a pair of black panties, he got three different styles for me to choose from. Today, I selected the comfy black cotton bikinis because I was tired from the weekend, and I liked the idea of wearing "comfort panties", like comfort food, rather than sexy panties. 'Course, they all feel sexy to him because he isn't used to wearing them yet. I love the way that even the simple ones cup him and tease him, continuously reminding him of me, as he goes about his day.

Today's yummy-as-ever report is here:

Speaking of good reports, here is his informal Panty Shopping Report from last week:

I tried looking at a department store at first, Mistress, I guess because the lingerie department would be larger, but it was rather uninspiring. There were lots and lots and lots to choose from, and I did see some okay things, but nothing that really captured my mind. I think I will go back, for another attempt, another time perhaps.

I decided to venture into the mall itself, into the La Senza store. I don’t know if you have these stores – they are/were sort of a Canadian version of Victorias Secret – so much so that I think VS bought the chain.

This setting was much more, well, to use my word from before... inspiring. It was very pretty and girly and lacy and even smelled of perfume. But it ended up being much more challenging, as most of the panties seemed to be either collected on large tables in the middle of feature layouts, or in elaborate displays with matching bras. I had to do a lot more touching and sorting of panties, in a lot closer quarters with more attentive salesgirls. I’m sure VS is the same, but they always have such cute girls there, always pretty and petite, all surly wearing their own products, all pushed up, with tops open to show at least a touch of this lacy camisole or that, with tight black pants with no visible lines at all.

In the end, I found three pairs that I chose to buy – they were on sale, three pairs for $25 – LOL.

The first is a bikini style, black lace, with a kind of ruffled lace trim, actually with a detail of pink in it. The lace has a backing or liner at the “package” Mistress, to hold me in as you liked.

The second is a black lace thong. The lace is kind of a wide band at the waist and in front, with a bit of lining. There is not as much to hold me in, Mistress, but I did think that the thong would be a sissier feeling… as well as avoiding panty lines….

The third is a simple, black, cotton and lycra bikini pair, Mistress.

I got them all in extra-large, and when asked at the cashier if I needed a gift receipt, I forced myself to say “no.” I’m sure I was blushing stupidly, and I could barely look up as I paid, but I made it…

They have been transferred into a very nondescript bag and they are forming the start of my “drawer” here, Mistress….

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Decorate Your Flagpole for MY Pleasure

on the 4th of July! The assignment is ready and has been mailed to current submissives. Email ForMistressMagick *at* yahoo *dot* com if you want to join in.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What is #MMDay?

Oh my, what a yummy day!

Mmm... where to begin...

I recently ordered my boy, ed cantor, to begin filling a drawer at work with items that I might direct him to wear or use for my pleasure. Unlike jezi and bella, who would enjoy wearing panties every day even if they weren't wearing them for me, ed doesn't crossdress for himself. His crossdressing, like all of his submission, is whatever his Mistress desires, and the motivation is purely to please and delight Her.

On Tuesday night, he purchased the first items for his drawer: several pairs of black panties, in different styles. Today, I decided to deflower his new drawer by having him wear the sexiest pair of them for me. I also realized that my gurls were in sexy black panties today, and I decided to open it up and invite anyone who wanted to join in.

You know that I really get off on the control and worship of having boys and gurls around the world do my assignments for me, and this is just a new twist on that. So I'm going to announce #MMDay's on Twitter whenever the whim hits me. Obviously, #MMDay stands for "Mistress Magick Day", however I am tending to think of them as "Lacy Black Panties Day" or "Cock Ring Day" or well... Whatever I Desire Day. ;-)

All my readers are invited to follow along and join in (obviously some tasks will require having male anatomy). To participate, you need to:

1) Follow me on Twitter:

2) Begin building a drawer of goodies. So far, all you need is a pair of lacy black panties. Make these classically sexy, but not slutty.

Some other items that I'm considering for the drawer:

- A basic cock ring, that you can wear for an extended period of time. I prefer the solid O-rings in rubber or metal for this.

- Black, lace-trimmed stockings & garter belt, stay-ups or garter-stockings that go well with your black lace panties.

- A matching black lace softcup bra, for those who can get away with it.

- Virginal white satin panties with delicate trim

- Frilly femme pink girlie/sissy panties

- Slutty red panties.

- Basic black cotton panties.

- A pack of thin maxi pads

- A small butt plug

3) When I announce an #MMDay, respond on Twitter, including the hash tag "#MMDay", indicating that you are wearing the directed item. I'd also love to know how it feels and how it is effecting you mentally and physically.

By clicking on the hash tag in your tweets, you can also search for it, which will return the recent tweets including that tag. In that way, you can see the tweets from everyone who is participating regardless of whether you follow them.

#MMDays will occur at my whim, and to suit my desire.

* * *

ed cantor will be posting edited verisons of his #MMDay reports in his Tumbler blog. The first ultra yummy one is at

I also love reading quality, detailed reports from other submissives, and post the best ones in my blog at:

For those wishing to apply to be, a tribute for my time is also strongly suggested.

Both can be sent to: ForMistressMagick *at* yahoo *dot* com.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer Solstice and the Dog Days of Summer

First of all, Happy Daddy's Day to all of the Daddys with little girls & boys (of any age) that they love, protect and treasure. :-)

Tomorrow is the Summer Solstice (Jun 21 2010 at 7:28am EDT), and, yes, that means that your Midsummer Night's Dream assignment is due.

My 4th of July/Bastille Day assignment should be ready to send out later this week. In it, you will decorate your "flagpole" for my pleasure, so that I can enjoy thoughts of all you be-ribboned boys, being reminded and teased by thoughts of me, as I celebrate the holiday. I haven't decided yet if there will be any special "twists" to the assignment. If you have any suggestions, do feel free to let me know. ;-)

My "Dog Days of Summer" assignment is also ready for all you aspiring puppies. It's not due until August, however I know some of you are eager to get an early start on it. I also have a special tribute picked out that I would like from one of you puppies to add to my toybag. (If you decide to get the set for me, let me know so that I don't wind up getting duplicates.)  I'm really looking forward to playing with all my new puppies.

Don't forget to contact me if you would like to take part in either assignment. They are designed to be a sampling of the fetishes and kinks that I enjoy with my boys. While you do not have to be one of my boys to take part, I am also finding them an excellent way to screen potential new submissives. Doing an excellent job on an assignment is the best way to get yourself noticed if you do desire to apply to me for training.

Photos:  Red, White & Blue Bow  Brass Bone-Design Collar & Leash Set

Friday, June 18, 2010

Q: When you think of the idea of "showing off your boy" do you prefer the idea of taking him out in public collared and leashed, with other secrets hidden beneath street clothes... or having him serve totally, wearing even less, before a chosen few?

A: Actually, it’s usually somewhere in between. I love the idea of the hidden secrets underneath, but to me that is a different type of stimulus…something that makes me quietly smile or gets me all wet, knowing how it privately reflects my control over him.

Hmmm… though tweeting about it is showing him off, as are the yummy glimpses of our intimate conversations that we sometimes share with others on Twitter. I love retweeting jezi’s panty reports, and also commenting on the yummy feelings that I get while wearing or using various gifts and tributes from my boys and trainees. While the actions might be in private, talking about how much my boy pleases me is definitely one area in which I enjoy showing him off.

One of the key factors is interacting with people whom I know or who might comment back. I also really enjoy “controlled exhibitionism” (which might be a better description of the seen portion of your first example), but even in that, I want to be able to see and feel the response of the watcher. A lot of the pleasure that I receive is actually in knowing my/our effect on others.

When looking for a personal submissive, I want someone who will make me proud of him… who I can enjoy showing off. He is intelligent; interesting; confident in his skills, but not cocky/arrogant, and acts like a gentleman, ‘though he has enough of a naughty steak to indulge, and sometimes inspire, my more adventurous ideas. ;-) He is eager to help others when it is appropriate, but he doesn’t put them ahead of my needs. He can keep up his end of a conversation with my friends, who range from college dropouts to PhDs.

Here are some examples of my favorite real life ways of showing a boy off, most of which I have enjoyed with more than one of my subs:

  • Loaning him out as a demo model for an instructor (whom I trust) who is teaching something that he enjoys or is curious about.
  • Having him show off/teach/demo/share his experiences with specific fetishes/kinks, such as having him show off his chastity device and how it goes on and off for friends at a party, and discussing with them his experiences in wearing it.
  • Having him serve me at a party or event, or even model in a fetish fashion show, in clothes that I have picked out for him.
  • Loaning him out to help with setup or taking down for an event.
  • Leading a boy around an event, asking others to play with the bells on his nipples, or chastity, or having them each take a turn while I am giving him a spanking. Basically, asking/allowing them to take part in teasing or playing with him, and comment on it while I enjoy both their reactions and his.

Some more specific memories:

  • Having him serve at a party that I am hosting – greeting guests, putting away coats, helping with the food table, getting drinks, etc. Wearing his chastity key on a necklace, clearly visible near my heart, “knowing” friends notice and congratulate me on the new boy. One of them, noticing that his collar does not have a lock, asks what the key is for, and I indicate that it fits something a bit lower. ;-) (Mmm…taking more private pleasure in the memories of him pleasuring me beforehand, and then cleaning and setting things up while I showered, dressed and answered last minute calls and emails.)
  • Sending him ahead to SRO classes at a national BDSM event while I network in the hall. Coming in, saying “thank you, but no” to the guys who are offer me seats, and even the one who offered me a place on his lap, carefully moving past the folks sitting in the aisle, giving him a small, un-needed gesture as I get to him, and then taking his seat as he drops down to sit on the floor at my feet.
  • Wowing the International Leathermen at Folsom Street Faire, calling others to come look and one guy even dropping to his knees at the size of my boy’s cock.
  • While vending at another kink event, the organizers decided to keep the vendor room open later, through dinner, to allow for more shopping time. He took the initiative to take pizza orders from the various vendors, place the order, collect the cash, greet the delivery boy at the door and distribute the slices, also getting drinks for those who needed them.
  • Going in to setup for that event, he carried several boxes that I can only carry one-at-a-time, stacked very high, through the vendor room. My private pleasure was in turning around and seeing all the boxes there without my having to ask or wait or do anything. The pleasure in showing him off was in the approval of others, especially when a girl that was there by herself, representing one of the lingerie vendors, asked if she could borrow him. I was quite happy to oblige.
Events like that really stand out in my mind, and bring a smile to my face years (even over a decade!) later, but they aren’t necessarily the ones that you can script ahead of time. The right kind of boy does them because that is who he is, and then I find myself both wonderfully surprised and very happy to show him off.

Ask me something worthy of a response. *Adults Only*

Monday, June 14, 2010

Formspring Question: hey sxc i fuk u hard and lick ur feet ;)

Instead of simply deleting this, I decided to use it as a teaching tool.

1) As a writer, I do not allow text-messaging-style phonetic spellings. I find them incredibly lazy, and they do nothing to show me that you are intelligent enough to be one of my boys "Old school" internet abbreviations (LOL, etc.) are acceptable, and everyone commits typos now and then, but show me that you can spell.

2) Only an idiot would proposition a woman in such a manner. I'm only interested in boys who show that they are sincerely interested in serving me, and that begins with treating me with respect.

Serve, Service, Servitude?
(Guest Essay by Ms Lyn)

The below essay is reprinted with permission from Ms Lyn. I believe it should be read and carefully considered by every aspiring submissive, or anyone else who is presenting themself as having a desire to serve.

* * *

What do you mean when you offer to serve?

What do you mean when you offer to be of service?

What do mean when you offer yourself in servitude?

Do the answers to these questions bring up visions of you being bound helplessly while being exquisitely tortured, teased to the verge of orgasm?

Do you envision some Amazon Goddess sporting a huge strap-on taking you anally?

Do you envision yourself prancing around in some French Maid Costume and being asked to provide oral service to a Mistress?

Do you envision some woman squatting over your helplessly bound body "forcing" you to serve her orally?

Do you envision being put over her knee and spanked like a naughty little boy?

Yes, nice visions aren't they? However, not one of those visions is the definition of "serve", "service" or "servitude". Oh, I'm sure you consider them to be just that, but if you check your dictionaries you won't find any mention of French Maid Costumes or bondage or strap-ons or oral sex or any other fetish you may enjoy.

In fact you won't find any mention of fetishes at all in the definitions.

Serve is defined as:
  1. to work for, be a servant;
  2. to act in a specific capacity;
  3. to place food before, wait on;
  4. to be of assistance to.
Service is defined as:
  1. the occupation or duties of a servant;
  2. the act or means of serving;
  3. duties performed as an occupation.
Servitude is defined as:
        Submission to a master; slavery.

When you offer to serve a FemDom, what you are offering (or should be offering) is the surrender of your control. You should know her well enough to trust her with your life. When you offer your servitude to her, you are telling her that you trust her judgment, you trust her to keep you safe from harm, you trust her to know what is best for both of you, you trust her decisions and desire to follow her orders and obey her in all things. Your offer of service is your ability to let go of your ego and your free will (control) and allow her to control you.

Serving is, first and foremost, the act of making her life easier. It is compliance with all her desires, wishes, and orders. Yes, BD/SM and fetish play more than likely will be included as part of the relationship. But overall, the D/s aspect of the relationship will be where you have turned your control over to her and do as she says. It is about pampering her and catering to her.

Everyday life will be part of this, for most people do have to work, bills do have to be paid, people need to see doctors occasionally, and dentists. Then there are family get togethers, family emergencies, social gatherings with vanilla friends and also with D/s friends. For the most part, life will seem pretty vanilla, but there will be one difference. IF you have truly submitted, then your actions will be measured by how your Mistress would feel about it. Your decisions will be based upon what you are allowed or not allowed to decide without her permission. You will treat others with respect, but especially other women. You will consider that your actions would reflect back upon your Mistress and therefore act in a manner that would make her proud of you. There may be other constant reminders; she may insist you wear panties under your clothes at work. But you will always remember that you have submitted to her and will honor that commitment.

How can you serve your Mistress - what are the ways? Here are some suggestions:

  • Make sure her home is clean and neat.
  • Make sure her clothes are clean and neat.
  • Prepare her favorite foods for her.
  • Prepare her bath.
  • Rub her feet after she comes in from working all day.
  • Offer her a massage if her day was very stressful.
  • Offer to do her manicure and pedicure.
  • Have her favorite music playing or find her favorite show or movie on TV.
  • Surprise her with flowers.
  • Serve her coffee as soon as she gets up in the morning.
  • Ask what clothing she wants laid out for her.
These are just a few of the ways you can serve her once you have been trained in what she wants and likes. Don't be afraid to use your imagination to surprise her (provided of course that she has no problem with you doing this occasionally).

A happy, contented, pleased, relaxed woman is a woman who will then have no problem torturing you, using you, or even indulging you with a fetish or two that are your favorites…………just to show you how much she really appreciates your service and submission to her.

So, what are you offering?
 1) Personal service only (oral, massage, bathing)?
 2) Play sessions only (spankings, facesitting, strap-on, whippings, cbt)?
 3) Domestic service only (household chores, errands)?
 4) OR are you offering her the whole package?

These are the things you need to be clear about in your own mind first and foremost before approaching a Mistress and offering to "serve" her.

 * * *
Reprint only with the permission of Mslyn:

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Show Your Submissiveness on International FemDom Day ~ July 24

NOTE: There is now a Fetlife Group for FemDom Day.
A Domme in St. Louis has declared US Femdom Day as July 24, and is asking for other countries to declare their date. For more info on the St Louis event:
Shirts from them with the image below:,437225209

Obviously not everyone is going to go to St. Louis on July 24, especially not just for an evening munch and play party. (We do that locally every month!) However, the list is giving me a few great ideas:

First, I do really like the idea of all the various Female Dominance groups across the country and around the world agreeing to host similiar events in their areas on a specific date next year. I've confirmed that the date will be 7/24 every year, in order to honor the depth & devotion of 24/7 relationships.

Secondly, a submissive on the list asked the Mistresses for help in selecting a symbol for submissives to wear 24/7 on that day in order to show their submissiveness and reflect their desire to serve an agreeable Mistress. His rather yummy idea was for all the submissives to go to a bookstore or coffee shop where the Mistresses could then easily identify them based on the symbol, and select from them if they so desired. (Why do I see that becoming a favorite new fantasy for many of you? ;-) )

I'd like to take that idea to an international scope and suggest a symbol for all uncollared* subs everywhere to wear on July 24, 2010, and to celebrate it each year to come. Even if there were actually no Mistresses around, they would still be going about their day wondering if anyone would notice and would know what it was. I love the thought of so many subs walking around all day in nervous compliance... some hiding it a bit, others eagerly showing it off... wondering... waiting... hoping...

It needs to be something subtle, but symbolic.

My thought... My Assignment, even... is for all subs to wear a rubber band around their left wrist all day on July 24:  a vanilla item, a bit unusual, but easily explained, yet very symbolic of the collars, restraints, chasity devices and/or cock rings that they might one day hope to wear for their Mistresses.

*Collared subs would need to ask permission to join in, and would probably need to wear their collar or other symbol of ownership. However, we could also have them do special things with their band, such as:
  • Wear a rubber band, or a special wrist bracelet, made in our house color.
  • "Twap" their wrist with it if they think of a certain thing, or at certain times, etc.

If you like this idea, help spread the word by sharing this link:

I'll update this post as needed. I'd also love to hear from all the subs who are joining in.

Looking forward to July 24!

Mistress Magick
And, yes, this is just the sort of thing that I love to do in my training assignments, except that you boys would probably be wearing it around your cocks! ;-)

PS - I love the suggestion of pink for sissies, and, of course, purple ones for subs who would like to honor me with their bands. I now have one of the Office Max has Rubber Band Balls with Pink, Purple & White bands. I really like the purple color, and they fit my wrist nicely. The pink ones seemed a bit tighter. (My wrists are a bit big for a woman, but I'm not sure how they compare to a man's.)

If subs within the US would like to PayPal me at least $1.50 for shipping, handling & Paypal fees, and their mailing address, I can have my assistant send one to you. (We'd need to check on international rates.) Specify pink (CD/pantyboy/sissy), purple (in Honor of Me) or virginal white. ;-)  I'm more likely to include a personal note if you add a tribute, but it's certainly not required.

For those in Australia, Smiggle has balls of colored rubber bands in single colors, including all purple, pink or even black. Briefly borrowing from the Hanky Code, the black ones would be great for masochists. And, yes, I am aware that I used left instead of right for bottoms/submissives. Quite frankly, I've always felt that the code was backwards. In most people, your left side is your receptive side, and your right side is your sending/doing side. Hmmm... I wonder if the originator of the Hanky Code was left handed.

* * * 

From what I've read, you seem to favor intimate, sensual, personal service from your submissives. Do you also enjoy making them scream, beg, ache and cry? Do you like to humiliate and torment them?

My dear boy, you know that it is my greatest delight to make them ache with need until it fills them so that they can think of nothing else. I love watching/hearing their reactions... and knowing that I have created it in them. Begging to touch... begging to please... begging to cum... and making them wait and beg more, until I am satisfied. Screams of pleasure and intensity... tears of cathartic release. Sensual torment reflecting my power and control over them, and feeding my own warm wetness and deep pleasure. ;-)

I used to believe that I did not like humiliation, because I would never wish to do anything to psychically scar a sub, but making him face his fears, and having him show how far he will go for me is quite another matter. If role playing as a dog, or going panty shopping for me is humiliation, then I *love* humiliating my boys. If dressing him in a certain fashion for my delight or having him serve me at a party is humiliation, then I deeply desire and enjoy it. If owning and using him when and how I wish is humiliation, then yes, he is MINE!
Ask me something worthy of a response. *Adults Only*

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Collar Shopping & Puppy-Colored Glasses

I've been shopping for a training collar for a new puppy, and I had to share some of my favorite finds.

Like my new "Dog Days of Summer" assignment, I started out looking for a plain black leather collar. I have a fetish for black leather, so I generally require that of all of my new puppies. I don't like spikes and studs as I don't find them the least bit submissive, and some of the sharper spikes are even potentially dangerous, so I generally require that the collar be plain to further show their submissive nature. However, this week I saw several collars with cute designs which I would also find acceptable for the assignment, as well as for my boys & girls.

My Favorite Leather Collars with Bones or Paw Print Designs:
These help emphasize that the wearer is a puppy/doggie rather than just a general submissive.
With Rhinestone Bones for the Femme & Fabulous Puppy:

After looking around online, I decided to check my local pet stores to see if any of them had leather collars with bone or paw print designs, or something similiar that I might like. I didn't find the collar that was looking for, but I did fall in love with these dog bowls from Bellas Bowls, in Copper Metallic:

After the pet stores, I headed to a couple department stores for other items, which is when I realized that I still had on puppy-colored glasses: I saw towels with paw prints and immediately thought of my new subpuppy and my upcoming assignment. It wasn't until later that realized that I wasn't even sure if they were dog prints or cat prints!

A day later, after dinner tonight, I saw a license plate frame with a paw print design in the parking lot, and my mind was right there again!

Obviously I'm really looking forward to both training my new puppy, and to reading the reports from my "Dog Days of Summer" assignment. :-)

Contact me to take part in my new Puppy Play assignment. (New subs and puppies can email: ForMistressMagick *at* Yahoo *dot* com.) I'm looking forward to celebrating the "Dog Days of Summer" as you explore your Puppy-Selves.

Collar with Bone Design:
Bella Bowl:

Thanks for the Quote!

Thank you to Darling Nikki Nines for quoting my post, "Pseudo-Subs: Fantasy Wankers" in her post "So, You Want To Be A Submissive Male, Hmm?" at I love knowing that my writing has impacted someone enough that they feel moved to comment on it or to write a piece of their own. I'm especially happy in this case because I believe that this is the first time that my work in this blog has been quoted, as opposed to the writing that I do in other areas of my life. It's nice to know that my voice here is important and starting to be heard/read.

FYI - I did notice a few typos while reading them in the quote, so I have corrected them in the original post.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

June Assignment: A Midsummer Night's Dream

My June assignment has been emailed out. If you are interested in joining in, and have not received it, email ForMistressMagick *at*

This one is actually a simple fantasy journaling assignment. There's nothing to buy (except the tribute), and no planning or prep (except making the time to write). I thought I would start the summer with something simple and easy... although it may not be as simple as it sounds. It can be difficult to open up and let your fantasies flow if you are not used to doing so. However, journaling is an important task for a submissive, in that it better allows your Mistress to get inside your head, and it may even lead to her finding new ways that she enjoys playing with you.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pseudo-Subs: Fantasy Wankers

"Mistress, I'm only here to please you. Will you do x to me?"

"Yes, Mistress, but will you do x with z and then do k?"

"Mistress, but, will you do x, y, z, k & c to me? I am only here to please you."

Top sign that you might be a Fantasy Wanker:
Do you keep changing the conversation or redirecting it back to your own desires/fantasies?

Real Submissives focus on their Mistress' desires, revealing theirs as she is interested in hearing them. It is her job to weave them into their play in ways that they can both enjoy.

Fantasy Wankers focus on their own desires, but think that their dreams should automatically be a "service" to a Mistress, because it is in their fantasy. In reality, She may have no interest in that activity whatsoever. These are often the guys who should go to Pros, in that they are expecting a service: to have their fantasy acted out exactly as they desire.

Many Fetishists can fall into this category, in that they need their fetish to be done in a very exact way in order for them to enjoy it. Even though they may be very sincere, they aren't actually submissives because they aren't submitting to the desires and service of their Dom/mes.

That being said, sometimes I do enjoy that type of Fetishist if they are respectful, and if I share their kink, such as foot worship, crossdressing or certain types of role playing. However, they do have to be flexible enough for me to enjoy playing with them, and respect the value of my time. I can really get into and enjoy planning a fantasy and experiencing their reaction to it, however I am still performing a service for them, rather than having them serve me, as I might desire something completely different that day. As such, I do expect them to tribute for my time and attention, especially since they are not able to give the level of service and devotion seen in a true D/s relationship.

If You Would Like To Apply to Me...