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Show Your Submissiveness on International FemDom Day ~ July 24

NOTE: There is now a Fetlife Group for FemDom Day.
A Domme in St. Louis has declared US Femdom Day as July 24, and is asking for other countries to declare their date. For more info on the St Louis event:
Shirts from them with the image below:,437225209

Obviously not everyone is going to go to St. Louis on July 24, especially not just for an evening munch and play party. (We do that locally every month!) However, the list is giving me a few great ideas:

First, I do really like the idea of all the various Female Dominance groups across the country and around the world agreeing to host similiar events in their areas on a specific date next year. I've confirmed that the date will be 7/24 every year, in order to honor the depth & devotion of 24/7 relationships.

Secondly, a submissive on the list asked the Mistresses for help in selecting a symbol for submissives to wear 24/7 on that day in order to show their submissiveness and reflect their desire to serve an agreeable Mistress. His rather yummy idea was for all the submissives to go to a bookstore or coffee shop where the Mistresses could then easily identify them based on the symbol, and select from them if they so desired. (Why do I see that becoming a favorite new fantasy for many of you? ;-) )

I'd like to take that idea to an international scope and suggest a symbol for all uncollared* subs everywhere to wear on July 24, 2010, and to celebrate it each year to come. Even if there were actually no Mistresses around, they would still be going about their day wondering if anyone would notice and would know what it was. I love the thought of so many subs walking around all day in nervous compliance... some hiding it a bit, others eagerly showing it off... wondering... waiting... hoping...

It needs to be something subtle, but symbolic.

My thought... My Assignment, even... is for all subs to wear a rubber band around their left wrist all day on July 24:  a vanilla item, a bit unusual, but easily explained, yet very symbolic of the collars, restraints, chasity devices and/or cock rings that they might one day hope to wear for their Mistresses.

*Collared subs would need to ask permission to join in, and would probably need to wear their collar or other symbol of ownership. However, we could also have them do special things with their band, such as:
  • Wear a rubber band, or a special wrist bracelet, made in our house color.
  • "Twap" their wrist with it if they think of a certain thing, or at certain times, etc.

If you like this idea, help spread the word by sharing this link:

I'll update this post as needed. I'd also love to hear from all the subs who are joining in.

Looking forward to July 24!

Mistress Magick
And, yes, this is just the sort of thing that I love to do in my training assignments, except that you boys would probably be wearing it around your cocks! ;-)

PS - I love the suggestion of pink for sissies, and, of course, purple ones for subs who would like to honor me with their bands. I now have one of the Office Max has Rubber Band Balls with Pink, Purple & White bands. I really like the purple color, and they fit my wrist nicely. The pink ones seemed a bit tighter. (My wrists are a bit big for a woman, but I'm not sure how they compare to a man's.)

If subs within the US would like to PayPal me at least $1.50 for shipping, handling & Paypal fees, and their mailing address, I can have my assistant send one to you. (We'd need to check on international rates.) Specify pink (CD/pantyboy/sissy), purple (in Honor of Me) or virginal white. ;-)  I'm more likely to include a personal note if you add a tribute, but it's certainly not required.

For those in Australia, Smiggle has balls of colored rubber bands in single colors, including all purple, pink or even black. Briefly borrowing from the Hanky Code, the black ones would be great for masochists. And, yes, I am aware that I used left instead of right for bottoms/submissives. Quite frankly, I've always felt that the code was backwards. In most people, your left side is your receptive side, and your right side is your sending/doing side. Hmmm... I wonder if the originator of the Hanky Code was left handed.

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  1. i love the idea. In fact, my Mistress (blmtrsne) had a simular idea for years now, but she limits the use of Her slave to helping out another Mistress (carrying the bags f.i.). On the other hand She would love to have a sign 24/7/365, because She wants Her slave to be an asset to the whole Femdomworld. She was also thinking about a form of feedback: after the first recognition, the slave would have to hand over his registration number (mine is 000-733-561 @ or his owners e-mail so the work done could be commented.

    Of cource: just a thought for the future, we'd be glad if this first day is a huge success. I have been ordered to make some publicity and will go to the local Starbucks (Antwerp) wearing a Rubber Purple Band for now.

  2. "subs to wear a rubber band around their left wrist all day on July 24"

    I know this is kinda out of the blue but the "traditional" flagging side for bottoms and s-types is the right...not the left. Just sayin...

  3. Here's some help with that poll too...

  4. @slrn - I'm glad to see you joining in. Give my regards to your Mistress.

    M. Magick

  5. @boiJen - Thanks. I've known about the hanky code for atleast a decaded, however, I have always disagreed with the left as top/right as bottom aspect.

    Energetically speaking, left is usually the receptive side and right is the sending & directing side. Being someone trained in energy work, I decided to go with what has always felt right to me.

    M. Magick

  6. WOW! You guys rock! That would be such a great idea!

    Since I founded the only Femdom group I know in Israel, I guess I can declare 7/24 our Femdom Day.

    I really, really like the idea of having boys go to coffees or the such to be met by the Ladies. Hopefully many enslavements can be made that way, many happy couples can meet, and I too can see how that can also turn on many people even on a fantasy level.

  7. This sissy was checking online and discovered several places where one could create those rubber braclets that everyone is wearing.. In pink of course, custom made with sissy all over. than wear that out to the coffee shops and such on 7/24. They can be made for $1 apiece and i bet they would sell like mad.. of course it will not be in time for this year . but just the thought .. ohh .. makes my silly head spin..

  8. @boiJen

    I agree that for "standard" flagging the object is sub when on the right. As I read the OP I could only think that it should be on the right wrist not the left.

    I also do not disagree with the concept of dominant energy being on the right side.

    However, I believe that re-inventing a well worn and widely used system is/would be very confusing.

    My own male sub wears a bracelet as My "public Collar" - on his right (submissive) wrist.

  9. I will help promote this in the San Francisco Bay area. I agree that the simpler the better, plain rubberbands on the right or left wrist determined by roles. If anything else shakes out regarding organizing, please contact me on fetlife, littleone94947. I have better group coverage on there to pass the word. Thanks!


  10. Will you be posting a listing by state or location where one can go and meet
    "an un-collored male sub"


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