Thursday, September 30, 2010

October Halloweenie (Ribbon) Assignment

sissy male maid
Of course, the obvious assignment for Halloween is to encourage you to express your deepest fantasy on the one night that you can go out dressed as a school girl, puppy dog, sissy maid, baby or well.. a kinky boy in a collar, leash, leather restraints, body harness and ball gag. (Although folks might wonder why you spent so much money on that last costume!)

I *am* going to encourage that, but I know some of you boys can't wear certain things when you take the kids out trick or treating, or live in countries when adults don't dress up as much as they do here in the States, so I am also going to give a classic ribbon assignment for Halloween. In that way, you can wear my ribbons under your costume, under your normal clothes... or over your birthday suit.. and still be apropriately dressed for the holiday! ;-)

I'm sure you already know the acceptable colors and designs for the ribbons, but you should still email me (ForMistressMagick *at* yahoo *dot* com) for the details.

Male Maid Pic:

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UPDATE: My most popular monthly assignments are available on Amazon.
Check here before emailing me:

* * *
Instead of sifting through emails, I've been asking new potentials to do my monthly training assignments. They are meant to be a sampler of interests and fetishes that can easily be explored long distance, have included activities such as:

* buying & wearing panties
* wearing ribbons or other items on your "package"
* learning to wear endless "o" cock rings
* discovering your inner bunny-self
* puppy play
* dressing as a school girl
... and more.

As they cover a variety of topics, I don't expect every sub to excel at every task, and, when they asked to apply, some excellent aspiring subs found that they had no interest in that month's assignment.

Because of this, I've also decided to make two of my favorite training assignments available upon request:

- Cock Ring Training
- Panty Shopping & Wearing

You should also complete these assignments if you are interested in participating in my #MMDays, so making them available year-round makes sense.

Doing my assignments is a good way for me to get to know available/aspiring online subs, and to make sure that they are respectful, willing to follow instructions, able to tribute, interesting and intelligent, etc. Time permitting, I often invite those who really impress me with their work and interactions to advance to more personalized training.

In order to take part, email:
                   ForMistressMagick *at* yahoo *dot* com
and ask for the either the current assignment, or one of the two mentioned above.

To be clear, these assignments and online-only positions are available to married subs, as long as they have the time, finances and privacy to take part, and, in fact, many of my personal online boys and gurls are married/attached. (However, I do not train married subs in person.) I am willing to work with a sub, within reason, on timing, if needed to work around your schedule at home.

Also, you do not have to be applying to me to participate in my assignments. All male or M-to-F subs and fetishists are welcome to join in, as long as they have approval from their Mistress, if they have one. I especially enjoy having other subs and fetishist join in on the holiday assignments.

For more info, read:

Info & Thoughts on my Current & Past Assignments:

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kink Academy

Kink Academy is looking for a few good bloggers, and I hope to be one of them.

As many of you know, I have taken classes through Power Play Academy and I regularly attend their monthly FemDom CHAT, hosted by friends of mine. I see the two websites as being complementary resources in that they each serve a different need but can easily be used together for a more complete approach.

Power Play Academy has web-based classes with real-time interaction, where you can chat, ask questions, etc., while watching slides and/or cam demos. Classes may meet only once or on a specified schedule over a couple weeks or a month, and those that meet regularly may have homework for completion between sessions. Like a more traditional classroom setting, it has the advantage of allowing for interaction between participants, but it also requires waiting for the next class "semester" to begin and, of course, the student has to be available according to the class schedule. Payment is by class, and some monthly discussions are offered for free.

In contrast, Kink Academy has an on-demand approach, with a large selection of educational videos which are available 24/7. You can view a suggested curriculum, get suggestions by experience level, subject, toy or faculty member, or simply search for a keyword. Payment is by month, and some videos are offered for free. There are also discounts for paying for three months or a year at one time.

I greatly enjoy the interaction and community support that Power Play Academy offers, but I love the idea of having 24/7 access to all the how-to videos at Kink Academy. I've been in and out of the scene since 1995, and while I am an expert in some areas, I would consider myself at the intermediate level for many of the Kink Academy topics. The reason is that I tend to be a sensual, service-oriented Domme, and it's honestly been a long time since I've tied a karada or flogged someone. There are quite a few areas where I have attended in-person classes over the years, and know the basics, but I don't practice the techniques on a regular basis. So, while I do feel confident, but rusty, in much of the basic knowledge that is offered on the site, I also know that I don't know all the tricks... and, well, having a skill and safety refresher course is always a good place to begin when it's been a while.

There are also many areas where it is a lot easier to learn from watching a video than from a book, or it is difficult to find someone locally who has the same level of expertise as the presenters here. There are activities that I've only watched (cupping, needle play), and others that I know well (foot fetishes, puppy play), but where I always welcome new ideas and angles. The more that I look at the site, the more I realize how diverse the information is, covering relationships and sexual health as well as kink.. and all with a focus on safety and skill building rather than on titillation. There is so much here to watch that a newbie could easily get overwhelmed, and I'm starting to understand why specific curriculum suggestions are available to help new students find their way. Kink Academy is easily worth the cost of admission, and I do want to thank my darling jezi-girl for tributing mine. I plan to make good use of it whether I get the position or not.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

jezi's First Official Chastity Release Report

My personal sissy, jezi, joined us in the dice room when I first rolled the dice for sissydollyanne on September 10. jezi has been curious about chastity for some time, but she isn't in a situation where she can wear a device. In the dice room, she agreed to let me roll one die for her and commited to follow it through, which she did with flying colors.

You can read all about it, including jezi's first official chastity release report, in my In Her Service blog. She can be very shy, and I am *very* proud of her for allowing me to post it. :-)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chastity: Rolling the Dice
(with Sissy Release Rules)

I'm going to be rolling the dice for sissydolllyanne and a friend of hers, jessica, again tonight (Sunday night), starting at around 11pm Eastern time (after the FemDom CHAT). Contact me if you'd like to be invited to watch. We'll be using a cool dice rolling site for gamers:, but you'll need to know the Dice Room name to get in.

Below are the rules that we will be using. Please note that these are sissydolllyanne's rules, and not my own. My boys have very different rules for cumming, which are focused on dedicating their orgasm to me, but they do still have to consume their own cum. ;-)

I also think the Try Again Option could get really out of hand, and I would not suggest it for more than one additional try.

* * *
This is for those sissies (or their Mistresses or a Masters) who want their chastity and release controlled by the chance of the dice. All rolls of the dice should be done in the presence of witnesses so there is NO cheating!

First Roll
Roll a single six-sided die.

This determines whether there is the possibility of release as well as how many dice to use on the second roll. If the roll is:

6 — then there is a possibility of release

Any other number — NO release

Second Roll (When first roll = any number but “6”)

This determines the number of days of chastity before the next roll for release. The number of dice used is equal to the number shown on the first roll. Thus, if a “4” is rolled with the first roll, then 4 dice are used to determine the number of days of chastity. If it was a “5”, then 5 dice are used, a “2” then 2 dice are used, etc. The number shown with the roll of that many dice determines the number of days of chastity before the next roll.

Second Roll (When first roll = “6”)

A “6” grants the possibility of release, but two more rolls are necessary—1) to determine the conditions of release, and 2) a roll with six dice to determine the number of days of chastity after release.

Note 1: Release is optional. If you elect to have a release, your number of continuous chastity days is reset back to zero and your count starts over when you are re-locked. If you forgo a release, then your chastity day count will continue to increment for the number of days specified in the second roll with six dice.

1) Roll to determine conditions of release (If release elected)

- Take an enema and lube your sissy pussy
- Apply cherry red lipstick and shiny gloss
- Polish your toe nails and finger nails a bright pink
- Dress in sexy panties and a babydoll nightie

Roll a single six-sided die as on the first roll. The numbers are interpreted as follows:

#1 — Have the cummie in your panties by rubbing your nipples only
#2 — Have the cummie by using a dildo in your sissy pussy only
#3 — Have the cummie only by finding someone else to do it for you
#4 — Have the cummie by rubbing your clitty in your panties only
#5 — Have the cummie in your panties by humping a pillow
#6 — Have the cummie on your back with your legs & arms wrapped around a pillow

No cummies are allowed in boi mode—only gurl mode in panties, no direct touching or use of hands on clitty is allowed unless it is someone else's hands as in #3 or rubbing through panties as in #4. Also, a full length body pillow is preferred in #5 and #6.

Note 2: You have until midnight of the day you roll to have a cummie. At the end of that time or right after the cummie you must lock back up immediately for the number of days determined by 6 dice in the next step. You must lick up and swallow your cummie. Your number of continuous chastity days is reset to zero.

2) Roll to determine number of days of chastity

Since the first roll was a “6” you must use 6 dice to determine the number of days of chastity before the next roll to possibly grant release again.

Optional "Try Again" with one additional die each time:

The essence of this rule is that if we don't roll a 6 on the first roll we can elect to try again, but with an additional die and still have to roll all sixes for relief.

For example, If we don't roll a "6" on the first roll, we could elect to try again with 2 dice, only we'd have to roll a "12"--all sixes--for relief, and take the consequences of possibly having to use more dice on the 2nd roll. So if we tried again and didn't roll a 12 and we rolled a "9", for example, with the two dice, we'd have to use NINE dice for the 2nd roll. If we did it again with 3 dice and failed to roll all sixes, and elected to stop, then we'd have to use the number of dice specified by the 3 dice on the second roll to determine the number of days of chastity.

As before, if we rolled all sixes we would use that number of dice--12, 18, 24, etc.--for the second roll after electing to take relief (or not). We could maybe continue to do this on the first roll for up to some agreed number, say, six dice, or maybe even no limit, but each time we'd have to roll all sixes, and if we didn't then the number of dice to use for the second roll potentially keeps going up making the number of days also potentially go up!

Everyone being controlled by the dice (dollyanne and jessica lee as of this writing) would have to agree to the new rule and also unanimously agree to do the "try again" each time with an additional die since we would all be in this together!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Satin Pinup Panties for Sissies & Pantyboys

Thanks to ChasteHubby for mentioning me in his recent blog post.

He also included info on these very yummy panties. From Lane Bryant, they feature a cute-yet-sexy print of lingerie-clad models in classic pin-up poses. I have to admit that I love the idea of all you pantyboys & sissy girls walking around clad in these panties... and I think that every one of you who wears a size 14/16 or larger should get a pair! ;-)

And, for those who love that classic look, don't forget the matching bra.

Photo from:

Monday, September 6, 2010

boy & gurls, It's Back to School Time

It's September, and that means that it's time for your Back to School assignment. This one has a little something for almost everyone, and you are instructed to do one or more of the activities:

- I'm sure that many of my sissies, pantyboys and others will enjoy dressing up as their schoolgirl selves, complete with short, pleated skirt.

- Or spend creative age-play time coloring or doing workbooks. This can be a great escape, allowing you to return to a simplier time.

- Or, the naughty boys and girls out there will be writing lines for me as your punishment. Remember your teacher, ruler in hand, standing over you as you write.. again.. and again.. and again. As you might guess, this aspect of the assignment was inspired by my recent experiences as a Lady Disciplinarian. ;-)

Because this assignment has age-play aspects, it has no sexual language, and while you can certainly include sexual elements in your play, there are no requirements in that area.

Email me at ForMistressMagick *at* Yahoo *dot* com in order to receive the assignment.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

What would you do if you caught me sniffing your pumps? :-)

Press your nose all the way into each shoe, making you really smell them deeply... then have you carry them across the room, in your mouth as you crawl. If you were lucky... I might let you masturbate on them... or even in them... and then lick them clean. Of course, you would still need to buy me a new pair.

Ask me something worthy of a response. *Adults Only*

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Do you usually swallow or spit? Which do you recommend?

Oh.. that's easy. HE has to swallow!

After all, every boy has to learn to clean up after himself. ;-)

And even a kiss from my lips... just barely brushing his hardness... has to be very well-earned.

I don't service boys, they service me.

Ask me something worthy of a response. *Adults Only*

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