Thursday, September 30, 2010

If You Would Like To Apply to Me...

UPDATE: My most popular monthly assignments are available on Amazon.
Check here before emailing me:

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Instead of sifting through emails, I've been asking new potentials to do my monthly training assignments. They are meant to be a sampler of interests and fetishes that can easily be explored long distance, have included activities such as:

* buying & wearing panties
* wearing ribbons or other items on your "package"
* learning to wear endless "o" cock rings
* discovering your inner bunny-self
* puppy play
* dressing as a school girl
... and more.

As they cover a variety of topics, I don't expect every sub to excel at every task, and, when they asked to apply, some excellent aspiring subs found that they had no interest in that month's assignment.

Because of this, I've also decided to make two of my favorite training assignments available upon request:

- Cock Ring Training
- Panty Shopping & Wearing

You should also complete these assignments if you are interested in participating in my #MMDays, so making them available year-round makes sense.

Doing my assignments is a good way for me to get to know available/aspiring online subs, and to make sure that they are respectful, willing to follow instructions, able to tribute, interesting and intelligent, etc. Time permitting, I often invite those who really impress me with their work and interactions to advance to more personalized training.

In order to take part, email:
                   ForMistressMagick *at* yahoo *dot* com
and ask for the either the current assignment, or one of the two mentioned above.

To be clear, these assignments and online-only positions are available to married subs, as long as they have the time, finances and privacy to take part, and, in fact, many of my personal online boys and gurls are married/attached. (However, I do not train married subs in person.) I am willing to work with a sub, within reason, on timing, if needed to work around your schedule at home.

Also, you do not have to be applying to me to participate in my assignments. All male or M-to-F subs and fetishists are welcome to join in, as long as they have approval from their Mistress, if they have one. I especially enjoy having other subs and fetishist join in on the holiday assignments.

For more info, read:

Info & Thoughts on my Current & Past Assignments:

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If You Would Like To Apply to Me...