Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Shopping with Kink-Colored Glasses: Pervertables

UPDATE: I've created a Flickr Group where you can post your photos of possible pervertables:

Put on those Kink-Colored Glasses and show me what you've got!

* * *

The items in my "Name the Pervertables" post were:

1) A Red Spatula - to be used for percussion (tapping and hitting), including self-spanking!

2) Rubber O Rings - in different sizes, to be used for cock and ball rings

Generally inexpensive, pervertables are everyday, vanilla items which can be "perverted" to be used for kinky purposes. Common examples examples include hairbrushes, wooden spoons and clothes pens. An interesting exercise is to go shopping at Walmart, Target or even your grocery store wearing your "Kink-Colored Glasses" as you look for items that could be used in play.

For instance, I happened upon this set of three nice sturdy Bamboo Stir-fry Implements for only $2.99 at my local grocery store this weekend and I had to get them.

I found a great list of  possible pervertables here:

Take a look and put on a pair of Kink-Colored Glasses for your next shopping trip!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Taste the Love, Honey!

I'm working on my e-books again, and I've decided to select Lovehoney.co.uk as my suggested UK source for basic cock rings and other items for my assignments.

They come highly recommended by my UK boys and it looks like they are becoming a good option for buying sex toys in the US as well. They don't have the handcrafted leather and metal items like Stockroom.com, but they do offer light bondage and SM toys like whips and paddles, the CB-x000 line of chastity devices, Aneros prostate massagers and more.

They offer excellent customer service, including free Royal Mail shipping in the UK and free Priority Mail shipping in the US with free returns for up to a year, even if an item has been used! Let's not talk about how many Rabbits I wear out in a year!

Their October specials include:

Save 10% when you buy any 2 items from Sportsheets Free Please Me Longer Delay Lube with Pink Lady Stamina Training Units
Get free Please Me Gel worth £5.99 with any selected Fun Factory toys FreeTracey Cox Superhotsex worth £14.99 with any 2 selected Tracey Cox products

Give them a try and let me know what you think!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Name the Pervertables

My johnj recently sent me the above pic while he was taking some other pictures for me. 

Do you know the items are and what kinky purposes they can be used for? 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Erasing a Certain Sissy Crossdresser

A certain sissy crossdresser, that many of you may remember from Twitter, has asked me to remove his info from my blog. This includes his name, photos, Twitter user ID and links to info about him. I will be removing or editing at least three posts, and this is why.

This particular sissy regularly and frequently asked Dommes and others to blog, retweet and otherwise share personal info about him, including pics of him dressed, his legal name and address, and the url for one of his LinkedIn profiles. He was encouraging everyone to help out him as a sissy crossdresser as quickly as possible because the more that his info was out there, the more he got off on it. As of last night, at least three other Dommes have his info up on their blogs, and I know that he also had someone set up a blog for/about him, as well as his own listing on a sissy phone sex site.

I do believe in protecting the privacy of others and will do my best to protect that. I generally ask if it is okay to post anything that isn't public and what pseudonym to use for the person that I'm referring to - doubly so when posting assignment reports here or on InHerService.com. However, I'm a writer, and not in the habit of censoring my own words and thoughts, especially after they have been endorsed by the person mentioned. So, today, I'm faced with the question of how best to remove his information - information that he previously begged us all to share - without compromising the integrity of my own writing.

I had planned to go through and carefully edit each post. But, knowing that he's changed his mind before, I don't think that I should waste my time doing that at this point. Instead, I'm going to simply unpublish them for now, and then possibly go back and look at them in more detail later. So if you see pages that are missing, or posts that are no longer available, that is why.

You can probably tell that I'm not happy about this, and I expect that none of you will ever actively put me in this position again.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Halloween Challenge

Whether you're a boy, a gurl, a puppy or a pony, my October assignment for you is simple: 

I challenge you to become your fantasy this Halloween.

Wear, it own it, be it! 

And then, report back to me on how it went. ;-)

If you don't already have your costume, it's time to get shopping! I especially love these regular and plus-sized maid outfits, but you can also be a school girl, fembot, Playboy bunny, slave or anything else your imagination desires.

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