Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Shopping with Kink-Colored Glasses: Pervertables

UPDATE: I've created a Flickr Group where you can post your photos of possible pervertables:

Put on those Kink-Colored Glasses and show me what you've got!

* * *

The items in my "Name the Pervertables" post were:

1) A Red Spatula - to be used for percussion (tapping and hitting), including self-spanking!

2) Rubber O Rings - in different sizes, to be used for cock and ball rings

Generally inexpensive, pervertables are everyday, vanilla items which can be "perverted" to be used for kinky purposes. Common examples examples include hairbrushes, wooden spoons and clothes pens. An interesting exercise is to go shopping at Walmart, Target or even your grocery store wearing your "Kink-Colored Glasses" as you look for items that could be used in play.

For instance, I happened upon this set of three nice sturdy Bamboo Stir-fry Implements for only $2.99 at my local grocery store this weekend and I had to get them.

I found a great list of  possible pervertables here:

Take a look and put on a pair of Kink-Colored Glasses for your next shopping trip!


  1. And don't get me started about Home Depot...

  2. My only question:
    Do you prefer calling it "Dom/me Depot" or "Bondage Depot"?

  3. I've created a Flickr Group where you can post your photos of your pervertables:



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