Saturday, April 30, 2011

Beltane Update ~

Boys are having an even harder time finding flowered scrunchies for my Beltane assignment this year than last year. If you really looked, tell me what you did find, and I may approve it. Pictured. are some scrunchies that I have approved for this year.

If you thought it would be easy, and didn't really look, there was a reason that I asked you to start shopping well in advance!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Q: You return from your date with this hunky guy. He slips out of his pants and you discover that he wearing stockings, garters and lace panties... his undies are better than yours... do smile or do you run for the front door?

A: Getting much warmer, I ask him to turn around slowly and give me a better look! Then to come closer so that I can adjust me so that they fit just so!

(Course, I probably ordered him to wear them for the date to begin with! ;-) )

Q: Oh, I do love a woman who knows how to give a good blowjob. Unfortunately, I haven't known too many. What is it you enjoy about blowjobs, I bet it's that part of being in control?

A: Yes... the control of seeing exactly what kind of reactions I can cause. ;-)

I rarely give them anymore, but have been told that I'm as good as a guy when I do. These days, I prefer to touch, flick, tease... but let them do all the real work!

Speaking of which, watching how a guy handles his cock can tell you a lot about what he likes. ;-)

Q: Leather or Latex, which do you prefer to wear & why?

A: Leather because sweating in it makes it mold to your body. (Sweating in latex just leaves you swishy.)

Q: When it comes to eating our own cum, it happens to many of us, slaves, we hesitate and have cold feet. we want to eat it but lose the urge to after cumming, how would you fix this?

A: "You do want to be allowed to cum again sometime, don't you? Sometime THIS year? Well... then get to it, boy!"

Monday, April 18, 2011

Are you ready to decorate your (MY) pole for May Day?

That's just what you'll be doing in my annual Beltane/May Day assignment. This is an excellent cock ownership and control assignment for those wishing to apply to me, but it is open to all boys and gurls* who want to take part. (Your Mistress' permission is required if you have one).

First, email:
  ForMistressMagick *at* yahoo *dot* com
and request the May Day or Beltane assignment.
Once you have the assignment, here are some of my favorite scrunchies from last year to help get you started on your shopping:

My favorite Flowered Scrunchie (above right):

I also really love the ribbon rose-decorated shown at left, but it doesn't seem to be available in my favorite colors of pink or lavender anymore. The site does have other scrunchies, but I haven't looked through the new ones yet:

More Flowered Scrunchies:

Funky Fuzzy Scrunchies:
(I wonder how these would feel.)

Gorgeous Jeweled Scrunchies:

(*Boy-parts are required for this assignment.)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Secret Diary of a Call Girl: Sexy Boy in Lingerie

I love the series Secret Diary of a Call Girl, which is shown on Showtime here in the States. Season 4 started last Thursday night (here), and I decided to re-watch the last episode of Season Three before watching it. (Season 3 is available to watch at any time on Showtime OnDemand through April 12.)

I had forgotten about this ultra-yummy scene (from the beginning of Season 3, Episode 8), and I had to share it with you. Belle is with a long-time client, a plastic surgeon, who is also a bit of a friend. He always wants the same vanilla thing when sees her, and she suspects there is something else he fantasizes about. She gets him to open up to her and admit that he is excited by wearing women's lingerie, but he's only done it a few times... and it did not go over well with the one girlfriend whose stuff he tried to "borrow".

I love watching this clip and the lead up to it, where she is painting his nails, because it reminds me of how I am with my in-person boys. With me, the bra is optional, but I absolutely love the look of MY cock covered in opaque fabric, but trimmed in lace, with a garterbelt and lace-topped stockings creating a nice frame for the package in front and the buns in back. Black lace and silk are my favorites, so this is the perfect outfit, and you boys should take notes. I also love to tease, like she did, but for much longer... to adjust the panties and garters, and straighten the stockings, making sure that the presentation is perfect in the front and in the back... knowing and watching the reaction that my soft caresses create.

There is something especially hot about when he mounts her, and they are both in black, lacey lingerie..basically matching. Of course, with me, if he is lucky enough to pleasure me so intimately, I'm usually on top... and he isn't allowed to cum until I'm satisfied. ;-)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Birthday Wish List (Updated)

For those who don't know, Monday is my birthday. As I said elsewhere, I'll be the answer to the question of "Life, the Universe and Everything." ;-)

The browser button to add items to my birthday wish list wasn't working, so instead I have been asking my personal boys, and others who have asked me, to get me specific items that I want.

The WP boy who sent me the Belgian chocolates from the UK is sending me some proper English ones, while one of my new potential pantyboy trainees, azpanties, is going to a Godiva store here in the States with a list of my favorites to hand-select them for me. I know that there is also a Barnes & Noble gift certificate on the way, and the pantyboy is planning to cook me dinner that evening. jezi and johnj are sending me gift certificates for two of my favorite online clothing stores and my other new potential pantyboy (george) is contributing substantially to the necklace that I want to go with the pendant that he got me back at St. Patrick's Day.

If you're wondering what to get me, I'm asking for Amazon gift certificates toward the rest of the cost of this chain:
       14k Yellow Gold 2mm Figaro Chain Necklace, 24"
(UPDATE: After trying the pendant with a chain like the one I previously asked for, I decided that it looked better with a slightly heavier and shorter chain. I want it it to make a deep "V" but still be over my heart. ;-) )

And for this phone system:

I also love getting Visa or Amex gift cards or gift cards for Target, Cheesecake Factory, Firebirds, etc. mailed to me inside of greeting cards. I feel so pampered when I can go shopping or eat at my favorite restaurants with The Girls without having to pay for it... and you can bet I tell them who is paying! ;-)

For more ideas, check out my everyday wish list at:

The postal mailing address is on the wish list, or you can e-mail gift certificates to:
ForMistressMagick *at* yahoo *dot* com

Thank you to everyone in advance for my making my day extra special! :-)

If You Would Like To Apply to Me...