Saturday, May 26, 2012

Chat with Me on Ingenio

Do you want to talk to someone about D/s, female-led relationships, male submission, being a sissy, crossdressing, chastity or another kink?

Are you trying to find a way to tell your girlfriend or wife about your interests?

Maybe She has questions?

Or maybe you just need to talk to a strong, caring woman who understands and has experience with a boy or gurl like you?

Don't want to have to call a phone sex site to do it? That's okay, I'm not sure if I want to be listed on one!

I set up the Niteflirt account years ago, but I primarily use it for calls with boys who had already been emailing/tweeting with me, and to send written assignments, like those that I have for puppies. I've rarely just logged in as available because I'm not interested in being used by 1 minute wankers.

I want boys and gurls who really want to talk to me so that I can get to know them and vice versa. After all, the more I understand you, the more I am able to get inside your head and find the places that we both enjoy!

Recently, I have had some great calls from a couple different crossdressers and sissies on Niteflirt, who I'm growing closer to with every call. (And, yes, that is "the pantyboy" in the picture - dressed in lingerie that I bought him!) So I've been making myself a bit more available there. However, if you are interested in talking to me, especially when I'm offline, it's best to email me first to see if I'm around for a call (ForMistressMagick *at* yahoo *dot* com), because I might be interested in talking to you, but not in the mood to be available for just anyone who calls.

Niteflirt used to have a system by which a caller could ask to schedule an appointment, which gave me a lot more control over who and when I spoke to callers. I also know that many of you would like to call me just to talk - for advice and support. And some of you would like to have someone that your wife or girlfriend could talk to.

So I've set up a listing on another site, Ingenio, that allows scheduled appointments and even Instant Messages. This is an advice site where you can talk to doctors, lawyers, mechanics, plumbers, etc. It is not an Adult site. In fact, if some guy calls me there and is obviously a wanker, I have to tell him that it isn't that kind of site, or I could be kicked off the site myself. It has a lot more features, and I'm more likely to be logging in there. I can even set it to let me know if someone wants to talk with me and find out how long you can wait so that I can log in while I'm working on other things and take the call after I am finished. It's so much more civilized! And the way that a real Domme should be treated.

Use the buttons below to IM or me via Ingenio. If you are new to the site, you will get free minutes and I'll get a bonus for referring you. I'll also give you more free minutes as a thank you for helping me test it out.

Since I'm just getting started there and don't have any feedback yet, I've set the per minute rate really low so it's the perfect time to call - especially if you've always wanted to hear my voice. :-)


Remember: this is an advice site, NOT a PSO Site, so behave yourself!

If we are talking and you moaning and breathing heavy, want me to describe my feet, share a fantasy or tell you what to wear, you need to ask permission to call me on Niteflirt instead. Understood?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

"In Hysteria, Hugh Dancy revs up the first vibrator"

I just saw this article at and had to share it with you. I'm so glad to see that Hysteria, which I first blogged about in September, is still on track. Let me know if you've seen anything about when/where we'll be able to see it here in the States.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May is National Masturbation Month
And All Your Favorite Toys Are on Sale!

Thanks to the lovely folks at Good Vibrations, May is National Masturbation Month, and this year, has decided to help you out with a Big Sale.

While I do think that most boys need to learn more than a bit of control, I'm also all for getting the most pleasure possible from the experience when it is allowed, as well as for helping you to find new and better ways to pleasure the Goddess in your life. I also know that more than one of my readers has been looking for reasonable prices on tools for p-spot massage and milking, like the Aneros Prostate Massagers (shown at right) so I wanted to let you know about this sale before it's over.

They have tons of Vibrators on sale, including all the classics:
There are also Male Masturbators including a ton of Tenga Toys, sleeves, pumps, etc. and a wide selection of Dildos and Butt Plugs, including steel and glass toys (so pretty!) This section also has the Njoy Wand, Nexus Double-Ended Dildo and even CHOCOLATE Clone-A-Willy Kits! (So she can show you all the things that you WISH she'd do to yours! ;-) )

The sale lasts through May 31 and I can't think of a better way to end the Merry Month of May, which began with Beltane, than by buying yourself AND your Lady toys to enjoy for the rest of the year. So get shopping!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Slaving Away For Your Mistress
aka Working, Not Wanking

So many boys say that they would love to tribute to me but that they simply can't afford it. One of my personal boys has offered a solution:

Amazon owns a website, Amazon Mechanical Turk, where you can do mini-jobs for mini-rewards.

I've been giving it a bit of a test drive, and I can tell you that you'll never pay your rent while working on this site. However, you could make $100/month in your spare time by answering surveys, test driving websites, summarizing/rewriting articles, etc. Some of the best paid jobs are transcription and translation tasks, followed by usability testing, but there are plenty of surveys and studies that anyone can do. Some of these remind me of the studies we were required to assist with when taking Psychology 101, and, in fact, many of the ones I've tested were posted by major universities, as well as by politicians, marketers, web designers, etc. There are currently series of surveys asking for input on education and experience from people in different careers including IT professionals, photographers, massage therapists, lawyers, etc.

Each task is called a HIT (Human Intelligence Task).  You can opt-out from any task that you accept without penalty. However, if you do a bad job on a HIT, it can be rejected, and your percentage of rejected HITs affects your access to new ones. You may also need to take qualification tests for some of the better paying HITs. However, even $1 here and 75 cents there adds up, and some of these are a lot of fun, or worth the experience. I don't want, or expect, anyone to do free work, but if you like the idea of slaving away for your Mistress, let me know.

Since these are often simple tasks that you can do in your spare time, I'm also thinking that this could be a great update to my Writing, not Wanking program for those of you who aren't able to write lines, and would which could also be of benefit to me as well. Maybe I'll even eventually allow you cum based on how much money you earn!

For those in the US, I think you can just send the earnings from your Amazon Payments account to my account, but I'm not sure if that is possible for those in the UK and other countries. I'd love several boys, both in the US and internationally, to help me test those aspects. Email me at ForMistressMagick *at* yahoo *dot* com if you're up for giving it a try.

If You Would Like To Apply to Me...