Friday, September 23, 2011

Hysteria: The REAL Origin of Vibrators!

Yes, it's true. Vibrators were developed as a "labor-saving device" for doctors! I love Maggie Gyllenhaal. And, for the record, Hugh Dancy can pleasure me anytime!


A touch of serious commentary: Imagine what would happen to most doctors if they tried to pleasure their patients as a medical treatment today. It's amazing how attitudes change. We are in a much more liberal time, but in some ways knowing more about, and having greater access to, things of a sexual nature makes us much more conservative.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

My Favorite Panty Styles For My Pantyboys & Sissy Gurls

I saw this lovely pair of lacy black tanga panties on @pantiesfortoday's Twitter feed and had to share them. They are a perfect example of the panties that I love to have my pantyboys and sissy girls wear!

I love having "the package" covered, but to have a nice view of the butt cheeks, and easy access to my property. (I want to know that that your (my!) penis is there and to see your reactions, but not have everything "in my face"!)

Thongs are good for this, but they need to have some feminine elements such as lace or bow trims. Otherwise, they could just as easily be men's.

(NOTE: Every crossdresser should own a pair of basic black cotton women's bikinis or thongs, but save them for doctor visits!) 

I'm especially enjoying all the new trends in tangas and V-strings and love the way those pretty details on the back waistband really accent the rear view! Look at the lovely cherry red tangas at right. Once again, they cover the package, but show off everything else. The only thing that would make them better is having them in black!

Different cuts of panties look better on different boys and gurls... and let's face it, many can't carry off the tinier thongs. I also like bikinis in similar styles and all-lace boy shorts, as well as the flirty femme aspects of ruffled-back rumba panties.

Ultimately, the cut that looks best on the boy/gurl and best fits my mood is the one that I want to see.

That being said, I don't really like full-cut granny panties or the ultra-full bloomers marketed for sissies because they cover too much.

You also have to be careful with sheer, fuller-cut backs. While I have had boys wear sheer-backed panties for me, and have even purchased them for jezi, it is usually the front view and coverage that I really love most about them (at right). With sheer backs, I prefer them to be dark/black mesh or lace, making them more subtly sheer and much more sexy, mysterious and attractive.

I do have to note that I have recently encountered several sissies posting pics of themselves leaning over with their butt sticking out while wearing plain, light-covered, sheer-back, full-cut panties. These pics clearly showed their entire butt and gave a deep view of their butt crack. Not only are these panties NOT attractive, I consider this pose to be the same as "mooning" me and take it as an insult.

Posting pics poking your worse-than-bare butt out there, presumably for a spanking, is just as bad as any cock-shot, and just as much all about you. It is not about your Domme, what she wants or offering yourself to her.

I'm sure that you have already noticed that black is my favorite color on my boys and gurls. I especially *love* the contrast of black lace against pale skin, and find that black as the perfect color when you want to be sexy and not trashy.

My own personal favorite color is purple, so it is also a favorite color for my boys and gurls, but I do consider it to be more personal to me, and it's a special color for those in my service or training. Likewise, well-designed rose prints and patterns are especially close to my heart.

Other colors that have special meaning include:
  • Sissy Pink - Best when really femmed-up in a very girlie way.
  • Bridal White - NEVER wear plain, boring cotton! Virginal white panties should always be delicately beautiful, preferably satin and/or lace with exquisite trims like something you would wear on your wedding night.
  • Slutty Red - Unless it is for a holiday like Valentine's or Christmas, I usually consider red as in-your-face slutty!
I don't really like any shade of blue, aqua or turquoise (not even those used by schools that I have attended and places where I have worked!), and why would a crossdresser or sissy ever wear a boy-color anyway!!

I'm generally looking for a front view of your panties, with a nice bulge but not showing "everything". A hint of something through semi-sheer fabric, mesh or lace can create a nice intrigue, but try not to be too in-your-face about it.

A view of the back is a nice addition if there is any back-detailing. Like the pic of the rumba panties above, the best angle is often half way between being directly to the back and directly to the side so that it shows the curve of the cheek, but not an in-depth view of the crack! With tangas, v-backs, etc., you generally have to be more straight-on to really show off the back detailing, but then the crack is usually covered. :-)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Other Twitter Hash Tags:
#DailyPanties & #ChastityStatus

Quite a few of you know that I'm @Mistress_Magick on Twitter, but did you know that I've created a couple hash tags for training my boys and gurls, which I'm now encouraging others to use as well?

#DailyPanties - Use this tag to tweet a description and/or pic of the panties that you are wearing today. You don't have to wear panties everyday (unless I'm training you to do so) - just join when you can. The more, the merrier!
(Genetic males only, please. Sometimes we get trolling "escorts"!)

#ChastityStatus - How many days since your last release? If you are in chastity, with or without a device, you are welcome to join in. It also doesn't matter if you are under a Domme's or partners control, or not.

To make it simple, Day 0 is the day that you last came. Ruined orgasms count (even though I don't support them), while edging doesn't count (and I *love* making my boys do it! ;-) ) Of course, all such touching is only under the orders of your Lady/Partner/Keyholder.

Don't have a Mistress?
Taking part in my #DailyPanties and/or #ChastityStatus is an easy and free way to start getting my attention.

Don't know what hash tags are, or how to use them, start here:

And don't forget that your tweets have to be public to be picked up by the search engine and/or for anyone not following you to see them. That includes me!

My subs & trainees should also remember to mention me by including "@Mistress_Magick" in their tweets, but don't put that first (which makes it a direct reply) or others won't see it.

Friday, September 2, 2011

School Days: My September Assignment is Ready

School days, school days
Dear old golden rule days
Readin' and 'ritin' and 'rithmetic
Taught to the tune of the hickory stick
Let's take a trip on memory's ship
Back to the bygone days
Sail to the old village school house
Anchor outside the school door
Look in and see
There's you and there's me
A couple of kids once more.

“School Days, School Days” Lyrics by Will D. Cobb, 1907

Yes, it's that time of year again, and to celebrate you'll be dressing up as a school girl or boy, with the option of writing lines while dressed. ;-)

Email:   ForMistressMagick *at*
And request the September Assignment to join us in class.
(Consenting adults only, of course.)

If You Would Like To Apply to Me...