Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Other Twitter Hash Tags:
#DailyPanties & #ChastityStatus

Quite a few of you know that I'm @Mistress_Magick on Twitter, but did you know that I've created a couple hash tags for training my boys and gurls, which I'm now encouraging others to use as well?

#DailyPanties - Use this tag to tweet a description and/or pic of the panties that you are wearing today. You don't have to wear panties everyday (unless I'm training you to do so) - just join when you can. The more, the merrier!
(Genetic males only, please. Sometimes we get trolling "escorts"!)

#ChastityStatus - How many days since your last release? If you are in chastity, with or without a device, you are welcome to join in. It also doesn't matter if you are under a Domme's or partners control, or not.

To make it simple, Day 0 is the day that you last came. Ruined orgasms count (even though I don't support them), while edging doesn't count (and I *love* making my boys do it! ;-) ) Of course, all such touching is only under the orders of your Lady/Partner/Keyholder.

Don't have a Mistress?
Taking part in my #DailyPanties and/or #ChastityStatus is an easy and free way to start getting my attention.

Don't know what hash tags are, or how to use them, start here:

And don't forget that your tweets have to be public to be picked up by the search engine and/or for anyone not following you to see them. That includes me!

My subs & trainees should also remember to mention me by including "@Mistress_Magick" in their tweets, but don't put that first (which makes it a direct reply) or others won't see it.

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