Sunday, March 28, 2010

Will you be my Birthday Bunny, Girl?

Strappedinsilk tweeted this and, considering my latest assignment, I couldn't resist posting it!
(We will NOT discuss what the number on the cake should be.)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bunnies & Birthdays ~

I just sent out this year's Easter/Ostara assignment, which I've decided to rename the "Bunny Assignment". It's a bit different from my other holiday assignments, and is appropriate for girls of any gender (no boy-parts needed) and for some furries, as well as for the usual CDs, sissies, pantyboys and subs. It's based on a Playboy bunny transformation assignment that I previously wrote as an Easter assignment, but also has some interesting elements from my "Puppy Play" series, except that in this case, its "Bunny Play". :-)

Since it's already past Ostara and so close to Easter, I decided to extend the deadlines. At least the shopping should be done by Easter and the gift sent by my birthday. Knowing that the last part of the assignment will require a couple hours of privacy, I'm allowing each trainee to commit to their own deadline for performing it and returning the final report. However, I know if they wait too long, they won't do the assignment, and given that I am planning to do a Beltane/May Day assignment, I've asked that the final report deadlines before April 20.

BTW - I found some interesting links while researching the assignment, including this cute Japanese "bunny girl", though one really has to ask what it is about the Japansese and young girls!

I also found this video of a Playboy Bunny Costume Party after I sent out the assignment, and am definitely making a note of it for next year:

I decided to update my "Favorites" wish list rather than set up a separate one just for my birthday. It's been renamed "Pamper Me (Anytime)" and is now located here:

I'm looking forward to seeing what kinds of goodies I get, as well as what kinds of bunnies you boys and girls are, and how you express them. :-)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So Funny Bunnies...

Are you ready for your Easter assignment?
Those of you with outstanding tributes need to get caught up.
It's time to get your bunny on!

This assignment includes a bit of shopping and a bit of dress up. It does not have to be performed on a specific day, but at least the first portion should be completed by Easter (April 4th this year).

Email or DM (on Twitter) me your email address if you'd like to participate.
(photo from Wikipedia)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Are there specific things you enjoy that don't fit the general public image or stereotype of a dominant woman?

Well, I've never been into spike heels and while I used to wear leather teddies, I haven't in years! I prefer long, flowing & sensual, and love textures such as silk, velvet and satin. I also love to cuddle, and well... really, truely enjoy the devotion of strong, intelligent, respectful men.

Ask me something worthy of a response.

How you do you like a submissive man to be dressed while in your service? You like uniforms or outfits, or do you prefer something simpler, or nudity?

It depends on the boy and what I feel looks best on him, however I do have a few defaults:

When a non-CD-inclined sub is serving me around the house, I prefer a black silk knit thong or silk posing strap/g-string. These are my two favorites:

I like having the "dangly bits" covered, but having his body accessible to me. The silk is nice, because it drapes well, hinting at what is underneath, and yet it isn't all "in my face". I don't prefer nudity for that reason... it's too explicit, and I prefer a bit of mystery.

I've had subs in CBs wear the thongs, and they nicely cover the device, but not much else. The pouch style hung a bit low too on them, and I so far I have preferred the thongs or panties.

Speaking of which, as you already know, I also love a boy in lingerie. The contrasts of black lace on pale skin, and of soft lingerie on a hard man really catch my eye. My favorite is a black lace garter belt & lace-topped stockings, or garter stockings like these:,default,pd.html?cgid=sh17

framing the "package" while a boy is wearing the above thong/g-string, or a nice pair of black panties. Purple or pink combined with black are also especially nice... and I have been known to do some creative things with them {VERY NSFW}:

NOTE: that the dangly balls are a strong preference of his, and unique to him. I actually didn't like it at first, but it has seriously grown on me!

I love having a cock ring or other leather or metal decoration on MY cock to reflect my control and ownership. I also love the symbolism & look of lacings, even when they are just decorative. ;-)

I delight in having boys wear panties under their normal clothes and report to me each day on what they are wearing, and feel that it is a good reminder of me when they are at work or doing other things. Wearing them FOR ME gives deeper meaning to it for the boys who often wear them anyway.

While I adore pantyboys, it really is about the contrast for me, and usually stops at lingerie. The closer that a sub gets to full transformation, the less I feel the tension of masculine and feminine.

For dressing up a bit more, nice camisole or stretch lace bra works well for a top, and I greatly prefer that to a stuffed bra. I also adore sissy and maid outfits, but usually reserve them for parties, as they are often rather impractical for actual service. I do like dressing a boy up for a party in things like these:

I do also have a fetish for black leather, including the smell and the fit, but generally don't like latex.

Ask me something worthy of a response.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Is there one physical or emotional way that you find most effective to convince a submissive of his or her place before you?

You mean besides allowing them to wear my ribbon? ;-)

The word "convince" doesn't quite feel right to me. I look for interesting and intelligent men who are inspired to serve and please me. I may certainly entice, but if I have to work to get their submission, then why would I want it? To me, it should be a given, and as much a part of their nature as it is of mine.

Symbolically, there is no better picture than you kneeling at my feet. And when a boy's mind is churning, sometimes I will have him kneel before me until he remembers that he belongs there.

Ask me something worthy of a response.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Who Are the Irish?

Storytellers, myth makers, poets and romancers all,
how the Irish love to seek the magic side of the moon.
How eager they are to follow the path of stardust,
how quickly their laughter dispels the mist...
How willing they are to share a song
and dance the music of the wind.

May this day bring you
all the wonder and magic
your Irish heart can hold!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
(from a Carlton Cards greeting card... really!)

And for us Pagans:

Happy Celtic Heritage Appreciation Day!

I'll be thinking of some of you wearing your green for me today, and I can't wait to read the St. Patrick's Day reports! ;-)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Mistress, what is the most pleasant way that a slave has surprised you?

There are probably too many ways to list. I smile just thinking about all the wonderful things that subs & slaves have done to pamper and please me over the years. Many are just wonderfully thoughtful things that have been done without my asking:

- Surprising me with hand-dipped strawberries for dessert.

- Turning around and having all my bags brought in, or the car completely packed before I asked.

- Helping out other Dommes with setup, vending, etc.

- Breakfast in bed. (I've had this one many times, but it's a favorite.) I love being cooked for in general, and have been suprised by some wonderful meals, as well great restaurants.

- A beautiful robe that I wanted. When he went shopping, he told me that it was sold out in my size... and it was: he got the last one. That's the kind of thing that only certain guys know how to get away with. And I think it was a mark of how well that he knew me that he "got" me. :-)

One caveat regarding buying me things: Don't try to surprise me with presents unless you know me well. I can be very picky and feel far more pampered when someone treats me to something that I want or need than when I receive something that doesn't suit me. That's why I keep wishlists:

There are definitely still ways to surprise me, and getting something me that I've been yearning for is guaranteed to make me smile.

Ask me anything

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