Monday, March 8, 2010

Mistress, what is the most pleasant way that a slave has surprised you?

There are probably too many ways to list. I smile just thinking about all the wonderful things that subs & slaves have done to pamper and please me over the years. Many are just wonderfully thoughtful things that have been done without my asking:

- Surprising me with hand-dipped strawberries for dessert.

- Turning around and having all my bags brought in, or the car completely packed before I asked.

- Helping out other Dommes with setup, vending, etc.

- Breakfast in bed. (I've had this one many times, but it's a favorite.) I love being cooked for in general, and have been suprised by some wonderful meals, as well great restaurants.

- A beautiful robe that I wanted. When he went shopping, he told me that it was sold out in my size... and it was: he got the last one. That's the kind of thing that only certain guys know how to get away with. And I think it was a mark of how well that he knew me that he "got" me. :-)

One caveat regarding buying me things: Don't try to surprise me with presents unless you know me well. I can be very picky and feel far more pampered when someone treats me to something that I want or need than when I receive something that doesn't suit me. That's why I keep wishlists:

There are definitely still ways to surprise me, and getting something me that I've been yearning for is guaranteed to make me smile.

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