Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cock Ring Cummies & My Upcoming Back to School Assignment

I've been enjoying all the yummy reports from my Cock Ring Training Assignment, and am still looking forward to a couple more. In case you've somehow missed my other blog, you can find all the hottest ones, including the one that inspired me to masturbate not just once, but twice, here:

For September, I've planned a brand new Back to School Assignment, in which you will perform one or more of several activities, from dressing like your school girl self to writing lines. The rought draft is done, and I'll be sending the final version out soon. Email ForMistressMagick *at* yahoo *dot* com to receive it when it's ready.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Free FemDom CHAT re: Crossdressing Tonight

Please join me for tonight's FemDom CHAT

Topic: Crossdressing

with guest co-host

Sunday, August 22, 2010
9:30pm - 10:30pm ET

FemDom CHAT (Communication, Honesty and Trust) is a monthly online discussion dedicated to education and information exchange among Female Dominants and submissives who serve them. Anyone interested in female domination is welcome to attend.

FemDom CHAT is hosted by educators Auburn Landry and Devon, often joined by special guests.

Preregistration is required.
Attendance is limited.

NOTE: Power Play Academy has switched to a new platform for their online events so allow extra time for setup and such.

Note: Photo of Auburn Goddess and her devious (Auburn Landry and Devon) from the PPA website:

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mistress, do you have any barefeet photos?

I had a bunch at a fetish site that went down, and I haven't decided where I want to post them, and whether paid or free.

There are two picture sets (Pedicure Pics and "Pantyhose Bondage") available for purchase here:

To whet your appetite, you can sample them here:

And there a couple casual foot pics here:

Ask me something worthy of a response. *Adults Only*

Picture: "Toe Typing 2" - Copyright M. Magick
(Picture of my toes & laptop, taken by me.)

A Lovely #MMDay in Pretty Panties
by ed cantor

Here's is ed's latest #MMDay report. It is also posted to his blog here:

For more information on taking part in my #MMDays, see:

* * *
Friday was so busy and I was missing contact with you so much, Mistress, so it was a joy to see your email, to have you recall one of the pretty pairs of panties that had been bought for you, and was now sitting and waiting in my MMDay drawer.

The panties are black, bikini cut, mostly made of a black sheer stretch material, and there is a pretty detail of red ribbon woven into the lace trim and waistband. They are feminine, sexy and feel almost ticklish, Mistress – though it is sometimes difficult to tell if they are acting on my body or on my imagination.

Changing into them, into any panties for you, Mistress, is a ritual I simply love. It may be quick, but it never loses its charge or thrill. The panties are tight in my grip or tucked into my pocket, as I make my way from my desk to the public washrooms. You are never aware of who might be catching a glimpse of your feet under that stall door, until you think about what it might look like to see someone trying to stretch panties over dress shoes, or wondering why they are taking their shoes right off in the stall.

The feel of them on me is electric, as they are sliding up my legs, holding me tightly, stretching around the fullness that is an inevitable result of this experience. The blushing tingle warms my cheeks as I adjust the lines of the panties on me and, in this case, seeing how the trimmed edge fell over my ass, and wondering how visible any panty lines might be.

As the day was no less busy, keeping me from the kind of teasing contact with you I would have loved, I was both missing you and feeling your constant presence, Mistress.

I always feel cherished, cared for, attended to, loved… and the instrument of your pleasure and even arousal, when I am dressed by and for you Mistress, and I wore them all afternoon long, with a tingle, a skip in my step, a twinkle in my eye, and love in my heart.

Thank you Mistress!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Annual Fetish Fashion Show ~

I had a fabulous time at our local Annual Fetish Fashion Show last weekend.

The show was divided up into four categories:
- Fantasy
- Lingerie
- Leather

The pantyboy went with me, and I was his dresser for the show. With a bit of nudging from me, he modeled in both the Fantasy and Lingerie categories this year, after being curious, but too uncertain to enter last year.

In the Fantasy category, he dressed in a fairy costume of his own design: a sleeveless, sheer pink top trimmed in large, black ribbon roses and black lace at the neckline and hem; a very short, pink, ruffled petticoat over a fringed pink thong; black fishnet stockings topped with gathered black lace and large pink bows; hair sprayed pink with my help; a pink marabou crown with a cascade of ribbons down the back, and, of course, large, fluttering multi-colored wings.

In Lingerie, he wore a matching lingerie set which I previously purchased for him to wear for my pleasure: a chemise with black spaghetti straps, thong and garter belt, all made of soft, sheer ivory fabric decorated with ivory embroidery, and trimmed with small, black, satin bows. Black stockings topped with elaborate black lace trim, and a fabric collar with a matching black satin bow completed the look.

I got to enjoy the entire show, but I was backstage before it began and between sets helping him change, which also gave me nice intimate views of some of the other models. ;-)

There were so many good contestants, and the competition was fierce. He didn't win either category, but I bet he would have won at least the lingerie category if it had been last year.

This year's winners were:

- PVC: a young, female submissive who modeled a couple PVC outfits she designed and made herself, including a latex dress with a chainmail bodice (someone else made the chainmail for her) and an olive miltary-style shirt and hat, worn with stockings instead of pants.

- Fantasy: an older Domme, dressed very elaborately as the Pope-ess, including a scepter with two golden realistic cock and ball dildos attached, which jiggled up and down as she moved it.

- Lingerie: A male switch, dressed in nothing but cowboy boots, thong and a very, very short skirt, accompanied by his girl, dressed in a saloon girl outfit made of a ruffled tube top and short, ruffled petticoat.

- Leather: There was absolutely no competing with the local Domme who came with not one, but two male ponies, fully dressed in leather bit, harnesses, etc. They stepped, turned, etc. in time together as she walked behind, directing them with leads and crop, wearing an elegant dress and authentic Kentucky Derby hat.

The male switch who won the lingerie contest with his girl was also one of the ponies. With such an impressive showing, it was no surprise when he also won the People's Choice Award for best overall model. I got quite a nice lapdance from him doing their Lingerie runaway "walk", and he also gave me a peck of a kiss after the show. ;-) If the pantyboy had to lose to anyone, I'm glad it was to him. They were the only two males in lingerie, and he was d*mn hot!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cock Ring Training & Assignment

During the last couple weeks, I've really been enjoyed training capn slight and ed cantor on the proper method for wearing O-ring style cock rings, including on-cam training with capn and IM training with ed.

I've also been planning to have #MMDay partcipants add a set of these rings to their drawers for my pleasure in their wearing in the near future. However, it quickly became obvious to me that you will likely need training regarding how to wear the rings, as well as instructions for buying them. Since I don't have a lot of puppies doing the "Dog Days of Summer" Assignment, it seemed like the perfect time for some Cock Ring Training! ;-)

I think that many of you will enjoy this assignment, whether taking part in the #MMDays or not. There is something very yummy about wearing this kind of cock ring... it's like wearing a collar around your most intimate parts. A certain tightness of ring can help you stay harder, or make you more sensative after it is removed, while a looser ring can be worn longer, serving as a simple, discreet reminder of service or of ownership.

I also often use this sort of assignment in preparation for chastity training. My favorite devices are worn with their base ring in approximately the same location, so, for those trainees, I feel that it is especially important to get used to the feeling of being "held" there. 

If you are interested, and have not received the assignment, email: ForMistressMagick *at* yahoo *dot* com, and ask for it.

I'm looking forward to having your cocks ringed for my pleasure! ;-)

To whet your appetite, here are two of ed's reports from our recent training sessions:

If You Would Like To Apply to Me...