Monday, August 16, 2010

A Lovely #MMDay in Pretty Panties
by ed cantor

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Friday was so busy and I was missing contact with you so much, Mistress, so it was a joy to see your email, to have you recall one of the pretty pairs of panties that had been bought for you, and was now sitting and waiting in my MMDay drawer.

The panties are black, bikini cut, mostly made of a black sheer stretch material, and there is a pretty detail of red ribbon woven into the lace trim and waistband. They are feminine, sexy and feel almost ticklish, Mistress – though it is sometimes difficult to tell if they are acting on my body or on my imagination.

Changing into them, into any panties for you, Mistress, is a ritual I simply love. It may be quick, but it never loses its charge or thrill. The panties are tight in my grip or tucked into my pocket, as I make my way from my desk to the public washrooms. You are never aware of who might be catching a glimpse of your feet under that stall door, until you think about what it might look like to see someone trying to stretch panties over dress shoes, or wondering why they are taking their shoes right off in the stall.

The feel of them on me is electric, as they are sliding up my legs, holding me tightly, stretching around the fullness that is an inevitable result of this experience. The blushing tingle warms my cheeks as I adjust the lines of the panties on me and, in this case, seeing how the trimmed edge fell over my ass, and wondering how visible any panty lines might be.

As the day was no less busy, keeping me from the kind of teasing contact with you I would have loved, I was both missing you and feeling your constant presence, Mistress.

I always feel cherished, cared for, attended to, loved… and the instrument of your pleasure and even arousal, when I am dressed by and for you Mistress, and I wore them all afternoon long, with a tingle, a skip in my step, a twinkle in my eye, and love in my heart.

Thank you Mistress!

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