Tuesday, June 9, 2015

World Cup Chastity: The Women Kick Balls!
Group Play: Game 1 Wrap-Up

azpanties: Backup: Germany
sophie: Backup: England
Miss Michelle Slut: Backup: England
Sissy: Backup: England

The US team won 3-1 against Australia (YAY!) so you all get to help me celebrate by cumming... but it has to be completely hands free! And I want details. ;-)

azpanties, silly, horny, American boy that he is, chose Germany as his Backup team. They KILLED the Ivory Coast 10-zip, so he gets... 10... yes, count them... TEN edges!

He doesn't have a lot of privacy right now and is having to sneak them in. It's fun finding out where, how and when. It's also going to be interesting to see when he'll claim that hands-free release. ;-)

Sophie, Michelle and Sissy are all pulling for their home team of England, who France beat 1-0, so they all have to take 50 spanks - 25 on each cheek. Michelle has already posted pics of her nice, red bum as proof!

Everyone has until 1pm Pacific time / 4pm Eastern time / 9pm London time - when Game 2 starts - to take your rewards and punishments AND to tweet about them. At best, you'll lose any rewards you aren't able to take. But if I see any sign of laziness, you'll be ejected from the game. There are no yellow cards here!

However, there is still time to sign up. To do so, tweet mentioning me (@Mistress_Magick) and include the #WorldCupChastity hashtag. Make sure to state that you're signing up and include your Backup Team, if you are choosing one. Then start following the Group Play Rules. Entry will close before we begin the Round of 16... and The Rules may change then as well. :-)

If you would like to thank me for the game, whether you're officially playing, just reading, or "following along at home", I'd love an Amazon.com gift certificate. Send them to: ForMistressMagick *at* yahoo *dot* com.  Thanks! And, as always, have fun out there!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

2015 World Cup Chastity Game - The Ladies Turn!
The Group Play Rules

Remember last year's
World Cup Chastity Game?

Well, now it's the women's turn to kick some balls! ;-)

Since the US Women's National Team (USWNT) should actually have a chance despite all the recent negative buzz, I want you ALL to support them so they can pull through and win this!

However, I know many of you will also want to support your countries' teams, including sophie, who will be pulling for England while wearing the cute little bikini she found last year.

Therefore, if you aren't American your Backup Team will be your home team.
(You only get a choice if you have dual citizenship.)

If you are American, you can choose a Backup Team, but make sure that it is one that you expect to play well, but NOT to bet the US anytime soon. Otherwise, you may regret it!! ;-)

To Sign Up:
Tweet mentioning me (@Mistress_Magick) and include the #WorldCupChastity hashtag to sign up. Make sure to state your Backup Team, if you are choosing one.

Then follow the rules below during GROUP PLAY:

You must begin your chastity as soon as you sign up to play. This means No Sensual Touching of your genitals, nipples or any other erotic area until the end of the World Cup except as specified by the game, or otherwise by me. You may touch yourself as necessary to use the restroom, shower, get dressed, adjust yourself, lock and unlock (if you have a chastity device), etc., but only as a doctor would touch you - professionally, to get the job done. If you have a chastity device, you may lock up between games, but should be unlocked for your punishment/reward.

Tweet your chastity status daily during the games using the #ChastityStatus and #WorldCupChastity tags, and mention me so that I am sure to see it. :-)

Sissies should also wear lucky panties/patriotic bathing suits whenever possible during the games, and tweet about it using the #DailyPanties and #WorldCupChastity tags, and mention me. :-)

When the US team plays:

Win - You may cum once, but you are NOT allowed to use your hands - this is soccer/futbol after all!
          You may rub against something, stick it into an object that you're NOT holding, etc. Anal play is NOT allowed.
          After you cum, you must lick up as much of the cum as you can manage!

Draw - We played well, but didn't quite get there!
          You may edge, or masturbate without cumming, x number of times, where x equals the score.
          Ex: the final score is 2-2, x=2, so you may edge 2 times.

Lose - My team just got spanked, so you have to take the spanking for me! Using a wooden spoon, slipper, etc., spank yourself  y times where y = GD x 50. You should divide the number by 2, doing 1/2 on each side to even it out.
           Ex: The final score is 5-1, so the GD (Goal Differential) is 4. Therefore y = 4 x 50 = 200, so spank yourself 200 times (100 on each cheek)!

When your Backup Team Plays:
You have to take their punishment for a Draw or Loss, but only get to Edge if they Win. The number of Edges for a win is equal to the number of goals your team scored, so if they win 3-2, you edge 3 times.

I expect my players to tweet and/or email me when they have completed each punishment or reward, as listed above, and to do so as soon as possible after the end of the game.

All rewards and punishments must be completed before the next round of Group Play begins. 

If the US advances from the Groups into the Knock Out Rounds 
- #1 ranked from our group: you may cum once using your hands. And, of course, you must lick up every drop of cum.
#2 ranked from our group: you may cum once, but only by rubbing against something while not using your hands. Don't forget to lick up as much as you can. ;-)

The Reward for Advancing from our Group can be taken anytime between when the ranking is officially announced and when the Knock Out games begin, however you must ask me for your reward, and wait for My approval, before you can take it. Then it must be taken within 48 hours of My approval.

I'll decide on the rules for the Knock Out Rounds after Group Play ends.

Playing So Far:
azpanties: Backup: Germany
sophie: Backup: England
Miss Michelle Slut: Backup: England

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