Tuesday, June 9, 2015

World Cup Chastity: The Women Kick Balls!
Group Play: Game 1 Wrap-Up

azpanties: Backup: Germany
sophie: Backup: England
Miss Michelle Slut: Backup: England
Sissy: Backup: England

The US team won 3-1 against Australia (YAY!) so you all get to help me celebrate by cumming... but it has to be completely hands free! And I want details. ;-)

azpanties, silly, horny, American boy that he is, chose Germany as his Backup team. They KILLED the Ivory Coast 10-zip, so he gets... 10... yes, count them... TEN edges!

He doesn't have a lot of privacy right now and is having to sneak them in. It's fun finding out where, how and when. It's also going to be interesting to see when he'll claim that hands-free release. ;-)

Sophie, Michelle and Sissy are all pulling for their home team of England, who France beat 1-0, so they all have to take 50 spanks - 25 on each cheek. Michelle has already posted pics of her nice, red bum as proof!

Everyone has until 1pm Pacific time / 4pm Eastern time / 9pm London time - when Game 2 starts - to take your rewards and punishments AND to tweet about them. At best, you'll lose any rewards you aren't able to take. But if I see any sign of laziness, you'll be ejected from the game. There are no yellow cards here!

However, there is still time to sign up. To do so, tweet mentioning me (@Mistress_Magick) and include the #WorldCupChastity hashtag. Make sure to state that you're signing up and include your Backup Team, if you are choosing one. Then start following the Group Play Rules. Entry will close before we begin the Round of 16... and The Rules may change then as well. :-)

If you would like to thank me for the game, whether you're officially playing, just reading, or "following along at home", I'd love an Amazon.com gift certificate. Send them to: ForMistressMagick *at* yahoo *dot* com.  Thanks! And, as always, have fun out there!

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