Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bunnies & Birthdays ~

I just sent out this year's Easter/Ostara assignment, which I've decided to rename the "Bunny Assignment". It's a bit different from my other holiday assignments, and is appropriate for girls of any gender (no boy-parts needed) and for some furries, as well as for the usual CDs, sissies, pantyboys and subs. It's based on a Playboy bunny transformation assignment that I previously wrote as an Easter assignment, but also has some interesting elements from my "Puppy Play" series, except that in this case, its "Bunny Play". :-)

Since it's already past Ostara and so close to Easter, I decided to extend the deadlines. At least the shopping should be done by Easter and the gift sent by my birthday. Knowing that the last part of the assignment will require a couple hours of privacy, I'm allowing each trainee to commit to their own deadline for performing it and returning the final report. However, I know if they wait too long, they won't do the assignment, and given that I am planning to do a Beltane/May Day assignment, I've asked that the final report deadlines before April 20.

BTW - I found some interesting links while researching the assignment, including this cute Japanese "bunny girl", though one really has to ask what it is about the Japansese and young girls!

I also found this video of a Playboy Bunny Costume Party after I sent out the assignment, and am definitely making a note of it for next year:

I decided to update my "Favorites" wish list rather than set up a separate one just for my birthday. It's been renamed "Pamper Me (Anytime)" and is now located here:

I'm looking forward to seeing what kinds of goodies I get, as well as what kinds of bunnies you boys and girls are, and how you express them. :-)

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