Sunday, April 10, 2011

Secret Diary of a Call Girl: Sexy Boy in Lingerie

I love the series Secret Diary of a Call Girl, which is shown on Showtime here in the States. Season 4 started last Thursday night (here), and I decided to re-watch the last episode of Season Three before watching it. (Season 3 is available to watch at any time on Showtime OnDemand through April 12.)

I had forgotten about this ultra-yummy scene (from the beginning of Season 3, Episode 8), and I had to share it with you. Belle is with a long-time client, a plastic surgeon, who is also a bit of a friend. He always wants the same vanilla thing when sees her, and she suspects there is something else he fantasizes about. She gets him to open up to her and admit that he is excited by wearing women's lingerie, but he's only done it a few times... and it did not go over well with the one girlfriend whose stuff he tried to "borrow".

I love watching this clip and the lead up to it, where she is painting his nails, because it reminds me of how I am with my in-person boys. With me, the bra is optional, but I absolutely love the look of MY cock covered in opaque fabric, but trimmed in lace, with a garterbelt and lace-topped stockings creating a nice frame for the package in front and the buns in back. Black lace and silk are my favorites, so this is the perfect outfit, and you boys should take notes. I also love to tease, like she did, but for much longer... to adjust the panties and garters, and straighten the stockings, making sure that the presentation is perfect in the front and in the back... knowing and watching the reaction that my soft caresses create.

There is something especially hot about when he mounts her, and they are both in black, lacey lingerie..basically matching. Of course, with me, if he is lucky enough to pleasure me so intimately, I'm usually on top... and he isn't allowed to cum until I'm satisfied. ;-)

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