Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kink Academy

Kink Academy is looking for a few good bloggers, and I hope to be one of them.

As many of you know, I have taken classes through Power Play Academy and I regularly attend their monthly FemDom CHAT, hosted by friends of mine. I see the two websites as being complementary resources in that they each serve a different need but can easily be used together for a more complete approach.

Power Play Academy has web-based classes with real-time interaction, where you can chat, ask questions, etc., while watching slides and/or cam demos. Classes may meet only once or on a specified schedule over a couple weeks or a month, and those that meet regularly may have homework for completion between sessions. Like a more traditional classroom setting, it has the advantage of allowing for interaction between participants, but it also requires waiting for the next class "semester" to begin and, of course, the student has to be available according to the class schedule. Payment is by class, and some monthly discussions are offered for free.

In contrast, Kink Academy has an on-demand approach, with a large selection of educational videos which are available 24/7. You can view a suggested curriculum, get suggestions by experience level, subject, toy or faculty member, or simply search for a keyword. Payment is by month, and some videos are offered for free. There are also discounts for paying for three months or a year at one time.

I greatly enjoy the interaction and community support that Power Play Academy offers, but I love the idea of having 24/7 access to all the how-to videos at Kink Academy. I've been in and out of the scene since 1995, and while I am an expert in some areas, I would consider myself at the intermediate level for many of the Kink Academy topics. The reason is that I tend to be a sensual, service-oriented Domme, and it's honestly been a long time since I've tied a karada or flogged someone. There are quite a few areas where I have attended in-person classes over the years, and know the basics, but I don't practice the techniques on a regular basis. So, while I do feel confident, but rusty, in much of the basic knowledge that is offered on the site, I also know that I don't know all the tricks... and, well, having a skill and safety refresher course is always a good place to begin when it's been a while.

There are also many areas where it is a lot easier to learn from watching a video than from a book, or it is difficult to find someone locally who has the same level of expertise as the presenters here. There are activities that I've only watched (cupping, needle play), and others that I know well (foot fetishes, puppy play), but where I always welcome new ideas and angles. The more that I look at the site, the more I realize how diverse the information is, covering relationships and sexual health as well as kink.. and all with a focus on safety and skill building rather than on titillation. There is so much here to watch that a newbie could easily get overwhelmed, and I'm starting to understand why specific curriculum suggestions are available to help new students find their way. Kink Academy is easily worth the cost of admission, and I do want to thank my darling jezi-girl for tributing mine. I plan to make good use of it whether I get the position or not.

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