Monday, June 28, 2010

#MMDay #2 & Last Week's Panty Shopping Report

Today was Comfy Black Panties Day. Like a good boy, when I asked ed to get a pair of black panties, he got three different styles for me to choose from. Today, I selected the comfy black cotton bikinis because I was tired from the weekend, and I liked the idea of wearing "comfort panties", like comfort food, rather than sexy panties. 'Course, they all feel sexy to him because he isn't used to wearing them yet. I love the way that even the simple ones cup him and tease him, continuously reminding him of me, as he goes about his day.

Today's yummy-as-ever report is here:

Speaking of good reports, here is his informal Panty Shopping Report from last week:

I tried looking at a department store at first, Mistress, I guess because the lingerie department would be larger, but it was rather uninspiring. There were lots and lots and lots to choose from, and I did see some okay things, but nothing that really captured my mind. I think I will go back, for another attempt, another time perhaps.

I decided to venture into the mall itself, into the La Senza store. I don’t know if you have these stores – they are/were sort of a Canadian version of Victorias Secret – so much so that I think VS bought the chain.

This setting was much more, well, to use my word from before... inspiring. It was very pretty and girly and lacy and even smelled of perfume. But it ended up being much more challenging, as most of the panties seemed to be either collected on large tables in the middle of feature layouts, or in elaborate displays with matching bras. I had to do a lot more touching and sorting of panties, in a lot closer quarters with more attentive salesgirls. I’m sure VS is the same, but they always have such cute girls there, always pretty and petite, all surly wearing their own products, all pushed up, with tops open to show at least a touch of this lacy camisole or that, with tight black pants with no visible lines at all.

In the end, I found three pairs that I chose to buy – they were on sale, three pairs for $25 – LOL.

The first is a bikini style, black lace, with a kind of ruffled lace trim, actually with a detail of pink in it. The lace has a backing or liner at the “package” Mistress, to hold me in as you liked.

The second is a black lace thong. The lace is kind of a wide band at the waist and in front, with a bit of lining. There is not as much to hold me in, Mistress, but I did think that the thong would be a sissier feeling… as well as avoiding panty lines….

The third is a simple, black, cotton and lycra bikini pair, Mistress.

I got them all in extra-large, and when asked at the cashier if I needed a gift receipt, I forced myself to say “no.” I’m sure I was blushing stupidly, and I could barely look up as I paid, but I made it…

They have been transferred into a very nondescript bag and they are forming the start of my “drawer” here, Mistress….

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