Sunday, June 6, 2010

Collar Shopping & Puppy-Colored Glasses

I've been shopping for a training collar for a new puppy, and I had to share some of my favorite finds.

Like my new "Dog Days of Summer" assignment, I started out looking for a plain black leather collar. I have a fetish for black leather, so I generally require that of all of my new puppies. I don't like spikes and studs as I don't find them the least bit submissive, and some of the sharper spikes are even potentially dangerous, so I generally require that the collar be plain to further show their submissive nature. However, this week I saw several collars with cute designs which I would also find acceptable for the assignment, as well as for my boys & girls.

My Favorite Leather Collars with Bones or Paw Print Designs:
These help emphasize that the wearer is a puppy/doggie rather than just a general submissive.
With Rhinestone Bones for the Femme & Fabulous Puppy:

After looking around online, I decided to check my local pet stores to see if any of them had leather collars with bone or paw print designs, or something similiar that I might like. I didn't find the collar that was looking for, but I did fall in love with these dog bowls from Bellas Bowls, in Copper Metallic:

After the pet stores, I headed to a couple department stores for other items, which is when I realized that I still had on puppy-colored glasses: I saw towels with paw prints and immediately thought of my new subpuppy and my upcoming assignment. It wasn't until later that realized that I wasn't even sure if they were dog prints or cat prints!

A day later, after dinner tonight, I saw a license plate frame with a paw print design in the parking lot, and my mind was right there again!

Obviously I'm really looking forward to both training my new puppy, and to reading the reports from my "Dog Days of Summer" assignment. :-)

Contact me to take part in my new Puppy Play assignment. (New subs and puppies can email: ForMistressMagick *at* Yahoo *dot* com.) I'm looking forward to celebrating the "Dog Days of Summer" as you explore your Puppy-Selves.

Collar with Bone Design:
Bella Bowl:

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