Friday, June 18, 2010

Q: When you think of the idea of "showing off your boy" do you prefer the idea of taking him out in public collared and leashed, with other secrets hidden beneath street clothes... or having him serve totally, wearing even less, before a chosen few?

A: Actually, it’s usually somewhere in between. I love the idea of the hidden secrets underneath, but to me that is a different type of stimulus…something that makes me quietly smile or gets me all wet, knowing how it privately reflects my control over him.

Hmmm… though tweeting about it is showing him off, as are the yummy glimpses of our intimate conversations that we sometimes share with others on Twitter. I love retweeting jezi’s panty reports, and also commenting on the yummy feelings that I get while wearing or using various gifts and tributes from my boys and trainees. While the actions might be in private, talking about how much my boy pleases me is definitely one area in which I enjoy showing him off.

One of the key factors is interacting with people whom I know or who might comment back. I also really enjoy “controlled exhibitionism” (which might be a better description of the seen portion of your first example), but even in that, I want to be able to see and feel the response of the watcher. A lot of the pleasure that I receive is actually in knowing my/our effect on others.

When looking for a personal submissive, I want someone who will make me proud of him… who I can enjoy showing off. He is intelligent; interesting; confident in his skills, but not cocky/arrogant, and acts like a gentleman, ‘though he has enough of a naughty steak to indulge, and sometimes inspire, my more adventurous ideas. ;-) He is eager to help others when it is appropriate, but he doesn’t put them ahead of my needs. He can keep up his end of a conversation with my friends, who range from college dropouts to PhDs.

Here are some examples of my favorite real life ways of showing a boy off, most of which I have enjoyed with more than one of my subs:

  • Loaning him out as a demo model for an instructor (whom I trust) who is teaching something that he enjoys or is curious about.
  • Having him show off/teach/demo/share his experiences with specific fetishes/kinks, such as having him show off his chastity device and how it goes on and off for friends at a party, and discussing with them his experiences in wearing it.
  • Having him serve me at a party or event, or even model in a fetish fashion show, in clothes that I have picked out for him.
  • Loaning him out to help with setup or taking down for an event.
  • Leading a boy around an event, asking others to play with the bells on his nipples, or chastity, or having them each take a turn while I am giving him a spanking. Basically, asking/allowing them to take part in teasing or playing with him, and comment on it while I enjoy both their reactions and his.

Some more specific memories:

  • Having him serve at a party that I am hosting – greeting guests, putting away coats, helping with the food table, getting drinks, etc. Wearing his chastity key on a necklace, clearly visible near my heart, “knowing” friends notice and congratulate me on the new boy. One of them, noticing that his collar does not have a lock, asks what the key is for, and I indicate that it fits something a bit lower. ;-) (Mmm…taking more private pleasure in the memories of him pleasuring me beforehand, and then cleaning and setting things up while I showered, dressed and answered last minute calls and emails.)
  • Sending him ahead to SRO classes at a national BDSM event while I network in the hall. Coming in, saying “thank you, but no” to the guys who are offer me seats, and even the one who offered me a place on his lap, carefully moving past the folks sitting in the aisle, giving him a small, un-needed gesture as I get to him, and then taking his seat as he drops down to sit on the floor at my feet.
  • Wowing the International Leathermen at Folsom Street Faire, calling others to come look and one guy even dropping to his knees at the size of my boy’s cock.
  • While vending at another kink event, the organizers decided to keep the vendor room open later, through dinner, to allow for more shopping time. He took the initiative to take pizza orders from the various vendors, place the order, collect the cash, greet the delivery boy at the door and distribute the slices, also getting drinks for those who needed them.
  • Going in to setup for that event, he carried several boxes that I can only carry one-at-a-time, stacked very high, through the vendor room. My private pleasure was in turning around and seeing all the boxes there without my having to ask or wait or do anything. The pleasure in showing him off was in the approval of others, especially when a girl that was there by herself, representing one of the lingerie vendors, asked if she could borrow him. I was quite happy to oblige.
Events like that really stand out in my mind, and bring a smile to my face years (even over a decade!) later, but they aren’t necessarily the ones that you can script ahead of time. The right kind of boy does them because that is who he is, and then I find myself both wonderfully surprised and very happy to show him off.

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