Thursday, June 24, 2010

What is #MMDay?

Oh my, what a yummy day!

Mmm... where to begin...

I recently ordered my boy, ed cantor, to begin filling a drawer at work with items that I might direct him to wear or use for my pleasure. Unlike jezi and bella, who would enjoy wearing panties every day even if they weren't wearing them for me, ed doesn't crossdress for himself. His crossdressing, like all of his submission, is whatever his Mistress desires, and the motivation is purely to please and delight Her.

On Tuesday night, he purchased the first items for his drawer: several pairs of black panties, in different styles. Today, I decided to deflower his new drawer by having him wear the sexiest pair of them for me. I also realized that my gurls were in sexy black panties today, and I decided to open it up and invite anyone who wanted to join in.

You know that I really get off on the control and worship of having boys and gurls around the world do my assignments for me, and this is just a new twist on that. So I'm going to announce #MMDay's on Twitter whenever the whim hits me. Obviously, #MMDay stands for "Mistress Magick Day", however I am tending to think of them as "Lacy Black Panties Day" or "Cock Ring Day" or well... Whatever I Desire Day. ;-)

All my readers are invited to follow along and join in (obviously some tasks will require having male anatomy). To participate, you need to:

1) Follow me on Twitter:

2) Begin building a drawer of goodies. So far, all you need is a pair of lacy black panties. Make these classically sexy, but not slutty.

Some other items that I'm considering for the drawer:

- A basic cock ring, that you can wear for an extended period of time. I prefer the solid O-rings in rubber or metal for this.

- Black, lace-trimmed stockings & garter belt, stay-ups or garter-stockings that go well with your black lace panties.

- A matching black lace softcup bra, for those who can get away with it.

- Virginal white satin panties with delicate trim

- Frilly femme pink girlie/sissy panties

- Slutty red panties.

- Basic black cotton panties.

- A pack of thin maxi pads

- A small butt plug

3) When I announce an #MMDay, respond on Twitter, including the hash tag "#MMDay", indicating that you are wearing the directed item. I'd also love to know how it feels and how it is effecting you mentally and physically.

By clicking on the hash tag in your tweets, you can also search for it, which will return the recent tweets including that tag. In that way, you can see the tweets from everyone who is participating regardless of whether you follow them.

#MMDays will occur at my whim, and to suit my desire.

* * *

ed cantor will be posting edited verisons of his #MMDay reports in his Tumbler blog. The first ultra yummy one is at

I also love reading quality, detailed reports from other submissives, and post the best ones in my blog at:

For those wishing to apply to be, a tribute for my time is also strongly suggested.

Both can be sent to: ForMistressMagick *at* yahoo *dot* com.

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  1. Thank you Mistress... I see I already have a lot of shopping to do!


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