Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cupping Your Balls & Reminding You of Me
(Wearing Panties For Your Mistress)

From the script for one of my favorite movies, Bull Durham:

She pulls something from her handbag and hands it to Nuke. A pair of WOMEN'S RED PANTIES, with lace and frills.

ANNIE: I want you to wear these on the road trip when you pitch.

NUKE: What?

ANNIE: They'll fit snugly against your balls in such a wonderful way that you'll start seeing things differently -- plus they'll remind you of me which is better than thinking about those nasty hitters.

~  From: http://www.dailyscript.com/scripts/Bull+Durham.txt
(Apparently, in the original version, she gives him panties to wear, not a garter belt (as shown). I love both!)

I first started having boys wear panties, especially black lacey ones, because I love the way that they look - nicely decorating both the buns and bulge - covering the package while inviting me to touch and play. ;-)

But I've found that having a boy wear them when away from me adds another aspect - teasingly reminding him of my ownership and control. And, yes, whether nervous or excited, I love knowing that he's wearing them for me - our little secret.

andrew (who also sent me the quote above), put it so well in an email today that I just had to share it:

I'm excited to wear only feminine panties, it's been something like 6 or 7 weeks since I last wore my male underwear, and it's all been put away in a drawer; I haven't even seen a pair for well over a month.

It's a constant reminder, having to make a selection, report to you each morning, keep them laundered (I have fewer panties in rotation than I used to have male pants). They're more delicate and I can't just throw them in the washing machine with my jeans -- like I would have with my cotton boxer briefs -- so they take more looking after and of course that's a secondary responsibility and reminder, because there are almost always some panties hanging to dry. I'm not having to handwash them though, so I can be grateful for that.

For me, I enjoy the feel, all the styles feel different under my clothes, a constant reminder that I'm dressed differently. But of course, best of all is, I'm doing it for You [and nobody else knows]. It's one of the connections we have, Mistress.

It's made me wet just writing about it, I've just had to lick up some pre-cum.

Your boy

Nuke in garters: http://www.pyleoflist.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/anuke1.jpg
Self-portrait in panties by My boy, andrew

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