Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Slick-quid, not Sticky!

I was very excited to receive samples of Sliquid lube. In reading about their products, I am very impressed by their attitude and emphasis on using ingredients that are healthy and help a woman retain her natural balance. All of their lubes are paraben and glycerin free, common ingredients in lubricants which can cause burning and irritation in those with chemical allergies or sensitivities. The one issue that I should mention is that I was surprised that all their flavored "Swirl" lubes contain aspartame, an artificial sweetener which can be deadly for those with phenylketonuria (PKU) and may cause headaches, seizures and other issues in those who are sensitive to it. For this reason, I did not test any of their flavored lubes and can not recommend them. However, the problem of artificial sweeteners in lubricants is an issue for other companies as well, and I'm still very impressed with all Sliquid's non-flavored lubes.

My favorite of the samples was Sliquid Satin, and I received a small bottle to continue my "testing". It's thicker than their H20 lube, so it stays on better when I apply it on toys. Not only am I using it for intimate fun, I also found that it's the perfect lube to use with my kegel balls (which are the original Fun Factory Smartballs shown at left - click here for the UK link). I found them uncomfortable until I learned that they need to be worn with copious amounts of lube. Now I love them and ... well... try wearing them in a rocking chair or glider. Oh my!

Sliquid Satin reminds me of the original Astroglide in it's clarity and consistency, and the way that it is made to resemble a woman's natural lubrication. But it's 1000 times better: not only is it made from natural ingredients, it also doesn't dry sticky! I even tried applying some to my arm just to test it. After it dried, it first felt like there was still a bit of a smooth coating, but then even that dried away and it just felt slightly softer. Very nice!

Sliquid Satin's formulated so that it can also be used daily as a Personal/Vaginal Moisturizer and Lubricant for those of us who have dryness due to age, health issues or medications. Only a few drops are usually needed, and it's clear, smooth and easy to apply.

Yes, it's a condom-friendly, woman-friendly, natural (and even vegan-friendly!) lubricant and moisturizer that doesn't dry sticky. What more could any woman want!

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In addition, for a limited time, you can get a FREE 8.5oz bottle of Sliquid Silk Hybrid Lubricant (2011 packaging - a $22.99 value) with any purchase $24.99 or higher!

FYI - Sliquid also has a boys' lubricant line called Ride Rub. It includes a quality Silicone Lube and a truely yummy Silicone/Water-based "Silk" Hybrid, as well as their "Stroke Oil".

Stroke Oil contains a blend of sweet almond oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, sunflower seed oil, macadamia nut oil, jojoba seed oil, mango and shea butters, with vitamin e and just a touch of silicone (dimethicone). The pantyboy tells me that coconut oil is his favorite for anal play. Since I got so many goodies, I decided to share the Stroke Oil sample with him for "testing". It isn't condom friendly, but makes a decadent, unscented, super slick massage oil, and it is great if you want a natural oil-based lube for male masturbation or anal play.

I personally want to try more Sliquid products, and their warming lube,  Sliquid Organics Natural Sensation, is next on my shopping list! I wonder if one of you boys would like to get a large bottle of it for me while I can still get a free bottle of their creamy Sliquid Silk Silicone/Water-based Hybrid Lubricant with the purchase. 

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to get 10% off on orders from the Sliquid Shop

FTC Disclosure: I am a Sliquid affiliate, and I received an assortment of Sliquid sample packets and a small bottle of Sliquid Satin free for review. I received no other compensation, and the above is my honest review of the products which I received.   

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