Saturday, January 26, 2013

"Dick Heads" in Chastity

I love chastity training and play, but I get tired of boys and gurls who use pics of themselves in their chastity devices as their user icon. If I can see your dick and/or balls, these are still cock shots, and I honestly don't want to see it unless/until I am considering whether I want to make it Mine. And showing it to me first thing will ensure that it will never be! This kind of pic is all about your ego and your needs, and doesn't show any desire to get to know me or what I like. We tell you guys again and again that you should never send pics like this unsolicited, and that includes not making them your user icon.

You should also not push them on a Domme when you are asking Her to take you back, which is what a sub recently did to me, supposedly to show me his new device. In response, I tweeted:

“boys – pics of your device while you’re wearing it are still cock shots. Have some class: use/send a pic of just your device.”

The following twitter exchange inspired this great blog post by Tom Allen, which you should all read:

What the sub should have done was send me a link to the device on the manufacturer's website, but only after I actually requested it. If it's a custom device, then he could also send me a pic of the device when he wasn't wearing it. Next time you have your device off for cleaning, arrange it nicely on something and take a photo. Simple. This also makes a great user pic for chastity sites such as this one (also including a pair of his panties) which I approved for use by Simple Twist:

You can also see it on his profile here:

I also think poor locked has an ingenious user icon (showing a champagne cork held in place by it's wire cage), but duplicating him is not the idea.

I do appreciate boys who at least try to be more tasteful. @carumbad uses a photo of himself in a chrome-finish CB device which is taken close up/cropped to show his numbered lock. The device is opaque, which helps a lot, and I imagine this was a pic for his keyholder showing the number on his lock. It is much better than others, although it still shows more of the balls than I like to see in a user icon. An idea to correct this might be to take a pic while wearing panties or sexy briefs on and holding them down in front just far enough to show the lock. Any other ideas?

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