Friday, January 7, 2011

January Assignment

Since this is a simple assignment, I have decided to include it here, rather than email it out. Other Dommes are welcome to have their subs complete it for them as well.
* * *

My January assignment is in honor of the Roman god, Janus, after whom the month is named. Often depicted with two heads, facing in opposite directions, Janus was given the power, by Saturn, to simultaneously see both the past and the future. He governs endings, new beginnings and the door that opens and closes between them.

It is important for all subs to have regular check-ins with their Dommes. The beginning of a new calendar year, this is an excellent time to look both back and forward at your long-term progress and goals regarding the growth of your submission and service.

This assignment has two parts:

1) Take some time to reflect on the previous year: What "firsts" have you achieved or experienced? How has your D/s relationship changed or grown? What are you thankful for? Proud of? Happy to remember again and again? Perhaps your wore panties for the first time, and are finding that you love it. Or you entered into chastity and are happy to see how it is deepening your service and devotion to your Lady? Or maybe you are happy to have found a Mistress, or other Lady to serve. Write a few paragraphs and/or make a list of your 2010 kink/D/s achievements.

2) Take some time to think on your hopes for the year ahead. What would you like to experience or to strive for this year? Do you want to focus on being a better sub in some way - by learning  new skill or by being more attentive? Do you want to try to go longer in your chastity? Or to write 1000 lines for the first time? If you want to be a better submissive or sissy, what does that mean exactly? Write a few paragraphs and/or make a list of your kinky/D/s desires/goals for 2011.

Submit your answers to your Domme for her review, along with a tribute* reflecting your devotion to her and thanking her for her time and attention.

If you are applying to me, or another Domme (and please remember that you should only apply to one Domme at a time - to do otherwise is disrespectful), your submission should be indicative of your true desire to serve and the sincerity of your application.

For me, your assignment is due via email (to me at: ForMistressMagick *at* yahoo *dot* com) by January 15. If you are postal mailing an item, or ordering something to be sent to me, indicate that when you submit your answers.

*As I'm moving later this month (my PO Box will remain the same), I would especially appreciate hardcopy Target gift cards and similar items.

I'll have a better idea of what household items I'll need a bit later, but I am sure there will be curtain rods, closet organizers and the like. (While this seem very "boring", every time I use my Ninja (food processor/blender) or external hard drive, I still think of the boys who gave them to me.)

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