Monday, January 3, 2011

Why be a Humiliation Puppy? (And A Contest!)

I received the below in response to posting mutt's latest report, and my followup tweets requesting new ideas on how to humiliate him. It was a sweet response, and I'm sharing it here, with his permission to publish anything he sends me, because I think it will help others understand what he enjoys about being a humiliation puppy!

Speaking of which, while I've already givem mutt his next assignment, I'd still love some new ideas! Soooo...

Tweet or email me your ideas on how to humiliate mutt next, and I'll have him do the winner's task, complete with a full report!

The winner will get a special surprise from me! ;-)

As Mistress' puppy, mutt surely accepts that my owner uses mutt's reports in Your blog. The fact that Mistress is free to use mutt's texts as She wishes, sort of increases the excitement for mutt. This partly from being "used", and also this partly from the fact that mutt is happy to be of some benefit for his Mistress! ...

Yes, it would be especially humiliating to do commands made by another Domme or a sub. After reading Your posting at Your blog about mutt's report; I just happened to get into Mistress' Twitter. It was special for mutt, to read Mistress' question for ideas !!

Mistress, it was also very special to read Your paragraphs in the start of my report at Your blog:

"Before I first started playing with mutt a couple of years ago, I didn't think that I was into 'humiliation'. I don't like degrading boys in a way that approaches abuse, and I don't want to damage their psyche. However, if having him strip down, put on a dog collar with a personalized tag showing his submission (the clinking of the tag against the bowl reminds him of what it says), and do puppy things for me is "humiliation", then I'm all for it!"

mutt's comments:

1) Thanks for Your concern for mutt, Mistress!

2) For mutt is being Mistress' doggy, a way of getting relief, yes. But it is also a way of relaxing from the daily stress. By being Your doggy, I can put everything else away, and concentrate on something special: Being an animal for a Mistress, that take time and care to educate, putting in his rightful place, and to govern Her follower.

3) Without Mistress' assignments; I would have problems in relaxing from all the different demands from work and other parts of my private life.

4) mutt is enjoying humiliation! By being my Mistress, You are giving me a chance to use also this part of myself!

5) Since the assignments has to be done without Mistress being present, must the assignments have a "spike"! To do assignments is, as mentioned above, a way of putting the daily demands away for some time. If the assignment has humiliation / abuse, then it is a bigger chance for the assignments can have that function.

6) Summary: mutt is happy to be Your doggy. To be treated as a dog and given humiliating commands, is a way for me to relax from the daily stress, and to get sexual relief and joy!

All the best to Mistress,

Your mutt

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