Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Foot Worship Puppy Play

I had a yummy call tonight with a foot fetishist who is into puppy play. He loves the sound of flip flops and is the one who bought me my new Sole Sport Flips. They arrived yesterday, and we had planned for me to call him when they came in so that he could listen to me walking in them. I wasn't sure how much he was going to be able to hear me, even with the speaker phone on the floor, but I had a couple surprises planned for him as well.

I prepped by changing into my rosebud-trimmed chemise (a birthday tribute from one of my boys) and setting the flips and other toys in the kitchen, where they should make the most noise. I love wearing things that were tributed to me... it makes me feel sexy, pampered, loved and desired. I was also wearing panties that match the panties that I gifted to my jezi-girl, and the thought that everything I was wearing was tied to a boy was incredibly hot.

After calling him up, I slipped back into my flips, which I had also been wearing when I was cooking earlier. With the phone on the floor, I walked back and forth past it and then just started dancing in front of it. I have to admit that I was thinking about trampling a boy, and especially certain parts of him, while I was dancing. ;-) I know he gets off on the sound of flips, but the fact that I was wearing them just for him was driving him crazy, and I was having so much fun doing it that I was laughing.

Then I started playing with the chain leashes... first a regular weight one with a leather wrist loop, and then a heavier one with a nylon loop, and finally the collar and dog tags... talking about putting them on him and having him follow me around as I walked... pulling on his leash as needed. I kept jiggling them and jangling them, and he was in heaven... and I was getting wet just hearing how much it was all affecting him. As we got more and more into the sounds of the heavy leash and tags, I kicked off the flips and started hitting the floor with one of them. It sounded just like a paddle, spanking him... adding even more to both our excitement. I eventually went to just playing with the sounds of the heavier leash and dog tags, laughing at how much he was getting into it... and begging to be allowed to touch what he knows he can not touch without permission. 

Eventually, I took the phone, leash and tags into the bedroom, and curled up on my bed, still playing with them. I said that he was now lick my feet and clean then like a good puppy... and... well...  I think I'll leave it to your imagination from there. ;-)

Dreaming of a certain puppy curled up at my feet...


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