Friday, May 7, 2010

Aside from the bedroom, what is your favourite room to use a submissive in? Does the setting affect his tasks, or vice versa?

I would say vice versa: I choose the setting based on the task at hand, what furniture is required, etc.

My favorite room is actually the livingroom (although I've used the futon in my home office in many of the same ways). I keep kneeling cushions in the livingroom, and I love to sit or lounge on the couch or futon while you:

- Present yourself, kneeling before me wearing only your thong, with your collar in hand, ready for me to put it on you.

- Strip and model various thongs and cockrings, or panties, stockings, and other lingerie.

- Bring me water from the kitchen, and then sit on the other end of the futon, rubbing lotion on my feet as I work on my laptop.

- Massage my back as you kneel beside me. I stretch out as you work, relaxing into the couch, so that you can massage me more completely back and front.

- Sit on the floor in front of me, sucking my toes for hours. The couch is a nice height and provides back support as a use a free foot for leverage on your shoulder or against your hardness.

And I might also sit there working as you wait on me, dressed as a sissy maid or only wearing your thong. Enjoying you serving me, I occassionally look up or comment as you are cooking in the adjacent kitchen or cleaning and taking care of things around the house.

The livingroom also has the most space to move around for role play, etc. And to be quite honest, my favorite position works best on the couch. ;-)

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