Sunday, May 30, 2010

Panties & Garters... and my Favorite Garter Stockings

Apparently there is a great debate over which should go on top, the panties or the garter belt. To me, it's quite obvious:

Yes, it often looks sexier to have the garters on top of the panties, and that is absolutely fine if one is posing for a photo shoot or just putting them on in the bedroom, where one does not expect to be wearing them for any length of time. 

However, if you are actually wearing them, then the panties should obviously go on top. The first trip to the Ladies' Room will quickly prove this fact.

When with a Lady, if you want to remove the stockings first, as any gentleman should, you simply unhook the stockings and roll them down, perhaps with soft kisses upon the legs, feet and toes as you go.

I personally believe that the test of a man's experience and dexterity isn't whether he can unhook a bra, but rather whether he can undo a garter with only the flip of a couple fingers. If you don't believe me, watch the movie Bull Durham, and imagine me as Annie Savoy. I often do! ;-)

That being said, I personally prefer lace-trimmed garter stockings (seen at the right, also sometimes called "suspender hose") for everyday wear, and on my boys as well. They don't have the hardware of a garter belt, and are less binding/more accessible than pantyhose.

However, with these, whatever is on top is what will be removed first! Well, unless you want to cut off the stockings... and believe me, it has been done! Everything else holds true, so since they are being worn all day, or at least all evening, the panties go on top. Then all you have to do is slip down your undies when you go to the Ladies' (or, for you boys, the Gents'), and your panties also help control the "suspenders"- they do move around and stretch as you walk and sit. I, of course, require easy access to my property, and these leave a nice pretty lace "frame" around your (My!) package or buns, even when I have exposed them for my pleasure and potential use.

- Screen shot taken from my DVD of Bull Durham
- Calvin Klein Garter Stockings @ Bare Necessities

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