Thursday, May 20, 2010

What is your favourite way to mark a lover or submissive? With any level of permanence you choose?

I'm honestly not very much into tattoos, scars or branding, but I do love practical piercings. "Practical" meaning ones that I can play with or enjoy in some way: nipple piercings and PAs being my favorites so far. Captive bead rings or other sturdy hoop-styles are required, as I like to attach things to them.

I have a tremendous amount of fun playing with nipple piercings... they seem to invite my fingers and lips to them... not to mention putting bells on them, attaching nipple clamps, connecting them to a cock ring, etc.

PA's can be used (carefully) for a leash, to help better secure a chastity device, etc. It's a great way to mark a cock as mine, and to decorate it for my pleasure! I've found that a PA which fits such that the ring is flush when hard, with the bead making a nice nub, feels a-maz-ing on the g spot during rear entry, and I'd love to have a version that would work while facing. I'm curious about an apadravya for that. I like the "look" of it, but I haven't had the opportunity to experience one yet.

Of course, I also love marking boys with collars (including necklaces), cock rings, chastity and/or panties. Exactly what often depends on the boy.

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