Monday, May 31, 2010

Kink-Colored Glasses: Scrunchies

My Beltane assignment seems to have given my sissy in the UK "kink-colored glasses" for scrunchies. And I love it! I love the way that using a vanilla object in a kinky way can change the way that you look at the object forever. I love that my simple written assignment can do that to someone, even from half a world away. And I love that it gives her even more reason to think about me, and to be reminded of my ownership of her, even while out on an innocent shopping trip!

I do admit that, as she is my gurl, I altered the assignment slightly for her, and also allowed her to do it late because of family obligations. Then, using the delay in perfoming the assignment and the changes that I made for her as the reasons, I delighted in having her repeat it for we several times, reinforcing my ownership of her, such that May Day almost became "Scrunchie Week". As such, it's no wonder that she's having a new appreciation for pretty scrunchies as she shops and still buying new ones to add to her collection. I think I may have to declare certain days as "Scrunchie Days"... days which I select, on which she will wear a scrunchie in the selected color around her package under her pretty panties as a further reminder of my ownership of her and of "my" cock.

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