Wednesday, July 9, 2014

World Cup Chastity Game - The Finals

 Actual start times (not ESPN pre-game times), shown in New York City/Boston/My time.
(Captured from Google. They've also had some GREAT Doodles for the Games.)

We're there, and I said I'd do something special for the Final! ;-) Actually, I think it would be fun for everyone to have something riding on each of the last two games, so...

My Continuing Players have to keep their previously selected teams (underlined), but also choose a team (in bold) for each game that they aren't in.  

Continuing Players (updated July 12)
azpanties: Netherlands and Argentina
sophie: Netherlands and Germany
marc (submissive_geek): Brazil and Argentina
jezi: Belgium Netherlands and Argentina

I find "The More, The Merrier!" so I'm also opening the game back up to New and Returning Players, but they won't have the privilege of a Special Request. Only the players who have been in this from the beginning have earned that.

NEW and Returning Players should choose a team in each of the final games by midnight their time on Friday night:
1) Brazil or the Netherlands?
2) Argentina or Germany?
And, of course, you must be chaste from the moment you read this post, regardless of how much time you spend choosing your teams. ;-)

The Rewards & Punishments
1st Place: Special Reward for Continuing Players / Regular Release and Eat It All for New Players
4th Place: LOTS of Spanks - I'll decide how many afterward, based on the game!

But I haven't decided which of these goes to 2nd Place & which to 3rd:
- Hands-Free Release & Lick It Up
- LOTS of Edges - I'll decide how many afterward, based on the game!
- Wear the ribbons in the victor's colors around your cock for 24 hours (can be split into multiple days)
- Something else? ;-)

What do you think? E-mail me, tweet @Mistress_Magick or comment below. I'll decide before the game on July 12th. It is your responsibility to watch this blog & My Twitter for updates.

Read all My World Cup Chastity Game Rules and Updates:


NOTE: While this game is free, and one that I am really enjoying playing with my own subs, publishing the updates for the rest of you takes a lot of work. Gifts of thanks are much appreciated, and will encourage me to run more games like this in the future.
A tip of $5 or $10 is fine for this. (very private & works best internationally) or (USA only) Gift Certificates are preferred.
If you're in the States, and want to send a small gift ($10 - $25), I also need a Digital Redbox Card: It's a great way to treat me to a movie!

Use the name:     M. Magick
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